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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise Challenge ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date with Nami

nami date roxie shot

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! What a wonderful morning date Rick had with Naomi, and what a fabulous Sulani exhibit at the Oceanography Research Center. That mermaid wall mural was simply gorgeous, and thanks to being “merwoke”, we all know that mermaids really do exist. And not only mermaids, but aliens, too! Which brings us to Rick’s afternoon date with Nami Chuu, our alien contestant. Rick had already mentioned that Nami needed an afternoon date, so I wonder where Rick will be taking Nami today. Let’s peek in on Rick and Nami as they get ready for their date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

nami cover solo date

“I have flashbacks of that Solo Date Challenge and the fire. I couldn’t believe that had happened and because of it, I placed last. At least all of the toddlers were safe, because I could never forgive myself if anything had happened to them. Well, thankfully that is over with, and at least I am still going on a Solo Date with Rick. I really didn’t know where we were going, and I was pretty surprised when Rick came to see me last night and asked me where I wanted to go for our date. As Rick already knows, I am part-alien and my father came from a place called Sixam. Although I’ve never been there, I remembered using a telescope when I was young to see if I could get a peek at Sixam. I thought it would be rather nice to share this experience with Rick. So, I asked him if there was anywhere in Sulani that had a telescope that we could stargaze together. I think he really liked this idea, because his whole face lit up when he said ‘I know a place’. So, I don’t really know where we’re going, but I am really thrilled that I will be sharing something personal with Rick on our date. I am really hoping that this will bring us even closer together.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick had showered and changed and had asked Nami to meet him at 2pm in front of the house. And when she appeared, he almost wanted to let out a low whistle of appreciation. It never ceased to amaze him how gorgeous she looked.

rick autonomously gives nami a kiss on the cheek

“Nami,” Rick said as she approached, “You look absolutely amazing!” [Rick gave Nami an autonomous kiss on the cheek!]

“Thank you, Rick,” answered Nami shyly, “I kind of designed this myself.”

im a ditch digger

“That’s pretty impressive! I really don’t know much about fashion, but when I see you for a date, you always look fantastic and ready to take on the world. The way I’m dressed, it looks like I’m ready to dig ditches…” Rick laughed.

“Well, actually, you look pretty good for a ditch digger,” flirted Nami, “And if you are planning on digging ditches, I’d gladly volunteer to…you know, hand you a shovel…” Nami winked.

“Okay, well I’ll keep that in mind the next time I have a ditch digging odd job I have to do,” smirked Rick, as a land rover pulled up beside them.

“Oh, we’re heading somewhere in a land rover?” asked Nami setting down a backpack, “I mean you told me to dress warmly, and wear comfortable shoes, and now we’re taking a four-wheel drive vehicle somewhere. Mind if I ask where this place is, Rick?” asked Nami.

were going to mua pelam and a vilcano observatory rick

“We’re actually heading to the highest point on Mua Pel’am to the Sulani Volcano Observatory. They have the largest telescope on the island. We have to trek up a hill from the parking area and the weather can be unpredictable. They’ve even had snow up there!” Rick explained.

“Snow in Sulani?” exclaimed Nami.

“Yes. It’s because of the high altitude. But, no snow today. I checked the weather and it should be sunny and fairly warm, but there may be some wind gusts,” Rick commented.

“Well, hopefully I dressed warm enough,” Nami said looking at her outfit.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Plus, you’ll have this ‘ditch digger’ to keep you warm on our way up the hill,” Rick flirted.

“I’m feeling warm all over just thinking about it!” Nami flirted with Rick again.

heading off on their adventure

“Shall we start our adventure, Nami?” asked Rick. He helped Nami into the land rover and placed their backpacks with their change of clothes, along with a waterproof dry bag, in the back.

“Oh, Rick, I am super excited about this date!” enthused Nami as Rick sat beside her and they headed off down the road.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The climb to the observatory wasn’t that bad and the weather was actually quite warm. They both took a moment to acclimatize to the altitude in front of the building.

they made it to the museum

“We made it!” exclaimed Nami catching her breath and looking around, “Wow! The view up here is worth that climb!”

“Yes, it’s pretty spectacular!” Rick said, glancing at Nami as they headed inside.

They entered a lobby area with a reception desk and a seating area. On the walls were many framed diplomas and on a small table were several trophies.

signing out a pass

“This is mainly a research facility, but there is a small museum, a cafeteria and restrooms on the first floor. I thought we’d have a look around the museum first and then go through the security area to the telescope,” remarked Rick.

