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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Rose Ceremony #4

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today, we are at this fabulous location for Rose Ceremony #4. A beautiful garden setting, separated into outdoor rooms. It is open and spacious for groups, but it also has some secret nooks for a little private get-together. So, before the contestants and Rick arrive, let me give you a brief tour.


And finally, the Rose Ceremony area. Breathtaking isn’t it?


And not a moment too soon, as Rick and the contestants have arrived. And it looks like all of the ladies are dressed in floral outfits for the ceremony.


Some of the contestants are already hungry, so they head over to the al-fresco dining area for some appetizers.

benny has found some secret wishing well

Meanwhile, Benny has headed over to the secret room and found a wishing well. The well looks rather old, and it looks like Benny has thrown a coin into it and made a wish. I might have imagined it, but that wishing well seemed to come alive with that coin toss. Oh Benny, what did you wish for?

benny wished for skills and he mastered the guitar wow

And suddenly something happens! Benny’s wish has been granted! Lucky, lucky Benny! 

Author’s Notes: The ‘Whispering Wishing Well’ came with this build, and I am always hesitant to use it because it always does something bad to my sims. I decided to let Benny test it out. He made an offering of $1,000 simoleons and he wished for skills. And I was quite surprised when I got a pop-up that Benny had mastered the guitar.

popup from well


Benny then joins the ladies for some food and gossip. But mostly gossip. He heads over to sit with Raven, Naomi and Brianna.


Rick and Roxanna chat before the ceremony.


The sun was setting and it was time for the Rose Ceremony to begin. The contestants headed to their seats, some with drink in hand, ready to hear their fate.

welcome to the rose ceremony 4

Roxanna heads up to the microphone. “I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, want to welcome everyone to Rose Ceremony # 4. This venue has got to be one of the most spectacular Rose Ceremony locations that I have been to. Flowers, flowers everywhere! But not only in the garden, oh no! The contestants themselves have decided to wear floral outfits for the occasion. And, ladies, you have certainly outdone yourselves today. You all look so fabulous and certainly look perfect in this garden location. And, I have to admit that Bachelor Rick doesn’t look bad either. Right ladies? *laughter and applause* But as delightful as this location is, it is also the place where two contestants will sadly be leaving the Bachelor in Paradise show tonight. The producers conducted a poll with an outside consulting firm and the results have been tabulated. *holds up envelope* In this sealed envelope, I hold the names of the two contestants who will be heading home tonight. So, even I don’t know who it will be. Good luck ladies. I now give you Rick, our esteemed Bachelor.” *applause*

ive had some amazing dates

Roxanna hands Rick the sealed envelope and the microphone. Rick opens the envelope, scans a piece of paper, returns the paper to the envelope and hands it back to Roxanna.

“Before we begin, I just wanted to say that you all look absolutely stunning tonight. If you were all flowers in my garden, it would be hard to pick just one of you. You are all very unique and beautiful in your own way. And over the last few days, I have gotten to know you even more on our Group Date and Solo dates. And those Solo dates have been truly…memorable. I hope they were as memorable for you, too. And even though I have feelings for all of you, I do have some stronger feelings for some of you, which makes tonight even harder. And so, as before, each contestant will receive a rose, a red rose to those contestants who have formed a special place in my heart, and a yellow rose to those contestants who will always be a special friend.”

thank you to all those who came today

Rick headed to a table and chose four red roses and Roxanna took the microphone.

“May I ask the following contestants to come on stage: Raven Xang, Nami Chuu, Coral Reeves and Brianna Hammond. These contestants made quite an impression with Rick on their Solo Dates and will be continuing in the Bachelor in Paradise show. Congratulations ladies!”


Rick headed to Raven first to give her a red rose.

raven getting her rose


Raven must have been overcome with feelings for Rick after receiving that rose, because all of a sudden, she autonomously grabbed his hands in hers. And with that one swoop, almost destroys the competition on stage! Oh my gosh! The other contestants are reeling from this rather bold, romantic move on Raven’s part. Really? Right during the Rose Ceremony? How could she? And Rick? How could he let that happen? Ugh!

Author’s Note: I had no idea that Raven would do this and all of a sudden I saw her grab Rick’s hands in hers doing the “hold hands” romantic interaction. Totally autonomous. Nami and Brianna got that horrid “Drifting Love” sad moodlet right away. Coral had some happy moodlets still, but got the “Drifting Love” sad moodlet later on. What a disaster.

