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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 7

DAY 7:

Saturday morning, Spring, UBrite Drake Hall, Cloudy and Warm

sat am getting ready for work

With very little sleep, Hailee is up getting ready for work.

sat am getting to know krishna

The only other sim who is up is that hunky roomie she was going to share a room with at first. She realizes that he’s the only roomie that she hasn’t really talked to. His name is Krishna Venkataraman. Who would have thought that a hunky guy like this was a genius?

Author’s Note: Isn’t there a Director in Del Sol Valley named Vivaan Venkataraman? Maybe this is his son.

off to her 1st day of her pt job

Hailee would have liked to talk more, but, she had to head off to work. Here she is in her work uniform all ready to mow those lawns and make some simoleons.

While she is at work, she gets these two pop-ups. Ahhh… Hailee, so sorry about you losing the record label with Dinky Beats. My bad because I didn’t have you travel there. Maybe when you graduate, you’ll have time to do that. There’s just too much to do on campus to keep traveling to Del Sol Valley all the time.

pt job earnings day 1 sat

And her earnings for the day! Great job, Hailee! It’s already past noon when she arrives back and her hunger and hygiene needs are in the red. But, she wants to attend that Debate Showdown. It goes until 2pm, so maybe she can make it.

debate showdown sat

Hailee sees Becca Clarke and some of the other Debate Guild members.

maybe im too late

She lets the judges know that she wants to participate in the Debate Showdown and they have her change into a debate blazer. But, two other team members are heading up to the podium. Maybe she is too late.

debate showdown sat judges and competitors

And this seems to be the last debate for the day. Too bad. Maybe next week she’ll take a vacation day from her job so she can participate.

puts up some ubrite banners

She decides that since she’s out and about that she was going to do some organization tasks. She puts up some banners on the stadium for the UBrite Spirit Corps.

hailee explores campus a bit

And Hailee decides she’s going to discover the campus a bit. Plus, it’s a beautiful day to ride her bike and maybe she’ll find some collectibles.

to the left of the stadium

She spies something on the grass across the street from the stadium. She gets off her bike to collect it.

sandy spit area

She takes the road to the right of the stadium, and there on her right-hand side, she sees a small sand spit area. She gets off her bike to explore and sees a rock which she collects.

No fishing spots, though, but the water does look really wonderful. Maybe when it’s warmer, she can go for a swim here.

Author’s Notes: There are a few “swimmable” places, and this is one of them on the UBrite campus-side.

rummaging for treasurer

But, of course, we know where she finds the best collectibles. Yep, dumpster diving again.

near ubrite commons near the coffee kiosk is another collectible

The last one she finds is just across from UBrite Commons near the coffee kiosk stand. There is also the rose bush behind UBrite Commons. But that seems to be it. Not a lot.

theres a soccer game tonight

soccer game sat

There is a soccer game tonight and Hailee sees some of the UBrite Spirit Corps heading to the game. She’d love to go, too, but it costs $45 simoleons to attend the soccer game.

everyone is doing their homework or working on projects

So Hailee heads to UBrite Commons instead and washes up and grabs some dinner. The poor girl was starving as she hadn’t eaten any lunch. Free dinner choices included herb-crusted salmon, salad or a chocolate chip cookie. Hailee chose something healthy, a salad. She sat at a table with some other sims, but they were all very busy doing homework or working on term papers.

capturing info on her presentation board

Hailee remembered that she still had that presentation to finish. What was she talking about? She had barely even started it. She changed out of her debate clothes and started to gather information to place on her board.


UBrite Commons suddenly became quite busy. Hailee got a pop-up that it was a University Mixer Night at the Commons. No wonder all these sims showed up.

mixer night saturday

And the game must be over. She wondered who had won. Hailee finished her board and thought she would do a practice run of her presentation.

hailee couldnt believe that everyone was listening to her

Wow! Hailee couldn’t believe that all these sims were actually listening to her presentation. It must be really good.

back to the drawng board more work

Krishna, her roomie, had been standing in front listening intently. Hailee decided to ask for some feedback. He was a genius afterall. Oh gosh, Krishna told her that her presentation board needed work, but gave her some good pointers. Ah shucks! She thought it was good, but, no, it’s back to the drawing board for Hailee.

getting feedback on her presentation

refining her board

Hailee looked at her board again and she had to agree with Krishna that the presentation still needed some work. She changed things and added some more photos. Oh and maybe a graph. That would work…

oh yah this presentation looks good

And soon Hailee had her finished product. Gosh, it looked great! Hailee was confident that her professor would definitely think this was a worthy presentation. She certainly hoped so.presentation done

Her professor for her How Culture Influences Society course had told them that they could submit their presentation anytime during the week from 8am – 4:30pm. She only had two choices left as Term 1 ended on Tuesday. So, it was either after class on Monday or before class on Tuesday. But she had to make time to do this and not forget. If she didn’t, she would definitely not get that “A” grade in this course.

doing some research

Hailee didn’t really want to start her homework tonight, and she didn’t want to head back to the dorm just yet. So she went over to the research archive machine and randomly looked at some topics. She thought that “Urban Legends” sounded interesting.

focused pic enable emotion

To get her in a focused mood, I pulled out a “focused” photo from her inventory and enabled emotional aura. And voilà, she was focused!

Tip: This “selfie” photo was previously taken when she was in a focused mood. I added a frame, and just enabled emotional aura for it. There are several other emotion photos in her inventory, like flirty, playful, etc. You can just drag the photo out of your sim’s inventory and set the photo on a table or on a wall, even on a community lot. No cheats needed.

urban legend regarding the statues

This is what she found out when she researched Urban Legends. Can it be true? Collectibles? Or dessert? Make an offering to the statue? She had collectibles! Hmm…maybe she’ll give it a try on Monday before her classes. Hailee wondered if others knew about his or maybe it was all just make-believe. Well, she needed all the help she could get, so she would try it out.

gets a focused vibe from researching

Hailee also gets this moodlet from researching.

why is everyone up

It’s been a long day and she has to get up for her part-time job tomorrow, so she heads back to the dorm. For some reason, her roomies are still up at 1:00 AM (Sunday). Ok, well, Hailee was heading to bed. Nitey-nite.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

For every research topic that your sim researches on the research archive machine, it will “unlock” a new debate topic. This comes in handy if you’re in the Debate Guild. Then when choosing a topic to debate, you can debate a topic that perhaps your challenger doesn’t know anything about. This could result in a surefire win for your sim.

If your sims have a Presentation to do, my advice is to tackle this early. The whole process from start to finish takes several sim hours. So, don’t wait until the last minute to do this, because your sim will run out of time, or will have to submit a poor Presentation. Practicing Presentation alone takes 1 sim hour. This does, however, boost the charisma skill. Your sim is further restricted on when this can be submitted and can only be done on weekdays between 8am – 4:30 pm, and not during the class it is due for. Ensure the Presentation board is in your sim’s inventory, and then click on “Give Final Presentation” and your sim will head to a building on campus and disappear in a “rabbit hole”. The final presentation takes 1 sim hour.




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