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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 1

DAY 1:

8am, Sunday, Spring, Newcrest, Raining, Cold


Hailee Blutarsky has been plopped down on her lot in Newcrest and her funds set to zero.

Hailee has to earn $75 simoleons in order to apply for university. Day 1 will be spent getting simoleons and skills before applying to uni. She will apply to uni at midnight tonight.

To get Hailee started, I have her cloud gaze to get inspired and then take 5 selfies. The selfies are worth $50 simoleons. She then autonomously wants to rummage in the garbage can, and she finds a Sunset Valley postcard valued at $20 simoleons. Alrighty!

burning a track

Since it’s raining in Newcrest and no collectibles have appeared as yet, I have her travel to Del Sol Valley to the Plumbob Pictures Museum. She heads up to the second floor and burns a music track. Let’s hope “When Sims Cry” is a hit. It is worth $50 simoleons. She also sends a copy to Dinky Beats. (Later on in the day, they accept her under their label).  There are a few celebrities around, so let’s see if she can get some autographs. But first, of course, she has to rummage in the garbage and unearths some baconite worth $25 simoleons.

The autographs, however, don’t go as well.

asking for autograph no.png

Dirk Dreamer is the first celebrity, but his answer is a flat no.

another no with holly alto.png

The same for Holly Alto.

another strike out with thorne.png

Now surely Thorne Bailey can help an aspiring wanna-be uni student. But not even Thorne Bailey gives her an autograph. Well fine then! There are celebrities everywhere, so maybe she will be lucky somewhere else. Hailee is done with this town!

judith at the library.png

I have her travel to Willow Creek to the Willow Creek Archive. She is still inspired for 2 hours, but I have her cloudgaze to get her inspired for 6 hours. That should be enough time to write a book. And guess who happens to be at the library? Judith Ward. Hailee takes a chance and asks her for an autograph, and again, it’s no. Unbelievable!

royalty when sims cry

writing a childrens book.png

It’s already 2:09 pm. So much time wasted asking for autographs. But Hailee does get a message that her track earned a royalty of $27 simoleons! Yes! I have Hailee concentrate on writing “Pat the Badger”, a children’s book. She finishes at 6:33 pm.

now on to collecting.png

She takes a restroom break and then she gets an autonomous action to use a portlable laptop computer. Um, she doesn’t have a laptop computer, but I have her go with it. She heads down to the picnic bench behind the library and from out of nowhere appears a laptop. I have her request a pen pal while she is sitting there. Unfortunately, there is no food anywhere. I have her start collecting and she goes to a reliable source and rummages in the garbage can. She finds some simonite worth $75 simoleons. Maybe she knows something that I don’t. Garbage cans are treasure troves. She also harvests some snapdragons.

entering karaoke contest.png

It’s now after 9pm and she heads to San Myshuno to the Waterside Warble to sing in the karaoke contest. Her score is 47/100.

making friends in san myshuno.png

The results come in at 11pm. She didn’t win, but she did get some free chips at the bar and met a few sims. She now also has some singing skills. At midnight, I whisk her back to her home lot.

2 scholarships to apply to

She self-publishes her book and gets a notice that it’s up for an award. She then looks at the scholarship package and she’s eligible for 2. I have her apply for both.

applying to uni.png

She then applies to university at her mailbox.

she seems pretty happy at the end of the day.png

Even though she didn’t really earn a lot of simoleons or get a lot of skills built up, she seemed rather pleased with herself. She made $225 simoleons.

skills at the end of day 1

And now she has to wait to see if she is accepted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

If starting with zero simoleons, here are some free ways to get the $75 simoleons needed, (within a few days) to apply to uni. These methods are how to make simoleons without spending any simoleons, and based on the packs I have.

Base Game: Taking selfies, collecting, harvesting, gardening, rummaging in a garbage can, frog breeding, fishing, write a novel & self-publish (on a computer-generates weekly royalties-Level 2 Writing), hacking (on a computer-Level 2 programming), make a plugin (on a computer-Level 2 programming-generates weekly royalties), getting simoleons (tips) from telling jokes, singing, playing guitar, violin or piano. Of course, if your sim has the kleptomaniac trait, they can, um, “borrow” things. You can also request a penpal (on a computer-when they respond, you can write the penpal and then get a postcard worth simoleons-this is delivered to your home lot mailbox).

Get Famous: Ask for a celebrity autograph (random-they could say no), create a song on the mixmaster music station in Del Sol Valley at the museum (song generates weekly royalties).

City Living: Participate in a karaoke contest in San Myshuno on Sun, Tues or Thur at 8pm (random-if you win, could get $500 simoleons); collect posters, snowglobes, use the backyard observatory located in Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno to observe the sky and get space prints; head to a festival to get free stuff.

Island Living: Beachcomb for seashells.


6 thoughts on “Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 1

    1. Thank you so much. Of course, there are ways to make simoleons by spending simoleons, like painting, but for a sim starting out, these are the basics. I tried something a bit different this time, and writing a book takes 4 sim hours. I was thinking of all the collecting and harvesting she could have done in that time, but I just wanted to try it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Interesting challenge! Doing four courses while having a part time job and participating in a student organization sounds hard (though it does depend on the student organization, I find some are easier to do the tasks for than others!). I had one sim do 4 courses for his first 2 terms, but found I didn’t have enough time to explore the organizations (he was in the bots club, which I find to be quite time consuming compared to the other organizations). With my R2R sim going to university I had her take some time to learn some skills before I had her apply as I wanted her to get into a distinguished degree (and she didn’t even get into the one distinguished degree I wanted, so she took a different one). I love doing music tracks, though I thought I noticed they give you money daily! I didn’t realize there was a music station at the museum in DSV, probably because my sims don’t often visit there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I was so excited to start playing Discover Uni that I only gave her 1 day to skill up. I’m not sure how much longer she can keep doing the music tracks, so she may have to drop that.


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