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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Kava Party

kava party roxanna start

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! This afternoon, Rick and the contestants are heading off to a fabulous location for their Kava Party. And apparently, the kava party started early at the Bachelor House. So I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, thought that having a house kava party was a fabulous idea, and decided that Cinnamon, Benny and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, should hold our own kava party! Who’s up for some more kava?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

maybe rick and i should start that kava party early

Octavia had decided to start the Kava Party early at the Bachelor House, thinking that if Rick was ‘more relaxed’, then perhaps he would ‘make a move on her’ during the actual Kava Party. Or maybe, she could make a move on him.

rick kava is my absolute fav drink now

And let’s just say, that the kava was flowing…

drink up rick

…and flowing….and Rick certainly had more than a few glasses of kava…he even told Octavia that he just couldn’t get enough of the stuff…

oh rick i made some kava

And Octavia made more kava. She noticed that Rick had wandered over to chat with Raven. “More kava is ready!” Octavia shouted.

the call of the kava lured rick away from raven

And when Rick heard Octavia shout that more kava was ready…he just up and stopped talking to Raven and headed to get a glass of kava…almost like Rick was in a kava trance. By the look on her face, Raven couldn’t believe what had just happened. Rick has chosen kava over Raven. This couldn’t be a good thing. And the kava kept flowing…and flowing…

a toast to rick the most handsome guy around

…five kava bowls later and Octavia makes a toast “to the most handsome Bachelor around”. Rick really liked that toast, and he most definitely liked the sim who made the toast in his honor. Oh gosh! Look at those steamy looks between Rick and Octavia! Whoa! It was time to get ready for the actual Kava Party, and Rick grabbed yet another glass of kava on his way to his bedroom to get changed. By the time they left the Bachelor House for the real Kava Party, Rick and all the contestants were in high spirits.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

and they have arrived

The Kava Party was being held at the Sulani Beach Lounge. There were so many activities to do, juice pong, foosball, dancing, and of course, drinking some of the best kava on the island. And that was one of Rick’s priorities when he got there…make the kava.

coral must have been hungry

Coral, meanwhile, seemed to be a bit hungry and headed over to the bar-b-q shack.

rick headed over to see what that great smell was

Rick decided to find out what that delicious smell was, and joined her. Coral had ordered the tropical vegetable plate, but Rick was kind of eyeing the Kalua pork plate. Everything looked and smelled so good.

nami came up to rick then and asked him if hed like a drink

Nami came up to him then and asked if Rick would like to have a game of foosball together. Rick told her that would be fun, but he had to make some kava first. 

just wait til they taste this batch

Rick mixed up the kava, which was a recipe that his friend, Manu, had given him. Just wait until everyone tastes this. Best kava on the island. He called everyone over to try some kava.

compliments nami

With a glass of kava in hand, he joins Nami at the bar. Rick thought Nami looked rather cute in her outfit, and pays her a compliment. Nami blushes a bit, but is secretly thrilled that Rick is paying attention to her again.

“So, Rick, are you ready to have that foosball game? I’ve been practicing at the house, so don’t except to win today!” chuckled Nami.

“Is that a challenge?” Rick asked jokingly.

“You bet it is!” laughed Nami as they got up together.NAMI CHALLENGED RICK TO FOOSBALL WITH OCTAVIA WATCHING

Nami and Rick head over to the foosball table and not long after, Octavia comes over to watch them play. And even though Nami had some great manoeuvres, Rick wins the game.RICK VS NAMI IN FOOSBALL SCORE

“Well, I guess you are still the undefeated Island Champ, Rick,” said Nami. And before Nami could say or do anything else with Rick, Octavia whisked him off.

