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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo-Date-A-Thon ~ Solo Date With Octavia

roxanna cover octavia date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, Raven’s morning date with Rick went swimmingly well, and Raven didn’t run off when she saw where he lived either. These contestants are certainly a hardy bunch! This afternoon Rick continues on his Solo-Date-A-Thon with Octavia Dillon, who placed third in the Solo Date Challenge. Will this be the date where Octavia finally gets her first kiss? We’ll find out soon enough! And now, let’s peek in on Rick and Octavia at the Bachelor House as they head off on their date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

octavia opening shot

“I can’t believe that I didn’t win that Solo Date Challenge. I mean, seriously, I have two sisters and a brother, and was raised by a single Dad. I had to help out all the time when I was growing up. I just don’t remember my sisters and brother behaving like those toddlers, or maybe I have somehow blotted it from my memory. But the good news is that because I came in third, I am going on the next Solo Date with Rick. And that’s the important thing here. So, when Rick came to talk to me about where I wanted to go on our date, I told him I just “wanted to have fun,” you know somewhere that has dancing. Rick gave me the biggest smile and I could have sworn he flirted a bit with me when he said, “I know a place.” He didn’t tell me where we’re going, but if there’s dancing, I am going to show him some dance moves that are guaranteed to get Rick all hot and bothered. Oh yes, a surefire way to get Rick to kiss me tonight!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

meeting octavia beside the house

Rick had showered and changed for his date with Octavia, and had asked her to meet him at the skiff by the house at 2pm. Octavia was right on time, and when Rick saw her, he had to admit that Octavia looked pretty sexy in the outfit she had on today.


“Octavia….you look…um…pretty…um…nice in that outfit you have on,” Rick said, feeling a bit flirty.


“Oh, why thank you, Rick,” laughed Octavia, “And I have to say you don’t look half bad yourself…” flirted Octavia.

Octavia spied two aquazips in the water in front of them, “Are we taking those to our destination?” asked Octavia excitedly.

Rick smiled and took Octavia’s hands in his, “Yes, indeed. We are heading over to Ohan’ali Town and I thought this would be the quickest way to get there.”


Rick picked up a waterproof dry bag and helped Octavia onto one of the aquazips. He then instructed her on the controls.

“Do you need to practice a bit?” asked Rick.


Octavia thought for a moment, “I really should. I’ve never ridden one of these before. Will you watch me?” Octavia replied batting her eyes.

“Of course…you know in case you need rescuing or anything…” Rick said 

“Oh really?” Octavia smiled flirtatiously, “You know, Rick, you’re the only one that I want to rescue me…”


Octavia did a practice run on the aquazip around the bay and Rick stood on-shore watching her intently.

“Okay, I think I got this!” Octavia said, giving Rick a little flirty smile as she came back towards shore.

octavia doing a practice run 2

“Great! I’ll be right beside you all the way,” Rick assured Octavia, as he got on the aquazip.

“This is such an exciting way to start our date!” said Octavia gleefully as she and Rick headed off together.

heading off to ohanali beach

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: Oh my gosh! Octavia got the flirty moodlet almost as soon as she saw Rick. And Rick still had the flirty moodlet from his date with Raven. Sparks are already flying between these two!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They landed at Ohan’ali Beach, and Octavia was super excited when she got off the aquazip.

“I could definitely ride on those all day!” Octavia enthused.

“And that was just the transportation part!” laughed Rick. He explained to Octavia that they would be heading to a Sulani festival that was set to start at 6pm.


“A festival? With dancing?” Octavia could hardly believe it.

“Yes, it’s actually right on the beach,” Rick pointed to an area with a huge bonfire and some beach loungers, “I thought you would enjoy it,” Rick said holding Octavia’s hands in his.


“Enjoy it? Oh my gosh! It’s a beach party! That sounds so exciting!” Octavia replied.

They headed to a cabana to change, and when they emerged, decorations had been set up at the bonfire area.


Rick took Octavia’s hands in his, “Now I have to warn you, Octavia, that there is dancing, but it’s a different kind of dancing…” Rick smiled at her mischievously.

