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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Rumors At The House

roxanna cover kava party

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. With the Comeback Challenge over and Naomi Mahina announced as the winner, we are now on our way to finding that “Somebody To Love” for Rick. From 19 contestants, it is now down to the top six! Are you excited?

Before we head to the Bachelor House, I have a wonderful announcement! The producers have decided that the Comeback Challenge was so close that they have offered a position to Cinnamon Apple. Yes, that’s right! Cinnamon will be living here with Benny and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, and be a consultant to the contestants. What that means is that she will be available to them if they need to talk to someone about Rick, provide make-up and wardrobe help, and also help out with ceremonies, etc. It is so wonderful to have Cinnamon as part of our team.

It was a long day for the “eliminated” contestants yesterday, and so, today will be a relaxing day at the Bachelor House with a Kava Party scheduled for later this afternoon. 

cinnamons wow for contestants

And Cinnamon has these words of advice for the contestants…”Keep it SPICY ladies!” Cinnamon shouts playfully.

Oh, Cinnamon, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, like your style! We are going to get along so well and have so much fun! And now, let’s head to the Bachelor House and see how all the contestants are doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

cinnamon congrats to naomi

Naomi: I did it! I’m here again! To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through that guitar marathon with Cinnamon. My skin felt so dry and flaky and I was parched. I almost quit, but something inside of me kept spurring me on. And just when I thought I couldn’t pluck another string, Cinnamon stopped playing. It was just luck in the end that I won. But you know, even though Cinnamon lost, she congratulated me and wished me luck, and now we’re even good friends. And I heard that the producers asked Cinnamon to be the Consultant for the Contestants, so I will be seeing her again. That makes me so happy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

naomi and coral

Naomi: “I was so exhausted when they brought me back to the house last night that I just collapsed in bed. I can’t believe that was just yesterday. I was gone two whole days, and now here I am in the Bachelor House again, sharing a room with Coral! She was really happy I was back and said that “we” mermaids have to stick together. She told me some things that had happened while I was gone. But basically, it looks like things are heating up between Rick and Octavia. Coral told me that Raven had told her that Octavia had some plan on getting Rick alone…and, uh, that Octavia has more than just getting a first kiss in mind.”

“I think she will do anything right now to make sure that Rick is hers!” whispered Coral.

“So, I should watch out for Octavia?” asked Naomi.

talking about octavia

“Well, she wasn’t exactly happy that you came back. But it’s like she is everywhere that Rick is now. It’s hard to get some ‘alone’ time with him anymore…you know, just to chat about things. And Raven thinks she’s planning on getting Rick alone at the party tonight to…umm…well…you know…” Coral trailed off.

“To do what Coral?” asked Naomi.

“Well, let’s just say that Octavia has quite a past with ‘playing the field’, if you know what I mean…” hinted Coral.

“Oh my gosh!” exclaimed Naomi, “We can’t leave them alone!”

“Exactly!” replied Coral.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

nami feeling sad

Nami: “I feel kind of sad today that a contestant has returned to the Bachelor House. I have nothing against Naomi, in fact, I like her, but it’s just that we were down to five contestants and now there are six of us. To be honest, I truly care about Rick, but, lately, I’ve felt that Rick has sort of focused on just one sim…Octavia. Or maybe, it’s Octavia who has focused on him. All I know is that this morning, I saw Octavia and Rick in the kitchen, and Octavia was standing so close to Rick and flirting with him. I know what you’re thinking, who am I to talk? Sure, I’ve flirted openly on group dates with Rick, but, well, I didn’t mean for anyone to see me or get hurt, but here in the house…well, I just never expected that. I know I’ve had my first kiss with Rick, and an even better second kiss, but the way Octavia was coming on to Rick…well, I just know she has something else in mind. And I feel it’s not just a kiss that she’s after. But what I can’t understand is why Rick can’t see this? Geez!

nami sad due to drifting love moodlet

I can honestly say that I’m in love with Rick and am dreaming of a lifetime together with him. But, from what I’ve heard about Octavia, well, let’s just say she has had a lot of boyfriends and gets bored rather easily with them. Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase and that’s why she wants Rick so badly, but I can’t really see them together in the long run. I know that sounds harsh, and partly it’s because of the way I feel about Rick, but I just don’t want him to get hurt. And, you know, Brianna mentioned something to me earlier about Octavia spending an awful lot of time with Rick, and she, too, felt that Octavia was up to something. And, all I know, is that I am not going to leave Octavia and Rick alone at the party tonight.”