“Rick, that kava was so yummy, and the bowl is empty. Will you be making some more?” asked Octavia holding an almost empty glass of kava in her hand.

rick making more kava

“The kava is all gone? Well, we can’t have that. I will certainly make some more,” grinned Rick mixing up another batch.

rick grabbin a kava 1

Of course Rick had to grab a glass to ensure it met his quality approval. And it did! 

octavia was always close to rick

And he joined Octavia at the bar, where they sipped kava and were getting cozy with each other. Rick thought that Octavia looked especially vibrant today and paid her a compliment. Octavia responded with a lilting laugh, thinking that taking the extra time to choose her outfit was worth it. Octavia definitely had Rick’s attention.

naomi doesnt look happy

Naomi saw Rick and Octavia together at the bar and Naomi wasn’t too happy about it.

“So, what Coral told me was true. I’ve noticed that Octavia is hanging around Rick, and even watched the foosball game with Nami. Geez! How am I going to get some time alone with him?” thought Nami as she sat down beside Octavia.

naomi keeping an eye on rick and octavia

Rick got up to make another batch of kava, and saw Naomi sitting there and started chatting with her.

“I heard that you won a rock climbing challenge. That is something I’d love to try some day,” Rick said to Naomi.

“Yes, I did,” responded Naomi beaming, “Benny told me they had a gym with a rock climbing wall on the island. Maybe we can go there together.

“I think that’s a great idea, Naomi. The whole house can go there for a group outing,” chimed in Octavia.

“Oh, sure…the whole house can go…” Naomi said, although she was really hoping it would have been just Rick and her.

“Well at least I’ve got Rick’s attention now and can keep an eye on them,” thought Naomi.

another kava drink 2

And Rick raises his glass in a toast to all the “lovely ladies” who are here tonight.

raven tells rick some jokes

Rick sees Raven sitting at a table by herself and heads over to join her. Of course, Octavia gets up from the bar stool and walks over to the table as well, but is stopped by one of the locals who wanted to know what it was like to live with ‘Island Rick.’ Even though Octavia wanted to sit down beside Rick, she politely conversed with the islander.

“Um, Rick….” Raven started, “Have you eaten anything today?”

“Oh…umm…well, come to think of it, I think I skipped breakfast and lunch. Well, actually I had a liquid kava lunch,” Rick laughed as he placed his kava glass down and spilled some of it onto the table.


“I think I’ll go bar-b-q something for everyone,” Rick said and wobbled a bit when he stood up, steading himself by placing his hand on the table.

dont burn that corn rick

Coral came over to chat with Rick while he was bar-b-q’ing. Rick was thinking that Coral looked rather gorgeous today, with her cute little shorts on and that hat.  Always wearing a hat. He was so busy chatting with Coral, that he nearly burned the corn.

“You kind of got me a bit distracted there Coral. That outfit is very cute on you,” Rick said as he turned the corn over.

octavia comes over to see what rick is bar b quing

With that compliment, Coral was feeling a bit flirty and was almost about to blow Rick a kiss when Octavia strolled towards them.

“Oh, hello Octavia…” said Coral half-heartedly.

Octavia glanced at Coral and strode right up to Rick as if Coral wasn’t even there. “Oh, Rick, I was wondering where you went. It’s so great that you’ve made some food for everyone. Let’s sit together, shall we?” as she took Rick’s arm in hers and headed back towards the tables.

brianna getting the juice kep ready

One of the bartenders had put out a juice keg, and Brianna seems to be a pro at tapping the juice.

“I’ve always wanted to do a keg stand,” Brianna commented to Naomi, as she heard Rick call them to lunch. “Well, maybe later,” Brianna thought.


It looks like a few islanders came to eat lunch with Rick, and so Octavia had to sit at another table! As the islanders headed off, Coral headed back to the bar-b-q shack.


And it was just her luck that Rick was still sitting there when she returned with two plates laden with food.

“I know you were thinking about ordering the Kalua pork plate before, but didn’t have a chance, so I grabbed you one. And I thought I would get one for myself as well,” Coral smiled as she placed the plate in front of Rick.

“Coral, thank you, and so glad you grabbed a plate for yourself. Now you can tell me what you think. Isn’t it the best?” Rick enthused.