“A different kind of dancing? Are they giving beach dance lessons? Like hula lessons? Oh, I’d love that,” Octavia said.

“Well, not exactly…more like fire dancing!” Rick replied smirking a bit.

fire dancing what

“What? Fire dancing? You’ve got to be joking. You want me to do fire dancing?” Octavia said in a shocked voice. All thoughts of seductive dance moves on the dance floor vanished from her mind.

“Don’t worry. Poi fire dancing is an odd job I do, and I’m pretty experienced. I will give you some pointers,” Rick said with a smile.

“Well, you look trustworthy,” said Octavia returning Rick’s smile.


“Plus, there’s always a fire extinguisher at these events!” winked Rick.

“Whhhaaat?” Octavia just stared after him as he walked towards the festival area. 

“Dang! I like hot and spicy, but I never expected ‘hot’ to mean fire dancing!” laughed Octavia nervously.

octavia exclaimation

Octavia suddenly had a horrible thought, “What if this was some sort of sick plan of the producers to eliminate an unsuspecting contestant?” Octavia wondered. “Well,” she thought, “I am going to do that fire dance. And even if I have to set myself on fire, I am going to get that kiss from Rick tonight! Just watch me!” And so, with a confident stride, Octavia followed Rick towards the bonfire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


And they arrived at the Beach Bonfire Festival. In fact, they were the first ones there!


Rick lit the bonfire and felt that this would be the perfect time to teach Octavia fire dancing. He told Octavia that the first thing she had to do was either wet her hair or braid it, so it was more contained. Octavia quickly braided her hair into a side braid.


Rick then instructed Octavia on a very basic move, called ‘The Weave’, which was a 2-beat rhythm basically swinging the poi sticks around on both sides. Rick had Octavia practice spinning her hands without the poi lit, so she could get the rhythm.


Rick then showed her the fire dance move, and the crowd clapped loudly at Rick’s performance.


“Wow, Rick, you really are good at that!” Octavia said as she admired Rick’s moves.

“It’s all practice, really, but, you’re a natural, Octavia!” beamed Rick, “I’m going to light the poi now and let you have a try.”


Octavia was nervous and scared. But she was determined to do this.






Rick came over to her afterwards and gave her a big hug. “You see, I told you! You did it, Octavia!”


“Yes, I did, and I’m still in one piece!” exclaimed Octavia, “I’m a fire dancer! Dancing like a flame!”


octavia and rick pre kiss


Rick moved closer to Octavia and couldn’t help but admire how beautiful and vibrant she looked. “You’re an eternal flame, Octavia…” he whispered, “…beautiful and brave…” And suddenly, Rick felt like they were the only two sims on that beach. Seconds ticked by. They were standing so close, he could almost “feel Octavia’s heart beating” and he knew he wanted to kiss her. Octavia looked up at him, and Rick bent his head towards her and tenderly kissed her on the lips.




From the look on Octavia’s face, she wasn’t expecting how that kiss would make her feel. They stood apart and just gazed at each other.

“Well, if that’s the reward I get for fire dancing, I think I may have to learn more fire dance moves!” breathed Octavia.

“And I would love to be your mentor,” Rick replied.

rick kisses octavias hands

Rick took Octavia’s hands in his and kissed them lightly, “Octavia, I was wondering if you’d like to go somewhere and have dinner with me.”

“I would love that, Rick. Is there a restaurant close by?” answered Octavia sincerely.

will u have dinner with me

“Well, not so much a restaurant, but…well, I was hoping you would like to come to “my” place for dinner…the place where I live…” asked Rick waiting for Octavia to answer.

“To your place? And you’re going to cook for me?” Octavia asked as she raised an eyebrow. 

“Yes, it would be my pleasure. Nothing fancy, mind you…and the place is…well…it’s a bit rustic…” said Rick.


