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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 8

DAY 8:

Sunday morning, First Day of Summer, UBrite Drake Hall, Warm and Cloudy

hailee and 3 clubs

Hailee gets up and admires her posters before she heads into the bathroom to get ready for work. There are a few Organization Events happening today, but Hailee figures her time should be spent doing homework and studying. I mean, she has two final exams tomorrow and she hasn’t spent any time studying for them.


royalty report sunday

hailee got a promotion

Hailee gets a promotion at work! Yes! But to get her next promotion, she has to do some gardening or study gardening. Where could she do some gardening? She didn’t see any planter boxes at UBrite Commons. Hmmm…that meant more studying. Oh, gee!

that hunky roomie is eating the whole chicken

Hailee sees her roomie, Krishna, pass by with a whole chicken on his plate. Wow! He has quite an appetite! In fact, Hailee is a bit hungry, too.

back from work has some lunch with roomies

Thankfully, there is a lot of food around, although most of it is spoiled. But her roomie, Sharon Kraft has just made another roast chicken. Sharon is in the culinary arts degree and likes to cook. Too bad nobody likes to clean in this dorm.

Hailee decides to have some lunch with her roomies. She talks to them about possibly starting a study group to study for finals. They think that’s a great idea. They decide to meet later at Lauer Library.

Author’s Notes: Using the Get Together expansion pack club feature, I create a study group for Hailee with some of her roomies.

buying the course book

After showering and changing clothes, Hailee heads to the University kiosk in front of UBrite Commons. She decides to buy her Communications university course book for $700 simoleons. Yes, a pretty steep price, but she is going to put in her “all” for her courses.

Author’s Note: You can also study for courses using the computer or research archive machine.

toilet papered the statue

Oh no! Hailee sees that the UBrite statue has been toilet-papered. She is sad, her UBrite pride is tarnished. She cleans it up. She knows what she has to do. Some sim from Foxbury keeps doing this to their statue. It’s time to do something to the Foxbury statue.

pride tarnished sad moodlet

riding to foxbury

Packing some “prank” supplies, Hailee heads to the Foxbury campus.

foxbury campus

The Foxbury campus is vast, with multi-leveled stairs. And look at that huge parking garage on the left-hand side. The campus isn’t very bike-friendly, but that’s ok, Hailee can jog and walk around campus.

huge foxbury campus

When Hailee gets to the campus, she heads to the field that has the Foxbury statue. But, what’s this? The field isn’t empty. There is some Util-Bot Contest being held by the Bot Savant Organization. Well, she certainly can’t prank the Foxbury statue with all these sims around.

But the contest looks rather cool with all these robot droids flying around. She wondered if her friend Cameron Fletcher was among the competitors.

sun bot savants meeting

Hailee headed to the field and saw a robot and found out his name was Servo. She wondered who had built him.

servo is kind of mean to her

Hailee introduced herself to Servo and he became quite mean to her for no apparent reason. I mean really, she just asked him if he could swim and he was quite offended by her question. Sheesh! Servos have such sensitive egos.

Well, since Hailee couldn’t prank the Foxbury statue, she decided to leave the contest area and explore Foxbury campus a bit.

jogging down to the river

After climbing several stairs (she could really keep in shape here), she jogged down to the area behind Larry’s Lagoon, otherwise known as the Foxbury Commons.

rock beside the river

To the left of picnic area, she spied a rock to collect.

another swimmable area at foxbury

Another sand spit area with a “swimmable” lake. There was also some fishing here. She noticed some flowers along the water’s edge, daisy, rose, snapdragon, and chrysanthemum, but none were in bloom, so she couldn’t harvest any.

hailee caught a fish sun

It’s a beautiful day and Hailee tries her hand at fishing. And she actually catches something. Hailee likes this fishing spot, even though it’s at the rival’s campus.

another rock to collect foxbury

And there was another rock to collect.

foxbury stadiumj

Well, there was nothing like a trash can to find the best stuff. Oh, and there was the Foxbury stadium. Didn’t she have to do something to it for the UBrite Spirit Corps? Now she remembered, she had to put up UBrite banners on their stadium. Well, luckily, she had brought some of them along with her.

there didn't seem to be any sim around

So, Hailee headed to the stadium to do the prank. It was pretty quiet on campus, and sims were probably studying or at that Util-Bot Contest anyway. She thought this would be the perfect time to do it. She looked both ways…no-one around.

just as she did the prank who came along

And just as she was hanging the first banner…Busted! And by the Foxbury mascot, Larry Lobster, of all sims! Where did you come from? Hailee mumbled something about these being the wrong banners and quickly rode off on her bike. But she was mad! She had come to Foxbury campus and hadn’t succeeded in either UBrite Spirit Corps task. She would probably have to try again in the wee hours of the morning. Ah shucks!

caught red handed

Hailee had wasted time at Foxbury campus when she should have been focussing on her exams tomorrow. And she still had homework to do! How was she going to get it all done? Well, thank goodness, her study group was meeting at the library, which is where Hailee headed next.

hailees homework group

Everyone arrived at the same time, and they all worked hard on their homework together.

from studying for exam

hailee pulls out the thick coursebook and studies for her final exam

Hailee finished her homework in record time, and took out the huge Communications coursebook and started studying for her Communication Basics exam.

from studying

She then starts studying for her Sourcing Data: Intro to Journalism exam.

writing another book

The study group ended, but Hailee was feeling rather energized from all that studying, so she decided to write a motivational book. It can only help her Journalism course, right?

And by the time she was finished, it’s 2am! What was she thinking? She has an exam in a few hours. In fact, two exams back-to-back. Oh my gosh! She has to get to bed!

hailee keeps studying for exams

But when she gets back to the dorm, she just takes out her Communications course book again and studies some more. What are you doing Hailee? Get some sleep! Oh, why did she go to Foxbury today? Hailee is really starting to worry about those exams.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I actually had Hailee go to Foxbury campus to find some collectibles and didn’t realize that the Util-Bot contest was going on. It was kind of fun to watch. However, Hailee may have spent too much time at Foxbury and not enough time on her coursework. When you “study” from the coursebook, it doesn’t tell you that you are done studying. She got the pop-up of “Well-prepared” for her Communication Basics course, but it didn’t come up for her Journalism course. Does that mean she didn’t study enough for her Journalism course?

There is a youtube video that I was watching (after I played this day), on How Your Sim Can Get an A in University The video suggests that your sim study at least twice for a final exam. If that’s the case, poor Hailee is doomed. Now I am worried. Let’s hope her exams go well tomorrow.


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