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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date with Naomi

opening shot roxanna and cinnamon

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, that date with Octavia yesterday was sure “hot”, and she was certainly brave attempting that fire dance. But fire dancing is just not my thing. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, am certainly not going to get my hair singed. But fire dancing is certainly…um…great to watch, if done correctly. And some of these islanders performing the dance…oh my…they can certainly turn up the heat for moi! *fans self*

And so, with a new day, there are new dates for Rick. With only 3 contestants left to have a Solo Date, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, had to consult their rankings in the Solo Date Challenge. Hmmm…it appears that Coral and Naomi were tied, but the actual level of their parenting skill was not noted by the producers. Tsk Tsk! So, it will be Rick’s choice as to who goes first today. And now let’s peek in and see who Rick will take on his Solo Date this morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

choosing the mornign date

Rick sat at his desk after Octavia’s date thinking about the 3 Solo Dates that were left. He had spoken to all three contestants as to where they wanted to go, and he knew that Nami had to go on an afternoon date, due to her date request. Not sure who he would take on a date in the morning, so he took a coin from his pocket and tossed it. That settled it. Naomi would be going on the date in the morning.

Author’s Note: Both Naomi and Coral were tied in the Solo Date Challenge and I forgot to write down their parenting skill percentage levels, and had deleted those files. Oops! So, just wrote their names on a separate piece of paper, and chose one, and that is who went first.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

naomi opening shot

“Was it just a few days ago that I came back to the Bachelor House? I can’t believe it! I am so happy  that I am here, but I am even happier that I am FINALLY going on my Solo Date with Rick. I had no idea where Rick was going to take me, and then he surprised me last night by asking me where I wanted to go. Well, being a vegetarian, I have always cared about the creatures that live in the Simworld. I guess you could say that I’m an animal activist. So I asked Rick if there was somewhere in Sulani where they helped animals. Rick thought for a moment and then smiled at me and said ‘I know a place’. So, I don’t exactly know where we’re going, but I’m pretty excited! You know, my last Solo Date with Rick was nice, but Rick hasn’t kissed me yet and I’m kind of worried about that. But, I’m hoping that today will be different and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get my first kiss with Rick.” 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

naomi meeting rick out front

Rick had asked Naomi to meet him in front of the house at 7am. When Naomi arrived, she had a huge smile on her face, and Rick couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she looked.

“Naomi,” Rick said, “You look wonderful today, and that outfit you have on…it looks so…um…pretty on you.”

comp0liments outfit rick to naomi

“Thank you, Rick,” Naomi said blushing slightly, “It’s something I bought at a Sulani boutique awhile ago. I hope it’s okay for today. I wasn’t sure if we would be doing any hands-on work or anything.”

“Oh, it’s perfect, and no, we won’t be doing anything ‘hands on’ today” laughed Rick, “But anytime you want to, the place we’re visiting is always looking for volunteers.”

where are we going

“You know, I have been pretty excited about our date since last night. Any chance that you might tell me where we’re going?” asked Naomi gazing into Rick’s eyes.

“Of course,” Rick answered just as a jeep pulled up in front of them, “We’re heading to an Oceanography Research Center, which is in a remote area on Mua Pel’am. Part of the facility is devoted to marine research, and the other part is an aquarium and museum.”

“That sounds wonderful, Rick. Are we going to visit both areas today?” asked Naomi hopefully.

“I do have friends who work in the marine research area, but, unfortunately, we won’t have time to visit them today,” answered Rick sadly.

there is a special exhibit

Rick took Naomi’s hands in his and said, “There is actually a special exhibit at the museum that I think you’ll like…but, if you want to visit the lab, we can, but it will definitely be hands-on!”