“Rick, I’m not into fancy meals. Home cooked meals are my favorite, and I would love to go to dinner at your place,” Octavia said flirting with Rick.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” said Rick as they headed back to the beach area together.

rick kissed me and now im going to his place

“Oh my gosh!” thought Octavia, “Rick kissed me! My…our…first kiss together! And now I’m going to his place. I can’t believe it! Hmmm…dinner…and maybe more kisses…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival on island rick and octavia

It was already dark when they arrived at Rick’s island home, and Rick went ahead to light some lanterns before he brought Octavia to the main area.

“Welcome to my home, Octavia,” Rick smiled spreading his hands before him.

Octavia was given a tour and she even peeked in his sleeping hut and saw a single cot. “A cot for one?” she asked looking directly at Rick.

a cot for one

“Yes…only me,” Rick said, returning her gaze, “In fact, Octavia, you are only the third person I’ve invited here. And the other two were just recently…” Rick said hesitantly.

“I see,” Octavia said quietly, thinking she knew who the other ‘recent’ two guests had been. She looked around some more, “Well, it’s very nice with the most beautiful view…it reminds me of a camping trip that I went on once…but, it was camping with a lakeview instead of an oceanview.”

rick busied himself at tje grill

“I’d love to hear more about that camping trip,” Rick said as he took some items from the waterproof dry bag and started grilling some chicken chimichurri skewers.

They chatted some more and Octavia spied a pitcher and some lemons, “Would you like me to make some lemonade? I got some tips from the bartender where I work. I just need some sugar if you have any.”

octavia quickly familiarized herself with where everything was and made some lemonade

Rick pointed to a wooden box with a lid, “All the staples are in there. Have to keep them locked up or the birds will think it’s their feast!”

Octavia laughed and retrieved some sugar and mixed up the lemonade. By the time she did that, dinner was ready.

perfect dinner for 2

“Dinner is served!” Rick said, “Oh, and there’s a bottle of hot sauce in the dry bag, so help yourself!”

Octavia smiled at him, “You remembered that I love hot sauce?”

Rick laughed, “How could I forget? You practically dumped hot sauce on those shrimp you ordered on our Pirate Week Date.”

this is pretty good rick

“Oh gosh! Yes! I just love hot sauce,” Octavia said as she shook some hot sauce over the chimichurri skewers and took a bite, “Rick, these are fantastic! I never knew you were such a great cook!”

“I just dabble, really, but glad you like dinner,” Rick smiled and he scarfed down some food.

i have been working on some house plans

“You know, Rick, this is such a beautiful spot, why didn’t you ever build a more substantial house here? I mean the only shelter you have is your bunk area and then the latrine and shower stall,” commented Octavia.

“I guess I just never had an inclination to build a home here. I was rather content with how things were. But, I have kind of sketched out some house plans,” Rick said.

“Really. Oh, Rick, if it’s okay, I’d love to see them…” said Octavia.

i love that idea rick

“Sure, I’ll get them…and maybe you can help me with the guest bedroom…” Rick said winking at Octavia as he got up from the table.

Rick talked about the plans, and Octavia gave him some ideas for decorating the guest bedroom. “And you know what would be really nice, instead of these windows here, replace them with glass doors, and then the guests could just open them and walk out to the deck area…” suggested Octavia. Rick agreed and thought that was a wonderful idea and made notations on the plans.

oh gosh octavia confesses attraction to rick autonomously

It was time to head out, and Rick got up to clear the dishes.

“Rick….I…”stammered Octavia suddenly, “I wanted to tell you that I’m…that I’m…that I’m really attracted to you…”Octavia said confessing her feelings to Rick (autonomously).

Octavia closed her eyes thinking that maybe it had been a mistake to tell Rick how she felt. What if Rick didn’t feel the same? She felt like such a fool now for blurting it out.

rick loves it

I don’t think Octavia had anything to fear because from the look on Rick’s face, he thoroughly enjoyed what she had just said.

