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Discover University: Ultimate Student Challenge Sims 4 – Day 9

DAY 9:

Monday – Exam Day, Summer, UBrite Drake Hall, Cloudy and Warm

good luck on your finals Hailee

The next morning, Hailee dragged herself out of bed. She had a big day ahead of her and she wasn’t feeling too good. Her roomie came into their room just then and wished Hailee luck on her exams. If only it was that easy.

hailee self publishes her new book from her dorm

Hailee headed to the mailbox in her dorm and self-published the motivational book she had written last night. That made her feel a bit better. She was feeling hungry and knew she should eat something, but then it hit, and suddenly she wasn’t hungry anymore.

It’s the pre-exam jitters. How was she supposed to take her exams feeling like this? Maybe she could take the exam another time, but there didn’t seem to be that option available.

will she get that A

She decided to head off to her exam early. She was feeling miserable. While she was sitting on the bench near the building where she was to have her exam in, all she could think about was not having studied enough. She had worked so hard to get here and now she may not get that “A” she needed to continue.

oh my word pre exam jitters

Hailee’s stomach was in knots and she literally was sick to her stomach. She felt so nauseous, and then…oh, poor Hailee! She really was nervous about these exams. How was she going to make it?

And then it came to her. She remembered what she had researched about urban legends. Well, if ever there was a time to test out an urban legend of making an offering to a university statue, now was the time. She really had nothing to lose.

making an offering at the statueHer Communication Basics exam was in 1/2 hour. Could she make it over to the statue and back in time? She headed towards the university statue. She thought that a rose would make a good offering. So, she dropped it in front of the statue and it disappeared like magic! Oh gosh! Where did it go?lets see what happens

Suddenly she felt extremely focused like she could quote from the coursebook right now. She really hoped this would help her in her exam, and she ran off to her exam so she wouldn’t be late.


The first exam was done and she was whisked off to her second exam. Oh gosh, how did she do?

Author’s Notes:  In the final exam, you only have four options – the default, which is “take normally” or “sleep in class” or “leave early” or “cheat”. Obviously, Hailee was NOT cheating!

she did it only 2 more classes left

She was done those exams! And look at her, she’s smiling! Maybe she did better than she thought she would. Thank goodness those were over and only 2 more classes tomorrow for the end of Term 1.doing well after her thurs classes

She did get this pop-up for both those classes. She was feeling much better and she decided that there was no time like the present to submit her Final Presentation for her How Culture Influences Society class, so off she went to do that. It took one sim hour and then she was done.

i just did my presentation i think i did really good

And suddenly Hailee realized she was starving. So, she headed to Ubrite Commons for some lunch. Free choices included Chicken Saltimbocca, Chicken Stir Fry or Garlic Noodles. Hailee decided that the chicken stir fry sounded good. She sat down and was soon joined by her roomie, Krishna.

She told Krishna that she had just done her final presentation and she had a good feeling about it. Hailee just wanted to thank Krishna again for his feedback. It really helped.

m and t organization events

Hailee had glanced at the organization events for today, and there was an Art Society Figure Painting session. But, her study group was meeting again today at Lauer Library, and Hailee was determined that there would be no distractions this time. It was study, study, study all day long. But first, she needed to freshen up at her dorm.

gung ho about study group

Hailee and Monica were the first to arrive at Lauer Library. Candice was so “gung ho” about the study session, that she rode her bike right into the library!

so focused on her work

Hailee did homework for her How Culture Influences Society course and her Evidence in Debate Prep course first. Then Ritvik suggested that they travel to Foxbury Commons for a Study Cram Session. He was hoping they would go there since Foxbury had state-of-the-art high-speed computers, and Ritvik still had to edit his term paper that was due tomorrow.

Hailee looked at Ritvik. He had waited until the last minute to work on his term paper? Hailee had finished her term paper at the start of term. Now Hailee didn’t feel so bad that she was studying at the last minute.

foxbury commons downstairs

Foxbury Commons was a 2-story building and it was so nice. The downstairs area had some seating areas at the back and a ping pong table in the middle with restrooms to the right.

off the entrance was the cafeteria

There was a cafeteria area with lots of seating to the right of the front entrance. It was really spacious. Unfortunately, because they were Ubrite students if they wanted to eat here, they had to pay.

upstairs at foxbury commons robotics area

Upstairs was a robotics area and a chess table in the corner. A few study tables were in this area, too.

the computer zone


There was a computer zone, with two research archive machines and four computers! Wow! UBrite Commons didn’t even have any computers. And these computers were even better than the ones in Lauer Library. Foxbury students were so lucky. No wonder Ritvik wanted to come here.

back area for studying

In the back, there was another seating area and study area with tables.

hailee studying at foxbury commons

Hailee saw her friend Cameron Fletcher and he motioned for her to come study with them. Her own study group had already headed upstairs to the computers, with Ritvik in the lead.

Hailee hesitated for a moment, thinking that maybe one of these Foxbury students was dressed in that Larry The Lobster costume from yesterday and might recognize her. But no-one said a word.

The time went by quickly and before she knew it, it was 11pm. Most of the other students had already left. Hailee realized that she had skipped dinner but that the cafeteria was now closed.

hailee getting a scone

Before he left himself, Cameron told her that there was a food kiosk just outside the Commons. Hailee hated to spend any simoleons, but Cameron assured her that it wasn’t expensive. And sure enough, it wasn’t. A scone and some fruit cost $3 simoleons. She took it “to go”.

having a scone and some fruit

Foxbury Commons was pretty quiet at this time of night, so Hailee headed upstairs to the computers and thought she would study for another hour.

toilet papering the statue

But before leaving, there was just one more thing she had to do while she was at Foxbury campus.playful moodlet prank

I mean, this was the wee hours of the morning. No-one would ever know. And as she biked back to her dorm, she felt very confident about her study habits tonight. Maybe there was a chance she would get that “A” afterall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

The Ubrite statue gets pranked all the time. I would really love it if Hailee could catch the culprit. I wonder if there is a special pop-up for that if you do.

Larry’s Lagoon or Foxbury Commons is a gorgeous student center. I love the UBrite Commons but I wish it had at least one computer. There are some reno builds on the gallery for UBrite Commons which are really gorgeous, but for this challenge, I decided not to change any of the Maxis builds.

I realized, after the fact, that I had missed the Starlight Accolades on Sunday for Hailee for her book nomination. Oh well, maybe she’ll be nominated again. Sorry, Hailee.



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