They continued to chat about the spices in the pork, and then the conversation turned to a more personal nature with Rick commenting on Coral’s beautiful eyes. Coral thought that the conversation was going so well…


…Um, it was going great until Octavia plunked herself down beside Rick and starting chatting with him.

“Sheesh! She’s everywhere today!” thought Coral.

After lunch, Brianna asked Rick if he could help her do a keg stand.


“I’ve never done one before, so, what do you think, do you want to try?” asked Brianna giving him her biggest smile.


I mean, seriously, how could he resist that smile…so naturally he agreed.

Rick had a bit of trouble hoisting Brianna up, but he finally did it.


“Gosh, Brianna, you’re a slippery little thing. But…ummm…you smell good…like coconut…” said Rick as he tried to hoist Brianna higher.

“It’s my coconut suntan lotion. I may have put on a bit too much,” replied Brianna.


Rick holds Brianna up as best he can, and then his hand slipped and oops Brianna takes a tumble.


“Sorry, Brianna, my hand just slipped on all that lotion you put on yourself,” Rick said, hoping Brianna was okay.



Then Rick started laughing…“But you should have seen it. That would have been a great video. It was so funny! OMG! That was an epic fail for sure! Hilarious!”

“Oh yah, real funny,” said Brianna sarcastically.


Rick couldn’t stop laughing, “Do you want me to kiss all your boo boos away?” Rick asked.

“Ouch! My aching butt cheeks!” winced Brianna, “I don’t think you would be laughing if this happened to you,” Brianna retorted.


“Well, come on then…try to lift me so I can do a keg stand,” laughed Rick.


“Yah, right. You’d probably fall on top of me when you fell! I think I might have to recruit a few of the ladies to help me hoist you!” teased Brianna.


Brianna didn’t seem too mad at Rick, especially when she did an autonomous flirt with him. Oh yeah!


And Rick certainly didn’t mind Brianna flirting with him at all.


Their little flirt on the beach was cut short, though, when Octavia seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Oh, that was a fun stunt, Brianna. Mind if I give it a go? I mean, I know Rick here, with his strong muscles, wouldn’t drop ME…” Octavia said batting her eyes at Rick.


Rick smiles and helps Octavia up.


And that’s how it’s done! Octavia does a successful keg stand. Looks like Raven is keeping an eye on the two of them since Brianna headed out. Octavia heads to the restroom.


rick asks raven is she wants to do a keg stand

Rick saw Raven standing there and went up to her. “Do you want to try, Raven? 

Raven laughed, “I saw what happened with Brianna, so I am going to pass on that offer. But maybe if it included an after-tumble massage, I might be tempted,” Raven winked, flirting with Rick a bit.

They both laughed and Rick gave Raven an appreciable glance before he headed over to make some more kava.

“Kava, Kava, Kava!” Rick shouted as he hurried over to the bar again.

rick seemed to be a trendsetter

And Rick makes more kava. Oh, look, Rick might be a trendsetter. An islander is wearing the same shirt as Rick!


And Rick grabs another kava…

and more kava

…and another kava…

and another toast

…and makes another toast…

making more kava rick

…and makes some more kava…

and yet another kava drink

…And Rick grabs yet another kava…

Naomi comes over and asks Rick if he wants to play juice pong with her. Juice Pong? Really? Naomi, maybe a game of ping pong would have been better.

rick is sloshed

Rick takes another swig of kava, and then it hits. BOOM! One minute Rick was feeling fine, the next minute, the world was spinning around him. Rick is sloshed!

dazed rick

I’ve been told that island locals will often consume anywhere from 4-8 shells in a solid kava drinking session.* Counting the number of shells that Rick has had or prepared, it looks like Rick has had 9 or more shells. Oh Rick! You are kava’d!

rick is so kavad

And Rick somehow staggers over to the ping pong table and does a rather pathetic ping pong throw, which completely misses the cup.

“That’s a point for me, Rick. You have to drink one of your cups now!” Naomi said, laughing at how badly Rick was playing.