Rick didn’t seem aware of what had happened and continued giving each contestant their rose. Even though they were sad, they gratefully accepted the red rose.

nami gets her rose

coral gets a rose

brianna gets a rose

What was meant to be a happy occasion for these four contestants, ended up being filled with sadness and jealousy for some. The contestants exited the stage and headed towards the al-fresco dining area. Roxanna had seen what had happened on-stage and called for a short break to let the contestants calm down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Nami and Brianna returned to the ceremony area with some “comfort” food and sat together up front.

Nami looks like she is about to cry. “I thought I was “the one” for Rick, but I’m not so sure now. I mean…all those times on our Group Dates…flirting with each other…and our Solo Date kiss…but now…he and Raven…the way she looked at him…I just…I just…I just feel so sad…” thought Nami.

Brianna doesn’t look very happy. “I have a feeling that I am not the only one that Rick kissed. I am almost certain he kissed Raven, too. I mean the way she just took his hands in hers…like he was hers…and Rick just went along with it…in front of us! I knew this kind of thing could happen, but…just not here…at the Rose Ceremony…when Rick was giving us our red rose. Unbelievable! I just have to stay strong…yes, strong…” thought Brianna.


And that “Drifting Love” sad moodlet has now hit Coral and she can barely eat. “I didn’t realize what was going on until I saw Raven take Rick’s hands in hers. I can’t blame her, though, Rick is definitely “hot”. I would have probably done the same thing myself…just maybe not in front of everyone. Well, on second thought…maybe I would have done it…shown my love for Rick to the world. I really need to talk to someone about this…oh, that flower over there is beckoning me…maybe it has some advice…” thought Coral.

Raven was sitting there smiling without a care in the world thinking about what had happened on stage. “Rick was just so darn good-looking when he handed me that rose, and I just wanted to…well, I really wanted to kiss him, but I held his hands instead. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It was just a little innocent hand holding,” Raven thought smiling to herself.

Was this a strategic move on Raven’s part to weaken the other contestants’ relationships with Rick, thereby strengthening her own? Well, it worked, for she nearly wiped out her competition. Raven has shown us some strategy in the past and perhaps this is her new plan of action. Raven is certainly a contestant to watch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Roxanna goes on stage and resumes the ceremony. “Now that we’ve all had a chance to…err…refresh ourselves, it is time to ask the three contestants who were in the Elimination Voting Poll to come on-stage. May I ask Iris Costello, Octavia Dillon and Naomi Mahina to come forward.” Roxanna hands Rick the microphone.

elimination vote contestants redo

“Earlier this evening, Roxanna handed me a sealed envelope, which I opened, and inside on a slip of paper were the names of the contestants who would be heading home. Before these contestants are revealed, I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed my time spent with Iris, Naomi and Octavia immensely and even though two of you will be leaving tonight, the memories of our times together will stay with me forever.”

telling naomi the bad news

Rick went to the table and picked up two yellow roses and one red rose. He walked to Naomi first…and held out a yellow rose. “I’m sorry, Naomi, you will be heading home tonight. I will truly miss you. Please accept this rose,” said Rick as he handed the rose to Naomi.


Naomi was in shock. Never did she think that this day would come. She thought that her date had gone well, but apparently, not well enough. And the first to be voted off by an outside consulting firm, it was so embarrassing. She still had such strong feelings for Rick…maybe…maybe if she confessed her love for him, all would be okay. Maybe then she would be able to stay. Or maybe not. Naomi decided that perhaps this was not the best time to reveal that to Rick. She should probably have told him on their Solo Date.

“Thank you, Rick…I will miss you, too,” Naomi murmured in a barely audible voice.

bad joke timing benny

Benny sensed how distraught Naomi was and headed up on stage and escorted Naomi back to her seat trying to cheer her up by doing a mermaid impersonation. Um…Benny, possibly not the best joke to tell right now. Oops!


There were now two contestants left, Iris and Octavia. Who would be heading home?

“Iris and Octavia had a tie-vote from the poll, and earlier today, under the watchful eye of an outside judge, they challenged each other to a game of foosball. The results of that game decided the fate of these contestants.”

the dreaded bad news iris

Rick walked up to Iris…and held out a yellow rose. “I’m sorry Iris, you lost the foosball tournament to Octavia in a score of 5-1, and will be heading home today. I will always treasure our time together. Please accept this rose,” said Rick.