“A special exhibit?” asked Naomi wondering what it was, “Oh, no…I’d like to go and see the exhibit, if you think I’d like it.”

have u ever lugged water

“Phew!” Rick said wiping his brow, “I’m glad you said that, because the last time I went to visit the lab, the conservationists had me collect water samples…all day long. I think I collected more than 100 samples that day, and they said that it was ‘adequate’ for their research. I tell you, those scientists are something else!” laughed Rick as he helped Naomi in the jeep and placed a waterproof wet bag in the back.

Naomi laughed, “One hundred samples doesn’t seem like a lot…”

“Are you kidding me? Have you ever tried to lug 100 bottles of water around with you all day? That water weighed a ton! My muscles were so sore!” Rick smiled showing off his muscles.

“Well, how are your muscles feeling now?” Naomi said winking at Rick, “Maybe I should give you a massage in case you have any heavy lifting to do on our date!”

how are your muscles now

“Hmmm…I like that idea…” Rick said winking mischievously at Naomi, “But only if I can give you a massage, too!”

They both laughed and Naomi thought what a great date this was going to be.

they headed off together

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick the place is huge

 They arrived at the Oceanography Research Center and Rick helped Naomi out of the jeep.

“Oh my gosh!” Naomi said looking up at the building, “The place is huge!”

explaining about the museum rick

“Yes, it is,” said Rick, as they headed inside the building, “The Oceanography Research Center is the best in Sulani, and one of the best in Simland. Scientists from here have been asked to travel to places such as Selvadorada to conduct research on the eco-system and even help with rescue attempts of marine life. It’s something I’m interested in doing, and help out whenever I can.”

“So, you want to become a scientist?” asked Naomi looking at Rick.

“Well, in a way. More a Conservationist. But I’m not much of a lab person, I love the outdoors too much, and I love getting to know the islanders. So even though I would have to lug around water samples, I much prefer the field work,” said Rick sincerely.

that is quite admiral

“I think that’s quite admirable. I wouldn’t mind doing something like that myself, but I think I’d prefer working in the lab. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but…well, I’m a bit of a loner, and I really am quite happy working on a project alone. Maybe it has something to do with my ‘transition to a mermaid’ when I was a teen, but I really get tense around large groups,” admitted Naomi.

“Naomi, I already knew you didn’t like crowds too much,” answered Rick, holding her hands, “But what a great team we’d make…me in the field and you in the lab…” Rick continued, “But just promise me that if you ever feel tense or nervous in a situation that you’ll tell me. Okay?”

“I will,” answered Naomi smiling at him and thinking that Rick was so considerate of her.

talking about endangered fish

They walked around the museum and Rick pointed out several exhibits. He explained that some of the fish on display were endangered species, and that the scientists were involved in breeding programs and genetic research to understand the threats and to find ways to protect the species.

“I know that some threats are environmental factors, like pollution. When I swim, sometimes, I hit a spot and it feels like I’ve been slimed,” said Naomi.

rick far away look

“I’ve had that happen, too. And that’s why I clean up debris, and organize beach clean-ups. It is my hope that the ecology of Sulani will one day be pristine again,” replied Rick with a far-a-way look in his eyes.

i have a great idea naomi

“Rick, I have an idea…” said Naomi brightening suddenly, “Why don’t you organize a beach clean-up with the contestants? Like, instead of having a party, we could all help with a beach clean-up instead. You know, give back to the community. What do you think?”

Rick looked at Naomi, “Did anyone ever tell you that not only are you beautiful, but you are so very smart as well?”

Naomi blushed, “Well…no, not really…but does that mean you like my idea…?”

rick beautiful and smart comment

“Oh, yes, very much so,” Rick answered, “and I think I know when we can do it, too!”

They chatted some more and walked through an exhibit on loan from Selvadorada.

is this the special exhibit

“Is this the special exhibit that you wanted me to see?” asked Naomi tentatively looked into the pond filled with piranha.