Rick guzzles the first glass.


Now it’s Naomi’s turn, and bingo right into the cup. Nice throw!

plays juice pong with naomi

“Waaas in ‘ere?” Rick said as he downed another glass, “Not kava! Mus have kava!” Rick said as he weaved back towards the bar.

“But Rick, we haven’t finished playing…” Naomi shouted after him.

and even more kava

Rick grabs another glass of kava and sees Brianna on the dance floor. He staggers on over there.

rick likes the show brianna is giving him

Um, yah! Rick is rather mesmerized by Brianna’s dance moves.

“Come dance with me, Rick…” Brianna says invitingly.


Rick tries to do a few dance moves and nearly falls over. He nods to Brianna and heads to the nearest table and sits down. Octavia sees Rick sitting alone and sits down beside him. Octavia says something to Rick, but he doesn’t seem to hear.


“Um…Rick…did you hear me? Would you like to go on a walk along the beach?” Octavia repeated herself.

come on rick

“Wit yooouu? Shuuurr…Less hol hands aaand skip tharrr….” Rick slurred his words.

Octavia looked around. No-one seemed to be watching them.

“Come on Rick,” Octavia said grabbing him by the hand, “We’ll go this way.” Octavia held her finger up to her lips and whispered to Rick, “But quietly, okay?”

come on rick well go this way

Rick winked at Octavia, and put his finger on his lips, “Shhh….it’s a sssecret…like Sssecret Saaanta…”

taking a walk with octavia

Octavia headed down towards the water holding Rick’s hand in hers. Octavia felt his eyes on her.

octavia and rick alone together

And suddenly Rick stopped and took both of Octavia’s hands in his, “Yer soooo bootiful…Oc…avia…smelll good…” Rick slurred.

kiss hands autonomous action on ricks part

And Rick does an autonomous “kiss hands” with Octavia. Things are starting to heat up.

you have such a butiful smile

Dang Rick, you’ve had way too much kava! I don’t know how you are still standing. You’re not thinking straight. Go back to the party. Oh Rick, do you know where you are? Do you know who you’re with? Where are the other ladies? Aren’t they supposed to be looking out for you tonight?

But all Rick could think about was Octavia…and what he was thinking…well, oh la la!


i think this might be it well just have to move out of the way a bit

This was it! Octavia could feel it. The way Rick looked at her. He definitely had romantic thoughts about her. It was all going according to plan. Tonight was the night! But someone could see them. She had to stay out of sight. Maybe if they waded in the water a bit, and moved over so they were obstructed by that “bush”…

“Shall we wade in the water a bit, Rick…but not too deep, though, okay?” suggested Octavia coyly.

where are rick and octavia

Meanwhile back at the bar area, Brianna noticed that Rick was missing. Naomi looked around and noticed that Octavia was missing, too. They were both gone! Oh no!

“Tell the others, Naomi, we’ll spread out and find them. Hurry!” Brianna said as she almost ran to where Raven was playing ping pong.


Rick and Octavia waded into the water, and Rick kept a firm grip on Octavia’s hand.


They stopped, but they needed to head over farther to obscure their view. Octavia breathed a sigh, “Oh, Rick, I just needed to get away, you know. Have some alone time with you. Tell you how much I truly appreciate you…” whispered Octavia.

“And hold that hunky body close to me and make you mine. ‘Tonight you’re mine, completely…'” Octavia thought.



“Yer so sssweet…sssweet Oc..avia…sexy…aaaannnnd…sweeeet…Oc…avia…. Come ‘ere,” Rick slurred pulling Octavia closer to him. Octavia gave a little laugh as he did that.


Everyone had spread out looking for Rick and Octavia. Raven thought she heard some laughter and walked down towards the water. And sure enough, there was Rick and Octavia.


“Well, well, well…alone and cozy with Rick, aren’t we Octavia? Guess I’ll just have to put a stop to that!” Raven thought walking purposefully towards the water.


