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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 3 (AM)

DAY 3 – AM:

Tuesday morning, Spring, San Myshuno, Cool

peanut butter and jelly sandwich in hand.png

With a good night’s napping and a bath, Hailee is in good spirits. She grabs a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and uses her phone to enroll in uni.

enrolling from her phone.png

The first screen gives a choice of which university you want your sim to attend and Hailee chooses the University of Britechester. There is also a list of the Student Organizations for each university. They all sound so interesting.

degree selection.png

Next, she has to choose her degree and courses. (White degree options are open for enrollment, but the greyed out degrees are not). Since she was accepted into a Distinguished Degree for Communications, she’s going to go with that. I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t she?

Now, according to the challenge rules, Hailee must enroll in four courses. This could be a total of 4  Core Classes, OR 3 Core Classes and 1 Elective Class. All of the courses count towards the 12 classes needed to graduate. The Core Courses are automatically chosen, but you do have a choice for the Elective. I choose the Evidence in Debate Prep for her, which uses the new Research and Debate Skill. This may have been a mistake and perhaps I should have chosen Advanced Shower Singing instead. Well, too late now.

housing selection.png

Next, is Housing, and according to the rules she has to live on campus. There are three choices, Drake Hall at $331 simoleons per term; Wyvern Hall at $341 simoleons per term or Darkwing House at $593 simoleons per term. Well, Darkwing House is more than her scholarship, so we eliminate that one. With Wyvern Hall, it is home to the Best of Friends household (if you choose this, you will be controlling two other sims, Julia Wright & Becca Clarke, in addition to your sim) and costs $10 simoleons more than Drake Hall. I think it will be hard enough just controlling Hailee! Plus, Hailee is on a budget, so she chooses Drake Hall. The number of beds is 10, so she’ll be sharing with 9 other students. This should be interesting.

her scholarship doesnt quite cover it

And the final tuition total. Ugh! Her Scholarship doesn’t quite cover everything, and she certainly doesn’t have enough in household funds, so she gets the dreaded student loan. I mean she can survive on Ramen noodles for 3 terms, right?

And with that, she clicks the button and is automatically whisked off to the beautiful campus of the University of Britechester. Congratulations, Hailee!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

wasnt expecting this.png

She is transported directly to the Drake Hall dorms. It’s co-ed and as she gets off the elevator, she trips on the fraying carpet. Drake Hall is a bit worn-in, but she likes the shabby-chic look.

some other students settling in

She hears some voices and decides to look around. There are some other students settling in who have already claimed their rooms. There are a total of 5 dorm rooms.

She heads to the room to the left of the elevator.

What? She has to share a room with another sim? A sim she doesn’t even know! And what about privacy? And her stuff? What if she gets a klepto roommate who takes her stuff. What are you saying? Yes, she has stuff. Not a lot of stuff, but stuff. Hmmmpf!

This room looked rather nice, was close to the elevators, but it was already occupied by two students.


Next door to them was another room occupied by one student already. The room is opposite the main bathroom. Hailee eyes the ketchup and mustard on his desk. The guy must like condiments.

this bed is free.png

The bed seems to be unoccupied, even though another student is doing homework in here. Hailee likes the poster and she would be sharing with a rather hunky roommate. She’ll think about this one but wants to look around some more.

toilet stalls and sinks2 open showers

Hailee peaks in the bathroom and there are some sinks, three toilet stalls, and two showers. Oh no! Open showers! What? Where’s the shower curtain? She’s supposed to shower in a co-ed dorm in a shower with no shower curtain? No way! She will definitely be locking those bathroom doors when she’s in here!

corner left room drake hall.png

At the back left is another room, both beds unoccupied. The layout is a bit more private, and the green bed has two window views.

mirror in this room.png

There’s a Britechester flag on the wall, and a bonus mirror in here, too. Hailee likes this room.

walkway through study room.png

Across from this room is a pass-through study area. A table with four chairs and one rather old computer. Is there a schedule set-up for computer use or is it just first-come, first-served? What if she has some big term paper she needs to write? There must be more computers elsewhere because she certainly can’t afford one herself.

dorm room right back.png

At the right-back is another dorm room and both beds are unoccupied.

an entertainment room.png

Next to this, across from the bathroom, is a student recreation room with a tv, a boom box (in a corner), and a game table.

another roomie.png

The last room is at the front right near the elevators, and it is already occupied by one student.

this bed is availlable

It looks like a nice room and this bed is available. Hmmm…which room to choose? The elevator doors open and some more students come out. She better choose a room quickly before they’re all taken and she has to sleep on the couch.