“The security area?” asked Naomi.

“Yes. The telescope is on the top level, and security clearance is needed to get up there as you go through the research offices. But, don’t worry, I have a few friends who work here and I was able to get us access,” explained Rick, signing in at the desk and getting a security pass.

They wandered around the museum and Rick explained that the observatory did research on both the solar system and the nearby volcano.

viewing some volcano photos

“There’s a volcano near here?” Nami asked.

“Yes, actually it’s an active volcano. One research area is devoted to the study of the effects ‘that the moon plays on increasing seismicity and volcanic activity. They’ve found that during a full/new moon, volcanic activity does increase’. Of course, the islanders have their own legends about why the volcano becomes active and spews out these…” said Rick pointing to one of the exhibits.

a small lava bomb

“Oh my gosh! What are they?” Asked Nami her eyes widening.

“Those are volcanic bombs…small ones I might add. They can be found all around here as this area has a lot of volcanic activity,” Rick continued, “Apparently, if you crack them open with a sledgehammer, sometimes you can find crystals, like the ones in the display case.”

Rick and Nami headed over to the display case and admired several crystals.

crystal display case

“Rick, am I reading the description plate on that crystal correctly? Is that a space rock?” asked Nami excitedly.

Rick squinted his eyes and said it was, “Now, there is also an astronomy exhibit here, and there is something there that I want to show you,” Rick said as they walked over together.

rick blows an autonomous kiss to nami

“Now this is a space rock!” exclaimed Rick. Nami asked Rick if he could take a photo of her and the space rock so she could send it to her father. Nami was pretty excited with the pictures that Rick took of her. [Rick blows Nami an autonomous kiss!]

They then headed through the secured area and went up two flights of stairs, passing research offices on their way. Finally, they were at the top of the building and Nami marveled at the telescope.

telling rick about sixam

Nami looked around to ensure that no-one was nearby and whispered, “Rick, there is somewhere in space I want to show you. It’s a planet called Sixam. It’s where my father is from. It’s not on any star chart that you may have seen, but my father showed me how to find it.” Rick look surprised and Nami proceeded to align the telescope so that Rick could get a glimpse of the planet Sixam.

when i was young nami


Nami continued talking as Rick admired the very far-away planet, “When I was young, the kids in my school were rather mean to me because I was different. You see, I didn’t always wear a disguise. Anyway, one Winterfest, I got a telescope as a gift, and I used to spend a lot of time in my backyard looking at the stars. I guess it was my way to escape reality. I developed this keen interest in astronomy and that’s when my father showed me how to locate the planet where he was from. It made me feel very special, and I just wanted to share that with you.”


Rick listened to Nami and after she was done talking, he took her hands in his and lightly kissed her fingertips. “Nami, I want to thank you for sharing this with me. It really means a lot to me.”

“I’m glad, Rick. It really made me think of happy memories when I showed you Sixam,” replied Nami.

come to my island for dinner

“And now I want to share something special with you, too. Nami. Will you have dinner with me at my island home?” Rick asked, looking at her intently.

“Dinner with you? At your island home? Rick, I would love to…” answered Nami smiling at Rick.

“I’m so glad. I was kind of hoping that you would say that, because I planned dinner for us…” Rick said smiling back.

“So you already knew I would say yes?” flirted Nami.

“Well…um…more like, I was really hoping you would say yes!” beamed Rick.

coming down the stairs

They both laughed and made their way down the stairs together. They had descended to the first research office when suddenly, red lights started to flash and a warning siren echoed through the building.

what is that sound

what is going on why is everything shaking

One of the scientists shouted at them, “You two! Quickly! Take cover! Fire bombs!” Then he grabbed them and literally pushed them under a desk. Nami clung to Rick and closed her eyes. The whole office seemed to shake with vibrations, scientists were shouting to each other, and items fell off tables landing on the floor in front of them.

fire bomb

fire bombs

volcanic bombs hit

volcano bombs glowing

It was all over in a few minutes and she heard another scientist shout “All Clear!” and the lights and warning siren had ceased.


Rick helped Nami out from under the desk and held her in his arms. “Are you okay, Nami?” Rick asked with a concerned look on his face.


“Yes…yes…I’m fine…wha…what happened?” asked Naomi brushing herself off.