“Well, this is a very interesting exhibit, but, the one I had in mind is just through that archway…” Rick said walking ahead.

oh my gosh naomi

Naomi stepped through the archway and there, on the wall in front of her was a mural of a beautiful mermaid. “Oh my gosh! A mermaid!” said Naomi in awe.

its a mermaid

i wish i was so beautiful

“I knew you’d like it,” whispered Rick, holding Naomi’s hands in his, “It’s a special exhibit about Sulani.”

Naomi looked around and admired the mermaid sand sculpture, the conch shell, the mermaid’s love chest, and even the mermaid scrolls on the wall. She was feeling rather emotional and so happy that Rick had brought her here. He was so kind and considerate, and whenever she looked at him, her heart skipped a beat. Naomi saw how Rick was looking intently at the mural, and Naomi glanced back at the mermaid mural again.

rick looking at mermaid

“She’s so beautiful,” Naomi said looking at the wall mural in awe, “I wish I looked like that…”

i dont want you to feel sad

“Naomi, I wouldn’t change one thing about you, because you are beautiful. Can’t you see that, Naomi? Inside and out.” whispered Rick, taking Naomi’s hands in his.

Naomi looked up at Rick and gave him a timid smile, “Really?” she asked.

“Yes, really,” answered Rick, “Naomi, I didn’t want to make you sad bringing you here. I thought you would like the exhibit, to feel connected with it.”

going to next exhibit

“Oh, Rick, I’m not sad. I’m so happy you brought me here and I…I was just a bit overwhelmed. I just never expected to see such an exhibit here. That’s all,” replied Naomi not letting on to what she was really feeling.

dolphina pic

“Well, good, because I wanted to show you this next exhibit about dolphins. Look at that center picture…it’s Dolphina herself hamming it up for the camera! No two dolphins are alike, and I’d recognize that cheeky dolphin face anywhere,” chuckled Rick.

Naomi looked at the picture, “Well, it’s nice to meet you Dolphina!” laughed Naomi as she turned towards Rick, “Does she know she’s a celebrity yet? Having her picture in here?”

“Oh no, she doesn’t. But please don’t tell her, because then she’d want twice the fish snacks that I give her now. And let me tell you…Dolphina can eat a lot of fish snacks!” replied Rick shaking his head looking at the picture.

frog waterfall legend

They moved down the aisle and came to an exhibit with a waterfall and frogs. On a plaque was the legend of the waterfall story, which Rick had shared with Raven. Naomi read it with interest. “Sulani is an island full of history and legends,” Naomi said, looking up at Rick, “I’m glad I came to Sulani to find my heritage.”

Rick took Naomi’s hands in his and said, “So am I, Naomi.”

wonderful museum rick

They continued downstairs to look at the last Sulani exhibit, which was an exhibit featuring items from Princess Cordelia and her pirate boyfriends.

“That is pretty much it for the tour,” announced Rick, “Now how about some lunch?”

“Oh that’s sounds good. I was a bit…I mean…busy…before our date and I didn’t eat any breakfast. Are we going to eat here? It looks like a really nice restaurant…” replied Naomi surveying the beautiful blue interior.

“Well…I don’t really think you’d like to eat here. It’s a seafood restaurant,” explained Rick.

its a seafood restaurant

Naomi’s eyes opened wide when he said that.

“But, don’t worry, I have a better place in mind,” Rick said as he took Naomi’s hands in his, “I was wondering if you’d like to come back to my place for some lunch. To my island home…” Rick smiled as he asked her.

“Come to lunch at your place?” Naomi asked hesitantly.

would you like to come to my place for lunch

“Yes! The place is a bit rustic though…but, I’ve been known to grill some pretty good fruit kebobs…what do you think?” asked Rick giving her a questioning look.

“Fruit kebobs? Yum! Oh, that sounds really good. I’d love to, Rick,” Naomi answered.

“Great! Let’s head out then,” smiled Rick as they walked out the door together.

now im going to ricks for lunch

“I don’t know why I was so nervous getting ready this morning. I always have a good time when I’m with Rick. And now he’s taking me to his place for lunch. His place!” thought Naomi excitedly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

what a view at ricks place

They arrived at the island and Rick gave Naomi a quick tour. Naomi couldn’t get over the view all around her.