Author’s Note: Nami is sad due to the “Drifting Love” moodlet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

snooping in octavias diary

Raven: “Okay, so I have a confession to make. I snooped in Octavia’s diary. Don’t judge me! I seriously had to, because I have noticed that something is going on with her. And I kind of let my guard slip a bit when I had my date with Rick, but I just felt she was up to something. And, so, I saw her diary just lying there on her bedside table, and read it and my suspicions were confirmed. And it’s happening tonight. At the Kava party. She plans on having Rick drink a lot of kava, and get him ‘very relaxed’. Then she plans on somehow getting him away from the party, getting her first kiss and then seducing Rick to…um…well…it goes into detail, but let me just say this…she wants more than just that kiss. She must have been planning this for weeks because every time I see Rick now, Octavia is right there beside him. I knew I had to keep my eye on her! She didn’t get a first kiss on her last solo date, was nearly eliminated, hates that another contestant has come back, and now feels that she has to do something…anything…to get Rick.”

i knew octavia had a plan

“But why this? Maybe…oh wait…oh I think I know what her strategy is. Rick is a nice guy and is not the type to “woohoo” unless he really feels something for someone. Plus, Rick would never do that on the Bachelor in Paradise Show…I think there’s even a rule about it. And so, Octavia probably thinks that he will feel obligated to her if they… you know… “do it”…especially if … OMG… especially if she becomes pregnant! I mean, hasn’t she said she wants to start a family? And Rick certainly wants a family. Geez! That’s her plan! That’s how she’s going to get Rick! Octavia is far craftier than I would have thought and I definitely have to stop this from happening! These two can’t be left alone. I really can’t let Octavia take advantage of Rick like this. I have to stop her!”

raven read octavias diary

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

six in the house now corals thoughts

Coral: “I’m glad that Naomi is back. I know that sounds weird coming from another contestant, but, we’re both mermaids, so it’s nice to have someone who understands what you’re going through as a mermaid. At the Rose Ceremony, I was kind of shocked at Raven’s behavior on stage, but afterwards, she did apologize to all of us, and, you know, thinking back on it now, it wasn’t really a big deal. Hey, I know, that sometimes it’s hard to control myself from just grabbing Rick and giving him a big smooch, but, just not in front of everyone. I kind of wait until he makes a move, and when he does, like on our Solo Date, it is so worth waiting for. But, I’ve noticed lately that Octavia is really trying to make a move on Rick. In fact, Raven told me in confidence that she thinks that Octavia is up to something.”

raven looks rather sad had she seen something happen in the kitchen

“That was this morning. As I was walking towards the kitchen, I saw Raven leaving the kitchen area looking kind of sad. I also saw that Rick and Octavia were in deep conversation in the kitchen. It seems that no matter where I go now, I see Octavia and Rick together all the time.”

hey are u ok u look sad

“I waited awhile outside the bathroom, and when I heard the shower turn off, I knocked politely on the door, and saw Raven with her sunglasses on, like she was trying to hide her eyes or something. Had she been crying? I asked her if she was okay because she did look kind of sad, which is so unlike Raven.”

it hurt seeing them together

“Well, she told me it was hard for her to see Rick and Octavia together, and that she knew something. She knew what Octavia was planning on doing. She swore me into secrecy and told me she had sort of read Octavia’s diary, and in it, Octavia had written about her plan to get Rick “very relaxed” at the kava party, and find a secluded spot to um…well…go all the way with him. I about fainted. I couldn’t believe what Raven had told me! I couldn’t believe that Rick would do that either because he was such a gentleman. But I guess, if he had too much kava, he could be easily manipulated. Raven suggested that we keep an eye on Octavia and Rick and not let them be alone together. I wholeheartedly agreed, of course, and Raven seemed to cheer up after that. I then left her alone.”