“Yer lipss…red lipsss…wan ’em….wanna kisss ’em…” Rick whispered, slurring his words.

“Well, Rick…why don’t you kiss me then…” answered Octavia, inching a bit closer to him.

“Kiss me, Rick…and let it begin…” thought Octavia.


They almost didn’t hear her, but Octavia was the first to see her.

“Ahem…” Raven uttered, pretending to clear her throat. The moment was broken and Rick pulled away from Octavia, shaking his head a bit as if to clear his foggy mind.


“Uh, Raven…what are you doing here?” Octavia said a bit shocked at the sight of Raven, “We were…um…just taking a walk along the beach…”

“Of course…nice night for it. Well, we were all wondering where YOU and Rick were…” Raven said looking pointedly at Octavia, “The DJ has arrived and they’re giving out prizes for the best dancer. I didn’t want you two to miss out. Plus, I wanted to see if Rick could do the funky chicken…” Raven said laughing, looking at Rick.

leading rick away from octavia

“Oh, shuure…shounds fun..” Rick replied, slurring his words again slightly and flapping his wings as they walked. Rick happily headed back with Raven to the party, albeit, weaving a bit as he headed up the path.

“And, coffee, Rick…you need some coffee…” Raven said as they walked together.

raven bringing rick back to the party

“Kaaaaavaa coofffeee…yummm…”, Rick answered.

“No…no more kava, Rick…just coffee…okay?” Raven replied half holding Rick up as they walked.

oh that raven

“Oh my plumbobs! That Raven coming to interrupt Rick and I. And I was so close…so close, and Raven had to come and spoil it! Darn! Well, they’ll be other parties and Rick and my Solo Date together…so, there’s still time to make Rick mine,” Octavia smiled thinking about the heat that she had felt with Rick at their near First Kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick the next morning rev

The next morning, Rick woke up with a massive hang-over. Oh, his head hurt. Way too much kava last night. He didn’t even remember half of what happened. Afu had already prepared some strong black coffee and set that, along with a glass of water and some aspirin on his bedside table. Rick sat up and reached for the coffee and saw a book sitting beside it. He picked up the book. It looked like some sort of diary. What was it doing in his room? And whose diary was it? There was a post-it sticky on one of the pages and he opened it up and started reading. He suddenly knew whose diary this belonged to. Rick decided that he should deliver the diary back to the owner personally.

rick reaction after reading diary

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: Well, the kava party was certainly a wild time, but perhaps Rick had a wee bit too much kava. And whatever plans that Octavia may have had with Rick were quickly squelched by Raven’s appearance. Of course, Octavia is not going to give up that easily, afterall, there will be other parties…and her solo date again with Rick. And now here it is the next morning, and Rick has quite the hang-over and finds that a diary has been placed on his bedside table. Who could have put it there? And when he reads it, he knows who it belongs to! Oh my gosh! Did Rick read the same pages that Raven read? This can’t be a good thing!

“Tonight you’re mine, completely”, lyrics from the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, The Shirelles, 1960.

A Local’s Guide to Drinking Kava, article.

Many thanks to this simmer for creating this incredible build. I changed the lot type to a Lounge. I added some food vendor stalls, kava bowls, the juice keg, a foosball table, a bar-b-q, and a stereo on stage. I also added the “Cursed” lot trait, which gives the dazed moodlet; however, I didn’t need that as Rick got dazed all on his own, from drinking way too much kava.

sulani beach party photo credit


3 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Kava Party

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. BTW, Rick actually didn’t drink that much. I just took different screenies of him drinking the same drink. lol But I needed him to get the “dazed” look for the story. It did seem to take a long time, though and when I tested this in another save, the sim who drank too much kava got the dazed moodlet and just fell right over asleep. But Rick is hardy, I guess, and didn’t keel over. I think there is also a Keg Party Social Gathering that you can do, but I haven’t done that one yet. I know how it is, you buy packs and don’t do all the stuff the pack comes with. lol

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