“The best part of your home is the view, Rick. I can understand why you chose this place to live. It is just incredible,” exclaimed Naomi looking out at the ocean.

rick welcomes naomi to his island

Rick came over towards Naomi and kissed her hands lightly, “It is a beautiful view, Naomi, and I’ve tried to make the island as self-sufficient as possible.”

have you ever thought of being a vegetarian rick

“Yes, I see that from your garden. Have you ever thought of becoming a vegetarian?” asked Naomi hopefully, “It has many benefits…” continued Naomi as she evangelized  about vegetarianism.

“I guess I am, somewhat, I think someone once told me I was a pescatarian, someone who follows a vegetarian diet but also eats fish and dairy,” explained Rick.

“So, you don’t think you’ll ever give up fishing or eating fish?” Naomi asked hopefully.

rick chats with naomi“Naomi, fishing is my livelihood. It is not all bad you know. Fishing helps to remove invasive fish species from the waters that are harmful to Sulani’s eco-system. I also release any protected species that I catch back into the wild. I don’t use nets, and don’t overfish. Plus, I don’t eat fish everyday. And fishing makes me feel happy. I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but that is who I am,” Rick explained, being honest with Naomi.


grilling some fruit kebobs for lunch

“I can understand your point of view and thank you for being honest,” said Naomi, “I also appreciate that you didn’t take me to that seafood restaurant”.

“I would never put you in an uncomfortable situation, Naomi, I hope you know that,” replied Rick, as he busied himself by the grill and started lunch.

thinking about rick not being a vegan

Naomi looked out at the water and thought, “Hmmm…there are so many qualities that I like about Rick…maybe if I told him how fish have feelings and are my friends, he would understand how I felt and maybe re-think things…”

“Fruit kebobs are ready,” Rick shouted, as he placed them on the table.

having lunch together naomi and rick

Naomi grabbed a serving and sat down, looking up at him, “Rick, I do understand your point of view on how fishing is beneficial to the environment. Maybe our differences aren’t so large, and a fisherman and a mermaid could get along…”

Rick smiled at Naomi and said, “Yes, I think that a fisherman and mermaid can get along, I mean, afterall, they both love the water…and they both care about the environment…” Rick replied as he gazed at Naomi.

“So true…” Naomi agreed, “Water is everything here.”

i have some house plans to show you naomi

“Exactly! And, you know, I was thinking of incorporating some water features in the beach house plans I’ve drawn…but I am having some problems…”

“You’ve sketched a beach house?” Naomi said happily, “Oh, Rick, I’d love to see the sketches and can give you some ideas…if you want.”

“Naomi, that would be the best! I’ll go get them!” Rick said as he went to get the sketches.

“Rick, these are beautiful!” Naomi said as she looked over the plans and listened to Rick talk about the beach house. “You know, there is water all around the island, and I think that it would be really nice to have some ocean pictures on the walls…like pictures of shells…Dolphina…and maybe even one of a mermaid…”

Rick smiled at Naomi and jotted down the ideas on the plans and placed them aside.

rick you want to kiss the girl

“So…you think I should have a picture of a mermaid on the wall?” Rick flirted, “…anyone you have in mind?” Rick winked at her as he placed his arm around her waist.

speechless naomi

Naomi swallowed hard and was speechless.

first kiss with naomi

Rick looked into Naomi’s eyes. They stood there, not speaking, and it’s as if the ocean breezes were calling to him…“kiss the girl”…they whispered. And Rick knew then that he did indeed want to kiss Naomi. Without a word, Rick bent his head towards Naomi and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

wow what a kiss from rick

Naomi felt Rick hold her close to him, felt the warmth of his touch, and smelled the intoxicating scent of salt water in his hair. Naomi didn’t want Rick to stop. Like an ocean wave when it kisses the sand and goes out to sea again…Naomi was the sand…begging that wave to return and kiss her again. And in that moment, Naomi felt like the most beautiful mermaid ever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

naomis date thoughts

Naomi’s Date Thoughts:

“This was the best date that I’ve been on with Rick so far. That Oceanography Research Center was amazing. I was so surprised when I saw that mermaid exhibit, and how Rick just knew I would like it. Rick just seems to understand me so well. Plus, we share a lot of the same values about protecting the ocean. It’s one of the things that I like about him. And I’ve come to realize that even though he’s a fisherman, and eats fish, that there are so many other endearing qualities about Rick that outweigh these factors. This is just a part of him that I have to accept. Of course, I would love it if he became a vegetarian, but at least he does love all types of fruits and vegetables. So, there is a possibility that this could work, right? A possibility that I would like to see happen, because that kiss…that kiss…so tender and loving…more than anything, that kiss showed me the true Rick. And I know in my heart that I care about Rick, and even though we have our differences, I am willing to accept him for who he is. Because I really do see a future together, and want to be with him. And, I definitely want more than just my “mermaid” picture on the wall of his beach house. Much more.”

naomi in the water

Relationship status remains unchanged as Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

“Kiss The Girl” song from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ashley Tisdale, 1989.

Fish Have Feelings, article.


And my favorite part, how they really feel about each other. Naomi got her First Kiss on this date, and is now “Smitten” with Rick. Rick has two friendly sentiments about Naomi. Notice how differently Rick feels about Naomi and how Naomi feels about Rick. Interesting. 

ricks sentiments about naomi

naomis sentiments about rick

Closer from Happy Memories Short Term This Sim feels close to the other Sim because of good times and happy memories they share.
Growing Closer from Quality Time Short Term This Sim appreciates that the other Sim makes time for them. Time spent together seems to bring them closer together.
Smitten Short Term Sim can’t explain it, but they’re really enamored with the other Sim and the sight of them makes this Sim’s heart beat faster!

Photo & Sculpture credits (rooms):

Many thanks to these simmers for creating the dolphin and mermaid artwork and the blue mermaid sculpture. No cc.

mermaid painting photo creditdolphin photo creditblue mermaid sculpture credit

Lot Build Credit: 

Many thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. There are many other areas of this build that weren’t seen, like a gift shop, a small cinema area, and a wedding venue up top. I did change one wall to the special Sulani exhibit, as along that wall were mounted fish, which wouldn’t have gone over well with Naomi. Near the restaurant, I added the Princess Cordelia exhibit, and had Bob The Butler statue as the restaurant host.

aquarium photo credit




10 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date with Naomi

  1. What a beautiful date! I love that aquarium! And if Naomi has her way, Rick WILL not eat fish…at least not around her. Hmm…should he have to change for his girl? I guess he may have to for love’s sake!

    Those sentiments are so cool! Brianna is happy she’s not seeing smitten on Rick’s side. Lol…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The aquarium is a really beautiful build and the date went very well. Naomi got her first kiss! Naomi was flirty a lot during the date, and Rick was flirty at the start and then at the end of the date. I think that Rick will continue to fish, but will be considerate and not eat fish around Naomi. I mean he didn’t take her to that seafood restaurant, so he really does think about her when doing things. But, heck, his aspiration is Angling Ace, so yeah, he does like to fish. On a side note, I think I may have found a way in the game to eliminate the jealousy that happens between contestants. I read that if you choose ‘Free Love’ in the NAP for eco lifestyle, then there is no jealousy. I really have to test this out in another file because it could cause other things to happen, and I already have a glitch in my game with Octavia’s relationship. So, maybe not this time.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve experienced free love. June’s father would come over and out of the blue make out with Zollie! Ugh!!! Of course I didn’t show that dice it made me uncomfortable.

        Liked by 2 people

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