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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 6

DAY 6:

6:35 am, Friday morning, Spring, UBrite Drake Hall, Cloudy

635 am snags the computer and edits term paper

Even though Hailee went to bed late, she is up early. After greening up, she sees that the computer in the study room is free and snags it. She might as well work on editing that term paper while she has a chance.

hailee submits an outstanding term paper

hailees term paper

And she is done! Hailee submits an outstanding paper. And just in time as she heads off to class. Oh my gosh, Hailee, don’t be late! Zoom…

royalty report fri.png

While in class, she gets her royalty report. She also gets a call from Dinky Beats that they want her to make a new track. Didn’t she just make one? She’ll have to remember to do that later.

both classes got this pop up

And once her classes are over, she gets the same notices that she has been getting.

emailing her professors.png

With her classes done for the week, I have Hailee use her phone to e-mail her professors about her progress. I mean these notices are great, but how is she really doing?

She is doing exceptionally well in three of her four classes. But what does that mean? Is that a B or an A? She needs an A in all her courses for this challenge. She is doing “fine” in her How Culture Influences Society course, but she hasn’t started her presentation yet. She really needs to do that. Fine doesn’t sound like an “A” to me, so she better get working on that course.

friday and saturday events.png

She also takes a look at the organization events for today and she is looking forward to going to the Britechester Game Day Party and talking to some UBrite Spirit Corps members. Oh, and too bad, tomorrow morning there is a Debate Showdown, but she is at her part-time job. Well, maybe when she comes home, she’ll have time to attend the showdown event.

who did this to our statue.png

As she rides back to the dorm, she sees the UBrite statue has been yarn bombed. Oh my gosh! Who did that? She also notices that there are Foxbury banners on the UBrite stadium. Britechester and Foxbury certainly have a rivalry going on.

decides to clean it up.png

Hailee has school pride and decides to get off her bike and try to clean up the statue.

was hailee seeing things.png

That took longer than she had thought. When she was done and was getting back on her bike, she thought she saw someone or something…hmmm…nah, probably just her imagination.

spirit corps.png

Over in a corner, she sees the Britechester Spirit Corps setting up. And there’s Darby the Dragon, the Britechester mascot. She decides to head over.

leading the britechester cheer.png

Oh, it’s not just Britechester here, it’s Foxbury, too. There’s the Foxbury mascot, Lobster Larry. Hailee is pretty excited to be there and she leads the Britechester cheer.

britechester cheer pride.png

juice keg stand dad would be proud.png

After that exciting cheer, one of the UBrite Spirit Corps’ members helps Hailee do a keg stand! Oh yes! She’s got this! Her Dad would be so proud! Hey Dad, look at me! Now, THIS was university life!

yes a keg stand.png

She chats some more with the UBrite Spirit Corps’ members and she tells them how she cleaned up the statue. They tell her that she is a shoo-in for their organization, especially with that awesome keg stand she did. And so, she….oh no…she didn’t…yep, she did.

now part of the spirit corps.png

Hailee, do you know what you have done? Hailee is now a member of 3 organizations and a new member of the Britechester Spirit Squad. Go Britechester!

juice keg confidence.png

Hailee is super excited about being a member of this organization and feels like she can conquer the world right now.

heading to take pic with mascot

Hey but wait, she didn’t get a selfie with the Team Mascot. Hold up there, Darby the Dragon!

Author’s Notes: I have no idea why she autonomously changed into this outfit and then got on her bike, but she did.

debating are gnomes cute or creepy.png

After taking a selfie with Darby, Hailee heads to UBrite Commons. She is feeling very confident and sees Jean Lauer, her roomie, who was also a debate member. She challenges him to a debate. What? Hailee has no debate experience, nor has she ever stood in front of a podium before. Must be the  keg juice” talking. Okay, Hailee, if you think so. She picks a debate topic of “Are Gnomes Cute or Creepy?”

hailee wins her first debate.png

And I can’t believe it myself, but Hailee wins her first debate! Go Hailee! She also completes the first three tasks for the Debate Guild. Yes!

hailee debate champion

she is back at the dorm at 2am

Hailee arrives back at the dorms at 2am. Were her roomies having a party? Look at all that food…ugh…mostly spoiled food now.

while hailee is feeling confident she works on her presentation.png

Hailee is so hyped up, she can’t possibly go to sleep now. So, she decides to work on her presentation board. Until she realizes it’s almost 3am and she starts her part-time job in the morning. Oh my gosh! She needs to go to sleep! Zzzzz…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

The ghost that Hailee saw near the statue is Felix Psyded, (a pun on the world “feel excited”). He’s a pre-made ghost in the world, who founded the university and unfortunately died of laughter.

The Ultimate Student Challenge only requires your sim to be in one student organization, but, heck, Hailee is such a keener she joined all three. Let’s hope that joining those organizations has not hurt her chances of getting that “A” grade.











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