i heard some rumors about octavia

“I saw Brianna in the hallway, and even though I didn’t tell her exactly what Raven had told me, I did mention that I felt something was going on between Octavia and Rick. I also told her that she shouldn’t let Octavia and Rick out of her sight at the party tonight. From her look, I knew that Brianna also had some similar thoughts about Octavia.”

brianna getting ready for her day

Brianna:  “It was kind of hard accepting that another contestant is now back in the Bachelor House. But at least Naomi is a nice sim, and seriously, Naomi is the least of my worries. Since the Rose Ceremony, Raven apologized to everyone for what happened on stage and we all kind of forgave her. But, it’s really Octavia who seems to be a big threat now. She has upped her game and is always around Rick. I used to like to chat with Rick over morning coffee, and now every time I go in the kitchen, Octavia is there practically draping herself over Rick. And Rick…gosh…sometimes guys just can’t see what’s going on…he is just his normal, friendly self, chatting with her. Octavia is up to something. I can’t put my finger on it, but Octavia is not a sim who plays by the rules. And Coral seems to know something, because she’s hinted to me that Octavia is plotting something. And I mentioned it to Nami, who noticed that Octavia was spending a lot of time with Rick lately. So, yeah, I’m not the only one who has felt this. Sure, this is a competition, but I still feel that Octavia is not in it for the long run, and is just toying with Rick. Well, I am in it for the long run, and I am going to make sure I shine at that party tonight…and make sure that Octavia and Rick don’t get a moment alone.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

raven in bathroom

Raven: Once Coral had left the bathroom, Raven removed her sunglasses. “Just so you know, I am not sad or anything. I just had to get Coral on my side, to put the wheels in motion. I know that Coral will certainly tell the others to keep an eye on Octavia and Rick, and do everything to keep them apart. It should make for an interesting party tonight, don’t you think?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

getting up early has its advantages

Octavia: “You know, getting up early has its advantages. I get the kitchen all to myself and over coffee, I like to think about some schemes…I mean…er…some plans for the day. And often, Rick comes in when I am sitting there. Just makes the start of my day kind of perfect.”

octavia and rick thoughts

“And he grabs a coffee, and sits down beside me, and we’ve gotten quite “cozy” during those morning chats. I’ve even shared a few thoughts with him about a book I’m writing. But that Rick…always a gentleman. He never tries anything with me, although I wish he would. I think maybe if he was a bit more “relaxed”, maybe then he would make a move on me. And seriously, now more than ever, I need to make that happen with Naomi’s reappearance. Who would have thought that an eliminated contestant could return?”

brianna coming into the kitchen

“So, I guess it’s up to me to make the first move with Rick. But, here, in the Bachelor House, there are so many prying eyes. And Brianna is an early riser, too, and comes in the kitchen always surprised to see Rick and I there together.”

i have to watch myself eyes are everywhere

“And then there’s Raven, who just appears unexpectedly at the worse times. I mean, seriously, who works out and comes in the kitchen all hot and sweaty, just to grab a glass of water, and tells Rick he missed a good workout. Raven can’t grab a bottled water in the gym and has to come all the way into the kitchen to get some water? I really think she is looking for Rick just to see who he is with. And Rick…he actually looks happy to see her, even though she smells badly. Men…sheesh!”

she was going to keep rick in her sight all day

“But I really don’t care what the others think. I am going to make Rick mine. And if I have to do…um…something…to turn the odds in my favor…so be it. I plan to follow Rick around all day, and what a perfect day it is going to be with the Kava Party tonight.”

maybe rick and i should start that kava party early

“But who says we have to wait until tonight to sample some kava? I mean, we could get the party started early…you know…so Rick is more relaxed…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: Uh oh! Trouble at the Bachelor House! What exactly is Octavia up to and what did Octavia really write in her diary? Should we take Raven’s word for it? Could Raven’s conspiracy theory be right about Octavia? Or is this some elaborate plan on Raven’s part to prevent Octavia from getting a first kiss with Rick? What exactly is Octavia planning to do at the Kava Party?


5 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Rumors At The House

  1. Oh my! The drama is real!

    Octavia…this dark path you’re embarking on will blow up in your face (I hope!)

    I think the REAL drama will happen next chapter! 😮

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