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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4

discover uni box art

A new year, a new challenge! Since Father Winter decided that I was a good simmer this year, he gifted me Discover University for Simsmas. And so, to try out this new pack, I have decided to undertake The Ultimate Student Challenge (created by Havana Sims). The rules are:

  • Enroll your sim in 4 classes
  • Must get straight A’s
  • Live on campus
  • Join an organization
  • Have a part-time job

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, to torture my poor sim, even more, I will be creating a brand new randomly-generated unskilled sim in CAS, randomizing their traits-with at least one negative trait, and plopping them on an empty piece of land. They will also have…wait for it…zero simoleons to start. Ugh! Can I make it even harder for them?

Applying to uni costs $75 simoleons and can be done from the home lot mailbox or a computer. Sims can also apply for scholarships. Applying to uni with little or no skills will probably not net them a distinguished degree. The acceptance letter takes 1 – 2 sim days to arrive.

Can they do it?

Meet The Challenger:BLUTARFSKY

Hailee Blutarsky

Aspiration: Academic

Traits: Slob, Self-Assured, Music Lover Bonus: Quick Learner


Hailee is the daughter of Mandy Pepperidge and John “Bluto” Blutarsky. Senator Blutarsky credits all his success to his years at Faber College in Delta Tau Chi Fraternity House. It was at Faber College where he met his lovely wife, Mandy, who was a member of Tri Pi Sorority House.

Of course, since then, John and Mandy have taken up residence elsewhere, and Hailee lives on her own in Newcrest. She now has a chance to attend one of two schools. The prestigious University of Britechester, with a strong focus on the arts and humanities or Foxbury Institute with programs geared toward science and technology. With simoleons no object, John and Mandy are willing to pay for tuition; however, Hailee is determined to make it on her own and refuses any financial assistance from her parents. Hailee hopes she can have the same rewarding experience her parents had when they went to university. Um…are toga parties still a thing?

Author’s Notes:

Mandy Pepperidge and John “Bluto” Blutarsky are characters in the 1978 movie, Animal House.









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