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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 2

DAY 2:

After midnight, Monday, Spring, Newcrest, Cold

a green fog surrounds her.png

After submitting her uni application, I have Hailee collect around her neighborhood. I spot some frogs. We need two to start breeding them. This will continue to be a source of income for Hailee when she is at uni. She collects two frogs, but refuses to do anything else. Her needs are in the red. She needs to sleep and she desperately needs a shower.

san myushuno meadows taking naps.png

It’s 3:30 am. I have her travel to Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. There is a reception hall there that has everything she needs. Plus on the second floor, there’s a red couch in front of a fireplace. It’s a Captain Rodrigo De Pablo couch, and it’s comfort level 8. What a great place to take a nap or two or three.

royalties day 2.png

After napping, using the restroom and having a quick meal of a ham and cheese sandwich, she’s ready to go again. She also gets her royalty report. Um, 4 hours spent writing a book for $5 simoleons in royalties? And this book is up for an award? Okay, some sim must like it. And her song royalties dropped. Oh boo hoo on that one.

using the telescope.png

I have her head to the backyard observatory across from the reception hall to try to get a space print; however, I end her observing after two hours because it seems to be taking a long time. So, unfortunately, no print. Hailee does get some logic skill, though.

snowglobe hunting.png

How did it get so late already? Hailee finds several snow globes – Freezer bunny snow globe worth $15 simoleons, The city bridge snow globe worth $10 simoleons, Emily snow globe worth $15 simoleons, and The Magnolia Steamboat snow globe worth $15 simoleons.

collect that poster.png

And some posters – 2 Freezer Bunny Falls posters worth $65 simoleons each.

doing some fishing.png

She does a bit of fishing and catches a goldfish worth $7 simoleons. I was going to have her keep little “goldie” as a pet, but you can’t put a fishbowl in your personal inventory.

checking her uni app status.png

It’s almost midnight and I have Hailee check her uni application status on her phone and it looks like the application is still in progress.

application still in process

maybe she wont get in.png

Oh gosh! Maybe she won’t get in! Or maybe she has to wait another day.

DAY 3:

After midnight, Tuesday, San Myshuno, cool and windy

But then at 12:36 am, I see two letters arrive in her inventory. It’s the scholarship results letters! Crossing my fingers, I have her open them.

newcrest resident scholarship is a no

The first one is for the Newcrest Resident scholarship and she’s – DENIED! What? Is there another secret sim living in Newcrest because as far as I know, Hailee is the only one living there. I thought for sure she’d get this one. Oh well.

scholarship award.png

I have her open the next letter and thank goodness she gets the Education for All scholarship valued at $500 simoleons! Because let’s face it, Hailee is broke.

doing a happy dance.png

She gets the Sizeable Scholarship moodlet that gives her the confident vibe. She also does a happy dance. Go Hailee!

I have her continue to collect and she gets more frogs and I also breed the ones in her inventory (you can breed frogs every 4 hours). And then I see it. Yes! Yes! Yes! The University Acceptance Letter. The one she’s been waiting for! Her needs are so red right now, but I have her open the letter anyway.

acceptance letter part 1.png

She’s been accepted to both Britechester and Foxbury! Look at all the degree choices she can choose from. I continue to scroll down the page.

hailee got accepted into a distinguised degree.png

The red letters of the “Not Accepted” under Foxbury stand out. Okay, so she wasn’t accepted to Foxbury Institute for a Distinguished Degree. But, wait! Am I seeing this right? Hailee has been accepted to a Distinguished Degree program in Communications at Britechester! Maybe it was writing that book, or maybe it was making that track that helped, but whatever it was, she’s in! She’s going to Britechester!

i may have worked her too hard

She’s so thrilled, she passes out from the excitement…or maybe it’s from the exhaustion. Oops! I may have worked her a bit too hard. Even though it doesn’t look like it, she’s happy. Yep, she’s happy on the inside because she gets the Distinguished! moodlet and a confident vibe from getting into a distinguished degree program.

I have her head back to the reception hall for a well-deserved rest. In the morning, she will enroll in her classes. Here’s her list of skills at the end of the day.

skills day 2.png

Author’s Notes:

I was extremely happy that she got accepted in a Distinguished Degree program. If your sim applies and doesn’t get this, they get the Undistinguished! moodlet and a sad vibe. Your sim can re-apply to uni after gaining more skills to get into a Distinguished Degree, but they would have to pay another $75 simoleons to do this.

Apparently, there is a Merit Scholarship you can apply for if you are accepted into a distinguished degree, but she would probably have to wait another day to find out the results. So, hopefully, she can apply for this in Term 2. You can apply for scholarships anytime before you actually enroll for university.

I have no idea how Resident Scholarships work. I purposely picked a town without any other residents in it and she still didn’t get that one. I know you can have multiple scholarships, so that can’t be it. But it’s kind of weird. There are all different types of scholarships available, and if your sim is eligible for them, they appear when you apply for scholarships. You can also apply each term. There is a great list on Carl’s Guide of the actual scholarships, like an Athletic Scholarship if you have a level 3 in Fitness.

As an experiment, in another save, I had her get several skills up to level 3 or whatever was needed for the scholarship requirements, and when she applied for scholarships, look at this impressive list! If your sim gets enough scholarships to pay the tuition in full, they get a Full Ride moodlet which gives them a happy vibe for 24 hours.

scholarship offerings with skills

So, the best thing to do is gain some skills, apply for uni, wait for the response, THEN apply for the scholarships. This would, of course, mean that it would take longer, but your sim may get more scholarship simoleons.


3 thoughts on “Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 2

  1. It takes a full week before you can apply again, which is why I usually wait a few days before applying, but that was interesting to see that she got applying so soon! You probably already noticed, but the scholarship for the distinguished degree is automatic when you apply! I’ve heard if a sim maxes their bowling skill they can get a bowling scholarship, though I’ve not tried that yet. I think I read you need to live somewhere for a while to get a residence scholarship, but I’ve applied for other scholarships (skill based ones) instead.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, you can get a bowling scholarship called the Alley Cat! lol I’d really like to start a sim as a teen, get some skills and then apply for things like the Scouting Scholarship and see what happens.


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