I wait for Hailee to autonomously choose a bed, but she doesn’t, so I make the executive decision for her. Weighing the pros and cons of each room, I think that the best room for her is the back left room with the green bed and mirror. It’s away from the elevator and the recreation room, which will both be quite busy with students coming and going, but close to the bathroom and study room. Plus, she can sneak a peek every once in a while to see if the computer is available to use.

her roommate.png

On the way to her room, she meets her roommate, Candice Maurer, an adult who is studying Computer Science. Hailee learns that Candice has the perfectionist, hot-headed and family-oriented traits. Not bad for a roomie and Hailee was glad that Candice didn’t have the klepto trait. Candice becomes Hailee’s first friend.

drake hall dorm layout.png

Hailee has now done a whole loop around the dorm, but there is one thing missing. Where’s the kitchen? There’s not even a microwave or fridge or even vending machines here. And no bar-b-q outside on the balcony. Where’s the food?

1st one to greet her.png

She must have looked a little freaked out, because the student she had seen earlier, came over to greet her. His name was Ritvik Kumar and he is studying Art History. He was heading to Darby’s Den, better known as Ubrite Commons, for a bite to eat and wondered if she wanted to join him. Hailee was trying to figure out if she had enough simoleons for lunch, when Ritvik told her that the food was FREE to students on campus. Free food? Say no more! Lead the way! She also invites her roommate along.

cafeteria is not open yet so look around.png

They are early and the cafeteria isn’t open yet. So, I have a look at Hailee’s schedule.

Hailee’s schedule:


  • 9:30 am – 10:55 am – Communication Basics (final exam)
  • 11:00 am – 12:25 pm – Sourcing Data – Intro to Journalism (final exam)


  • 1:30 pm – 2:55 pm – How Culture Influences Society (presentation)
  • 3:00 pm – 4:25 pm – Evidence in Debate Prep (term paper)

pt job for hailee.png

According to the rules, she has to get a part-time job (not an odd job), but some part-time jobs conflict with her class schedule. A weekend job might be the best. So, I have her sign up for a manual laborer job as a Lawn Mower. Saturday and Sunday from 7am – noon making $45/hour should net her $450 for two days.

finds out where more computers are.png

With that done, Hailee chats with Candice and Ritvik. Another student sits down beside her. It’s Julia Wright (Best of Friends Household), and she lives at the Wyvern Hall dorms and is studying Physics. Professor Thomas Jabari stops to chat with them, and Hailee finds out that there are some computers at Laurel Library atop Gibbs Hill (the main uni town).

hailee grabs some free food.png

The cafeteria opens at noon and the offerings today — all free — are fish tacos, tuna casserole or rice and bean burrito. Hailee opts for the burrito and it never tasted so good! University life is starting off great!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Uni Food Facts

Stoves and grills are forbidden in dorms, but microwaves and cafeteria stations are not. However, while a student is living in a dorm, you cannot edit the dorm without using cheat codes.

Students at UBrite get free food at the UBrite Commons (opens at 7am; noon and 5pm); however, if a UBrite student goes to the Foxbury Commons to eat, they have to pay. Other students in the dorms are always making lobster thermidor and other types of food, so your sim won’t starve. You can also “grab chips” at Pepper’s Pub on campus for free.

You can order pizza in the dorm, but, of course, it costs simoleons. There are food kiosks around the campus, with beverages and food for sale. You can also buy a Hand-Me Down Mini Fridge for $250 simoleons at the University Kiosk (outside of UBrite Commons), to keep in your dorm room or inventory for free quick meals. Also purchasing a Wavescatter microwave for $240 simoleons will add the option of making quick meals such as pizza rolls, breakfast burritos, and noodles.


4 thoughts on “Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 3 (AM)

  1. I bought my sim a portable fridge and then dragged some of the free food that the room mates bring into the fridge (though of course I also used the club system so my sim didn’t have to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom!). I think the showers at that dorm discourage the room mates from showering as my sim’s room mates were constantly dirty until I renovated the dorm (which I did on the day before her term ended thinking that any improvements would go into the price of the dorm but for some reason the cost actually went down, I’m guessing because the value of everything else went down more than the things I added to the lot!). Though I found it handy to add some garbage cans and a dishwasher to clean up all the free food when it goes bad! Now on to the next day!


    1. That’s a good idea about dragging that free food into the fridge. I found it works like the cooler, and you can bring it with you in inventory and then ‘place in world’ and then have a bite to eat wherever you want. Yes, the dorms could use a reno, but I just wanted to play with the EA builds as is. UBrite Commons could use a fixer-upper as well, since there are no computers in the EA build on that lot. I usually use the library computers or Foxbury Commons computers. Plus Foxbury Commons has the fast internet trait as well.


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