“Octavia,” whispered Rick, “I think you’re kind of wonderful, too.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

octavias date thoughts

Octavia’s Date Thoughts:

This is the best date that I’ve had with Rick! I mean, I said I’d like to go dancing, and I just never expected that I would be performing a fire dance! I was so nervous that I would somehow set myself on fire, but I just followed Rick’s instructions, and I did it! And then Rick did his fire dance, and…well, that guy can fire dance! He has the moves! And he told me he does this as an odd job! Can you believe it? I think I’ll stick to my job telling jokes! And then he asked me to his place…his island…to have dinner with him…and Rick cooked dinner…and we ate by candlelight…it was so utterly romantic. I mean, seriously, the guy is full of surprises. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to him. Or, maybe it has something to do with getting a First Kiss with Rick! Because that kiss…wow! Rick is not only a ‘hottie’, but the guy can kiss…and I mean, REALLY kiss! I was at a total loss for words after that kiss. And I know that after these Solo Dates are over, some of the contestants will be leaving, and I don’t want it to be me. So, I just HAD to tell him how I felt about him on our date. Maybe it will make a difference. I mean, I am really, really attracted to him…but, it’s actually more than that. I’m not sure if it’s love, but I haven’t felt like this before. And I know that if Rick asked me to spend a lifetime with him on his island, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

Relationship Remains Unchanged as Acquaintances (as already mentioned, this is somehow glitched).

Author’s Notes:

The lyrics ‘eternal flame’ and ‘hear [my] heart beating’ from the song Eternal Flame, by The Bangles, 1988.

Fire Dancing – Tricks For Beginners, article.

Sulani Festivals: The Sims 4 Island Living, article by The Sims Circus. I never knew when these were held, so this was helpful. It just happened to be Friday in the game, so that is why they went to the Beach Bonfire. The idea of Octavia wanting to go dancing on her date and fire dancing just evolved because of the festival I had to work with. There are cheat codes to have a festival happen on another day, but I couldn’t get them to work, so I stayed with the Beach Bonfire festival. I felt it worked rather well.


I really like this new feature a lot. Here are the sentiments that Octavia and Rick had at the end of their date. The date portion was actually the dinner date at Rick’s island home. Octavia got the “Smitten” sentiment about Rick almost immediately after she had her First Kiss. Notice how differently Rick feels about Octavia and how Octavia feels about Rick. Interesting.

how cute adoring sentiment for octavia

Sentiment notations from Carl’s Guide on Sentiments.

Adoring Short Term This Sim wants the best for another and thinks they’re so wonderful!
Closer from Happy Memories Short Term This Sim feels close to the other Sim because of good times and happy memories they share.
Smitten Short Term Sim can’t explain it, but they’re really enamored with the other Sim and the sight of them makes this Sim’s heart beat faster!







7 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo-Date-A-Thon ~ Solo Date With Octavia

  1. Wow, those sentiments are amazing! I can’t wait to see those in my own game for the bachelor/bachelorette challenge. Brianna just missed it but that’s okay…I want to be surprised.

    This was a HOT date! Especially the fun fire dancing. I love that in game and always get surprised when one of my sims starts doing this autonomously.

    Octavia and Rick had their first kiss! And Octavia was blown away. Brianna hopes Rick doesn’t get too swept away by Octavia’s sexyness but it looked like he enjoyed himself. LOL!

    Great chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I really like those sentiments, too. And finally Octavia gets that first kiss that she’s been wanting. And I would say she was rather surprised by that kiss. When I saw Octavia’s face after that kiss, I thought, oh my gosh, she is smitten…and then she gets that sentiment. I didn’t even know there was one called that. lol

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Another wonderful date and it’s always interesting when the sentiments are different! That’s too bad about the glitch for their friendship! I’m going to bookmark the festival schedule. My sims seldom live in the town so they’ve never made it to one (mine mostly live on Rick’s island! 😊 )

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, most definitely Octavia is “smitten” with Rick, and it was nice to see her have this sentiment towards Rick, because she really does run hot and cold sometimes (must be that hot headed trait). In all the times I have been playing Sulani, my sims have never attended a festival! lol I wish there was at least a pop-up notice for it because it would be great for group dates. I was trying to use a cheat code to spawn the Island Festival because there was more to do, but apparently you need a mod to do this. But the Beach Bonfire worked really well for their date.

      Liked by 1 person

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