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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 4

DAY 4:

7am, Wednesday, Spring, UBrite Drake Hall, Sunny and Cool

With barely any sleep, Hailee gets up and starts to get ready for her first class, which starts at 9:30am. And it’s official, it’s the start of term.

weds start of term

taking a quick shower before class.png

There’s no-one in the bathroom, so I have Hailee head in and lock both doors. You’re probably wondering why I would have her do that. Well, for one, I don’t want any sim walking in on her and then she gets the embarrassed moodlet for goodness knows how long. And two, heaven forbid, she could die of embarrassment. That wouldn’t go over too well on her first day of term now, would it? So, go ahead Hailee, take a nice, long uninterrupted inspirational shower. She is still pretty tired after she’s finished, but at least her hygiene is in good shape. She also heads into a toilet stall.

someone made some primavera pasta so she grabs a bite.png

Hailee doesn’t really have time to head to UBrite Commons for breakfast, and thankfully another student made some pasta primavera. Which roomie is making all this food? And how? Do they have an Easy-Bake Oven in their room? She grabs a plate and heads toward the study area to sit down to eat.

there are 2 new students who haved moved in the dorm.png

There are two new students who have moved into the dorm, but Hailee doesn’t really have a chance to get to know them. Once she is done eating, I have her head in front of the building where I think her class might be.

while waiting for class to begin she does homework.png

While she is waiting for class to start, Hailee autonomously starts her homework for another class. What a great student she is! And the countdown to go to class begins … 3-2-1 minutes left. Go! Go to class Hailee!

hailee is off to her first class.png

And thank goodness, she goes to class on time. She had me worried there. It wouldn’t look too good if she was late for her very first class.

While she is in class, I have her “Listen Attentively” and “Take Notes”. I’m tempted to have her “Sleep in Class” because her energy needs are yellow, but I don’t think that would be a good thing.

In between classes, she appears for a moment and then vanishes and goes to her second class. Glad it was in the same building because she only has 5 minutes between those two classes.

weds royalty report

She gets her royalty report while she is in class, and her new music track Sul Sul brings in $27 simoleons while When Sims Cry keeps dropping. Surprisingly, her book has increased.

both classes got this pop up

She gets this pop-up after she finishes each class. Great job Hailee!

more events coming uip.png

I take a look at her Schedule of Events for the Debate Guild and at 4pm there is Debate Practice. We’ll see how things go, but she really has to do her homework for her two classes that start tomorrow. How is she going to fit everything in? She still hasn’t started her term paper or presentation. In fact, her presentation board is still in her inventory.

she meets one of her classmates.png

After class, she meets one of her classmates, Becca Clarke (Best of Friends Household) and they chat a bit. Becca is studying Language and Literature. Hailee is really tired, so I have her head back to the dorm to take a nap.

hailee organized a study group with some of her roomies.png

Once she has greened up a bit, I have her travel to Lauer Library with a few roommates. They all work on their homework together.

chatting with her roomie liberty in library.png

She gets to know one of her roomies a bit better, Liberty Andrew, who is studying Drama.

she meets cameron fletcher from foxbury.png

Hailee just finished her homework for both courses, when a Foxbury student named Cameron Fletcher sits beside her. He is taking Computer Science and they talk about project ideas.

good writing versus feedback.png

This reminds me that while Hailee is in the library, she should try to do some research on the research archive machine. It is also a task that she needs to complete for the Debate Guild (Research Any Topic). There are various research topics to choose from and I choose “Good Writing Through Feedback.”

starting on her term paper wed 9 pm.png

Once Hailee has finished researching that topic, I have her head to the computer and start her term paper for her Evidence in Debate Prep course. It is now 9pm. It looks like this might be another long night. And, as predicted, she didn’t make it to the Debate Guild‘s debate practice session.

draft of term paper done.png

She has finished a draft of her term paper. But is it any good? On the computer, when you hover over the “Submit term paper” for that course, it will show you the quality of the paper. Right now, it’s poor quality, so she’ll need to edit it.

There is also another option to “Submit a plagiarized paper”, but, hey, that’s a definite no-no and might get her a failing grade or worse, suspension from uni.

doing the pee pee dance to the bathroom.png

Well, editing that term paper will have to wait. It’s late and Hailee is tired and her needs are red. She does the pee-pee dance towards the restroom, passing the librarian on her way.

watches the news before bed.png

Back at the dorm, she grabs a plate of food that someone made while she watches the news. Yes! Another task completed for the Debate Guild.

its 230 am by the time she gets to sleep.png

It’s 2:38 am (Thursday) when she heads to bed, but thankfully her class isn’t until 1:30 pm. Maybe she’ll be able to sleep in a bit. Right! ZZZzzzzz

skills 1st day of term.png

Her skills at the end of the day. She has $2,070 simoleons. She really has to start looking for some collectibles on campus to get some simoleons. As for frog breeding, unfortunately, when a sim is in class, you can’t access the inventory to breed frogs. Maybe I will have Hailee head to the University kiosk tomorrow and see what she can buy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Courses & Skills

When you look at the classes, under the title of each course, there is a skill listed that you need to work on for that course. So, for the Communication Basics and How Culture Influences Society courses, Hailee needs to work on charisma; for the Sourcing Data-Intro to Journalism she needs the writing skill, and for Evidence in Debate Prep she needs the research and debate skill. There are various ways she can do this. By actually doing the skill or reading a skill book.

There is also a new way, “Sit in on Skill Class”. These are available 9am – 9pm (which cost $250 simoleons) and you can enroll through your phone or click on the UBrite building where it is being held and this choice pops up. There is also “Attend Guest Lecture”, available from 5pm – 7pm, needed for the new Academic Aspiration, (which costs $40 simoleons). You can also buy the university coursebook for your degree at the University kiosk, which costs $700 simoleons (Yikes!).

Homework takes a few hours but if your sim has a higher level of the new research and debate skill they will finish their homework quicker.

The best place to study and do homework is Laurel Library, as it has the new lot trait of “Study Spot”, which helps students do their homework faster, get less tired from studying and build a bit of skill.

Of course, if you have the Get Together expansion pack, you can create a club to boost some of these skills more.

Fun Facts

History of the Easy-Bake Oven

Cameron Fletcher and Becca Clarke are townies and are in the official Discover University trailer.


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