Iris couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She thought over her actions at the Pirate Group Date, and knew that is where she made her mistake. And now it was too late to turn back time. Oh she wished she could. Truly, she did. She had been given a second chance on her Solo Date, and she took it. And she was nearly safe, except for that darn foosball game. How did Octavia get so good at foosball anyway? She never saw her practicing at the house, but maybe she had. And then it dawned on Iris…of course…it’s Rick’s favorite game, and Octavia would want to be good at it to get closer to Rick. Another fatal error on Iris’ part for underestimating Octavia.

octavia and her rose

Rick handed Octavia the last red rose, “Octavia, I never knew you were so good at foosball. Maybe we could play together some time. I’m so glad you will be staying,” said Rick.


Octavia almost leapt into Rick’s arms when she knew she was safe. Octavia felt she had done well in that foosball game, and it was just been confirmed. She had won! No-one was getting rid of her that easily. Octavia was here to stay and fight for what she wanted. And that meant staying one step ahead of the other contestants. It also meant keeping a close eye on her biggest threat…Raven.

is raven the threat

closing remarks roxanna rc4

Roxanna went up to the microphone again. “I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, want to say congratulations to those contestants who are continuing in the Bachelor in Paradise show. We are now down to five contestants, another step closer to finding our Bachelor, Rick, ‘Somebody To Love’. And, seriously, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Finding “the one” for Rick. And even though I am saddened to see Iris Costello and Naomi Mahina leave us tonight, I know that the future holds great things for them. I wish them only the very best. With that said, this concludes the Rose Ceremony for this evening.  And whether you are remaining or leaving, it’s time to have some fun and hit the dance floor.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

such an exciting day

While Rick, Benny and the contestants headed to the bar area, Roxanna gets a call from the producer. She is wildly ecstatic when she gets off the phone and heads over to the bar area to make an announcement.

“I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have some exciting news! The producers have decided that some contestants were eliminated too early in the show, and have decided to have a competition amongst them. Yes, you heard it here first! There will be a Comeback Challenge involving all of the eliminated contestants giving one lucky lady a chance to come back on the Bachelor in Paradise Show! Isn’t that just fabulous?” 


Roxanna didn’t quite get the reaction she was hoping for. She thought that perhaps it would cheer the two eliminated contestants up, but all she got were sad faces. Rick seemed happy about the news, though. Maybe there was someone he was thinking about in particular? But the rest of the contestants were just a sad mess. Brianna, Coral, Nami and now even Iris all had the “Drifting Love” sad moodlet. And Roxanna’s news seemed to make them even sadder. They were probably thinking that another contestant would be bringing more competition for them. Oh gosh, not the happy night Roxanna thought it would be.


A round of drinks at the bar didn’t help and were left untouched. No-one seemed to be in a party-mood.

well maybe not everyone was sad

Well, maybe some contestants wanted to party after all. Um…Naomi, what are you doing in the fountain?


Rick dances a final dance with the eliminated contestants. Iris Costello (left), Rick (center), and Naomi Mahina (right).

Until tomorrow, Wikii Wikki Wii from Sulani.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Previous Post: Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Elimination # 4 – Reader Vote

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is elimination-4-reader-vote.png

The Reader Poll resulted in a tie-vote between Octavia and Iris for the second contestant going home. So before the Rose Ceremony, at the Bachelor House, Octavia and Iris competed in a game of Foosball. (I was going to have them do a chess match, but apparently there is a current bug where the chess game will go on forever).

And the results were:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is foosball-tourney.png

octavia beat iris

Octavia won the Foosball game over Iris 5-1. So, Octavia Dillon is safe. Unfortunately, this means that Naomi Mahina and Iris Costello are heading home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to this simmer for this gorgeous build. Some additions to the site were done to include a catering kitchen, a bar, a piano, dance floor and stereo, and the Rose Ceremony area. But, otherwise, left as is.


2 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Rose Ceremony #4

  1. Ugh! Those little romantic interactions! Well, that’s the breaks.

    I do know from my own challenge it’ll mean that the girls who were affected won’t trust Rick for a while…

    So, we’ll see what happens!

    Sorry to see Naomi and Iris go!

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