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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 3 (PM)

DAY 3 – PM:

Tuesday afternoon, Spring, UBrite Commons, Sunny and Cool

term hasnt started yet but shes getting a head start on her homework.png

After a satisfying lunch, especially since it was free, Hailee decided to get a head start on her homework. Term 1 hadn’t started yet, but her first two back-to-back classes were tomorrow. So, she starts homework for Communication Basics.

organization meetingsspirit corps meeting

Another rule for this challenge is that Hailee has to be part of an organization. On her phone, there is a social group icon (beside the needs icon), and it lists the organizations and if they are having any events. (You can also click on the University Kiosk outside of UBrite Commons for organization events). I pull this up and see that The Debate Guild has a Debate Practice at UBrite Commons in 3 hours and the Art Society has a Bar Night in 7 hours. The Britechester Spirit Corps doesn’t have something until Friday. Hailee is going to hang around and see what the Debate Guild is all about. Plus, if she joins this organization, it will help with her research and debate skills.

2 members of the debate team.png

Hailee finishes her homework for her first course just in time. There are two members of the Debate Society debating each other. It’s Zoe Patel (from The Roomies household in Oasis Springs) vs Vivian Lews (From the Kim-Lewis household in Willow Creek). These two must be senior members. Their green shirt is different from the yellow shirts some other debate members are wearing. Maybe there are different ranks in the organization designated by the shirt color.

after chatting with the members she asks to join.png

Hailee chats with members of the Debate Society and I have her join that organization.

debate guild member

Plus she gets a new t-shirt and a poster as a gift. Heck, she should just join all the organizations to get those gifts so she can sell them…err, I mean…cherish them forever.

as a debate guild member she has stuff to do.png

Oh, and as if Hailee didn’t have enough to do with her full course load, homework, a term paper, a presentation, studying for finals, and working a part-time job, there are things you have to do in The Debate Guild, too! Oh my gosh!

off to the art society pub night

Well, the Debate Society debate practice ends at 8pm, so Hailee travels with a few of her roomies to Pepper’s Pub for the Art Society pub night. It goes until midnight, but Hailee really can’t stay until the end because she still has homework to do in Sourcing Data – Intro to Journalism. Plus, she doesn’t really want to spend simoleons on drinks, but she does head to the bar to get some free chips.

one of the art members comes out to greet her

One of the Art Society members comes over and greets her. They chat about inspiring things and Hailee learns that the Art Society paints figure painting with a live model. Hailee also learns that she would have to pay for her own art supplies, which would be $100 simoleons per figure painting. Hmmm…Hailee is going to think about this one, but the art supply cost may be a deterrent.

its judith ward shiuld she

On her way out, Hailee sees Judith Ward. Now if only she could get an autograph, it might be worth something, and then maybe she could join the Art Society, too. Should she ask? Maybe Hailee will be lucky this time. Ugh, but no, Judith seems to be in a bad mood and dismisses Hailee with a wave of her hand.

Hailee is about to head to Laurel Library when she gets a message from the Dinky Beats label reminding her that she needs to release a new track, or they will drop her. Maybe she just shouldn’t bother with that.

hailee had to go back to release another track.png

But no, she heads over to Del Sol Valley and releases another track. Hey, it’s all about those royalties. Maybe “Sul Sul” will be worth more.

dirk dreamer round 2.png

As she is coming out of the Pumbobs Pictures Museum, she sees celebrity Dirk Dreamer. Maybe this time, she’ll get that autograph. Um, not.

another no celebrities hate me

But wait, another celebrity, Octavia Moon is walking towards her. Maybe Octavia read her children’s book and wants to wish her luck at the Starlight Accolade Awards. Hailee is hopeful. I am hopeful. Maybe, maybe this time she’ll get that autograph. But it’s another no. Geez! What is up with all these celebrities not giving autographs? Ok, enough time wasted here. Hailee has to finish that homework.

no one around.png

Laurel Library is deserted when she gets there and she does her homework in record time.

hailee tapes up her debate society poster before she heads to bed at 4am.png

Hailee makes it back to the dorm and she is pretty exhausted. She tapes up her debate poster on the wall before she heads to bed. It’s now 4am and her class starts in 5-1/2 hours! Maybe she shouldn’t have gone to the Art Society pub night, or made a music track in Del Sol Valley…or…ZZZzzzzzz.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Student Organizations

A student can join up to three organizations. Since Hailee belongs to the Debate Guild, here are some interesting tidbits on why a sim would want to rank up in that organization. If she gets to Rank 2, it will give her extra credit in Communications, which she’s in. And at Rank 3 she has the ability to convince a professor to increase her grade…but Hailee would never do that! Would she? It sounds like this was a good organization to join.

I did a test in another save to see if a Britechester student could sign up for Foxbury organizations, but unfortunately, they can’t. If I had been able to, I would have also signed her up for the Brainiacs Organization, but, again, only reserved for Foxbury students.

Carl’s Guide to Student Organizations:

Debate Guild

The Sims 4 Debate Guild Student Organization in Discover UniversityRelated Skills and Activities:
Game Description: Use your power of convincing to raise in the ranks of the unabashedly outspoken Debate Guild. Think that was a mouthful? There’s more to come. Drop some serious schooling to fellow Debate Guild Members at Debate Practice or leverage the Debate Showdown to tell the world what’s up.

Rank Up Rewards

  • Debate Guild Rank 1: Socialize with members to improve your standing. Receive an organization T-Shirt and Poster.
  • Rank 2: Ability to earn extra credit for Communications, History, Language, Psychology, and Economics Classes when participating in Debate Guild events.
  • Rank 3: Debate Guild Jacket, TY84 Gold Plus Research Archive Machine, ability to Convince Professor to Increase Grade, Give Study Tips, Give Homework Help abilities.

Apparently, there is also a Secret Society that is available to UBrite and Foxbury students, but there is no information on it in the Student Organization panel. Well, that’s because it’s secret. Read all about it HERE


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