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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 5

DAY 5:

Morning, Thursday, Spring, Ubrite Drake Hall, Partly Cloudy & Cool


Well, the idea of sleeping in sounded like a good idea, but Hailee’s roommates had other ideas. At 6am, she woke up from the sound of Tia practicing the violin. I think Hailee put her pillow over her head, but it didn’t drown out the sound, so I had her get up.


She headed to the bathroom, and she did the same as yesterday, and locked both doors and enjoyed an inspirational shower alone.

Thursday organization events

Her classes today are back-to-back again from 1:30 pm until 4:25 pm. I take a look at the organization events for today and the Debate Guild Bar Night is tonight. Hailee should really try to make an appearance at that. Maybe once she greens up, she can start doing her homework for her classes tomorrow. That would certainly free up some time tonight.

And there’s an Art Society gathering by the canal. She could certainly chat with the members and maybe there was fishing nearby. Hailee hadn’t even had a chance to see if there were some things that she could collect or harvest on campus.

But first, she was going to head to UBrite Commons for breakfast.

gave her a little wardrobe makeover.png

I gave Hailee a bit of a wardrobe make-over. Doesn’t she look great sporting the Britechester colors of yellow and green?

breakfast choices eggs and toast or pancakes.png

There are two breakfast choices for today: pancakes or eggs and toast. Both free of course. And there’s the student she met in the library yesterday, Cameron Fletcher. It’s good to know that some other students have part-time jobs, too.

doing her homework at ubrite commons thurs

After breakfast, Hailee gets a head start on her homework for tomorrow. Everyone must have early classes today as it’s pretty quiet in UBrite Commons this morning.

thurs royalty report.png

She gets her royalty report. Those music tracks keep dropping, but her book increased again.

she heads to class early.png

And she’s running off to class. Let’s hope it’s in the building closest to UBrite Commons. And thankfully, it is.

doing well after her thurs classes

Hailee again gets these pop-ups after each class. I am hoping that this means she is doing well.

she autonomously rummages in the garbage.png

Umm…and Hailee autonomously decides to rummage in the garbage, but unfortunately doesn’t find anything. I have her head over to the UBrite kiosk and buy her a bike for $100 simoleons. It’s a great deal and even comes with a free helmet. Plus, by using it, she gets the fitness skill.

hailee buys a bike for 100 simoleons.png

I remember that there is an Art Society meeting behind Ubrite Commons by the canal, so she gives her bike a test drive. Okay, not too far, and she still remembers how to ride a bike. But at the stairs, she has to get off and walk down to the painting area.

heads down to the canal area to visit with the art society

hailee decides to join the art society if only to get a free poster.png

Hailee recognizes the sim from the Art Society Bar Night who is so pleased to see her. Hailee also chats with a rather cute guy who is a member. And so when they ask her if she wants to join…she….um…says yes.

joined for the poster

Oh, my word! Hailee now belongs to two student organizations. Hailee, remember you weren’t going to join this one because of the cost factor? Oh right! It’s really for the free poster…and possibly for that cute guy. Ok, well, maybe, mostly for the cute guy. Hey, she’s got the poster and it’s worth $20 simoleons. Plus, she can quit anytime. Yes, she can!

some roses to harvest and a fishing spot.png

Hailee looks around and spies a rose bush! Yes! Something she can harvest. Finally! And she was right…there is fishing here, too.

not quite the fish she was thinking aout.png

While she waits for The Debate Society‘s Bar Night, Hailee decides to do a bit of fishing. She is not having much luck and catches something rather interesting…just not the fish she was hoping for.

she brings her roommate to the debate guild bar night.png

Hailee is ready to head out anyway, and she travels to Pepper’s Pub with some of her roomies. She sees that one of her roomies, Jean Lauer, is part of the Debate Society, too. And he’s wearing his debate shirt. It’s a good thing that Hailee packed hers, and she heads into the restroom to change her clothes.

first try she gets one in.png

Hailee heads upstairs where there is a ping pong table set up, and Jean challenges her to a juice pong contest. Juice pong? Oh, she’s heard about this. She sees one of the new roomies from this morning. Her name is Monica Fournier and it looks like she joined the Debate Society as well.

Hailee accepts the challenge and asks Monica to be part of her team. Jean chooses Ritvik to be on his team.

playing a game of juice pong with the debate team.png

So the goal of this game is to get a ping pong ball in one of the opposition team’s cups filled with “juice”. If it goes in, an opposing team member has to “drink the juice.” The team with the most cups left wins the game.

Hailee has the first shot and it goes straight in the cup! Wow! First time she’s ever played this and she gets the first ball in!

drink the juuuuicew.png

Drink the Ju—uice! And one point for Hailee’s team.

and her temmate got it in in a bounce.png

It’s Monica’s turn and she bounces the ping pong ball right into the cup. Yes! Jean goes next and gets a ping pong ball in their cup.

its 2 to 2.png

Hailee downs the juice.

what a shot.png

It’s now down to two cups on the ping pong table and it’s Monica’s turn again, and she gets it in the cup. What technique! What style! What a teammate!

Ritvik tries his hand and misses completely.

It’s now up to Hailee to win the game, and with a little flick of her wrist, the ping pong ball goes into the other team’s cup. Woot! Hailee and Monica win the game!

getting to know monica.png

the joice pong score

Hailee chats a bit with Monica and finds out she is studying Economics. Hailee discovers that Monica has the bro and outgoing traits (she doesn’t know the third trait yet). It’s already midnight, and the Debate Society Bar Night ends. Hailee is too pumped to head to bed and decides to travel to the library.

doing homework at 112am fri in the library.png

Monica thought that was a good idea, too, and they both head to Lauer Library to work on their homework together.

It is now 1:12am (Friday), and Hailee has finally finished her homework and calls it a night. She has another day of classes ahead of her.

heads to bed with another poster on the wall.png

They travel back to the dorms together and Hailee tapes up another poster before she goes to bed. Her dorm room is looking pretty snazzy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Note:

I created an outfit for Hailee with the new Debate Society t-shirt, although I am thinking of changing it a bit. That way, when she is at a Debate Society event, she can just change into that outfit. I am not sure she’s going to stay in the Art Society organization, because she has no painting skills and really can’t afford to. But maybe if she takes an elective in painting next term, it may come in handy. But the poster is nice.


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