“A volcanic eruption. Quite large, too! Spewed some fire bombs our way,” answered one of the scientists, “It’s been happening more frequently lately. We’re only a few weeks’ away from the ‘blood moon’ and the volcanic activity has been very active. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have to do a peripheral damage report. I am afraid you will have to vacate the premises at this time.”volcanir eruption

The scientist led them down the stairs and Rick returned the security pass at the reception desk. Nami was waiting for him just inside the museum doors looking at a moon photo.

blood moon

“Rick, did you see this?  It’s a photo of a blood moon,” said Nami pointing to the photo.

“Yes, one happened shortly after my arrival here,” answered Rick solemnly.

“So you saw it? It’s quite rare, you know…” replied Nami.

“Yes, I did see it. And I remember it well. It was the night that I nearly drowned and the night that Dolphina saved my life,” Rick answered holding Nami’s hands in his.

“Oh, Rick, I’m sorry…I didn’t know that happened at the same time the blood moon occurred…” apologized Nami.

“I hadn’t mentioned it during my initial interview, so you wouldn’t have known. It’s all in the past now…just coincidence, really…” Rick replied.

strange sense of forboding

As Rick looked at the blood moon photo, a scientist came in from outside bringing a cold rush of air with him. The cold air seemed to swirl around Rick, and Rick suddenly felt an odd sense of foreboding.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They left the building and saw one of the volcanic bombs close by the building with scientists hovering around it taking readings. The temperature had dropped significantly since they had arrived, and he felt Nami shiver beside him.

nami is shivering

“Nami, you’re shivering,” Rick said as he put his arms around her and rubbed her back, “Are you sure you’re okay? We could postpone dinner for another time if you’re not up to it…” suggested Rick.

“No, seriously I’m fine…I was just thinking that…that something could have happened to us in there….” Nami said shivering again, her face looking rather pale.

never let anything happen to you

Rick held Nami closer to him and gazed into her eyes, “Nami, I would never let anything happen to you. But now, let’s head down the hill and get down the mountain. The winds have started to pick up and we don’t want to get stuck up here.”

“Agreed…plus I’m looking forward to that dinner at your place,” Nami said as her teeth continued to chatter.

“Well, one thing for sure,” Rick replied, “It’ll be warmer than here!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

keeping nami warm

When they descended the mountain, they took a short outrigger canoe ride to his island. Even though the temperature was quite hot, Nami had still been shivering. Rick immediately lit a fire and found a blanket in his box and wrapped Nami in it. He then prepared some tea and had Nami sip it slowly. Rick was no doctor, but he thought that Nami might be suffering from a bit of shock at that volcanic eruption, but she kept telling him she was fine. When they returned to the house, he would have Afu call the medical staff to do a routine check on her.

i just got chilled

“Thank you for this Rick, I feel so much better and warmer now. I think I just got a chill and couldn’t shake it. I’m sure that was it. If it’s okay, I’d like to change out of these clothes and freshen up a bit before dinner…um…if you have somewhere I can change,  that is…” Nami said looking around.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better Nami. On the other side of those trees, is a restroom, large enough for you to change. And yes, I do have a shower, and running water, and all the luxuries you could want from an island home!” Rick smirked at Nami, taking her hand and leading her around giving her a tour of his place.

When they came back to the firepit to retrieve Nami’s backpack, Nami said, “Your place is wonderful, Rick, and the view is the best. I bet at night the whole sky is lit up with stars.”

“Well, maybe after dinner we can do some stargazing together…” Rick suggested.

“I would like that, Rick…I would like that very much…” Naomi replied shyly.

rick making dinner for nami

“Okay! Now then, I have a fabulous dinner to prepare, so you skedaddle and get ready while I work my magic on the grill,” Rick smiled as he grabbed the waterproof wet bag and started to unpack the contents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick had quickly changed and by the time Nami had freshened up, dinner was ready.

casressing cheek

When Rick saw Nami, he walked over to her and gently caressed her cheek, “I wanted to tell you how lovely you look tonight, Nami.”

“Ah, Rick, thank you. You’re so sweet,” Nami blushed.

Rick gazed at Nami a moment longer and then waved his hand towards the table, “I hope you’re hungry, because dinner is served!” Rick announced as he led Nami towards the table.

“Gosh! Something smells really good,” Nami exclaimed.

“Well, that would be my world-famous sausages and peppers,” beamed Rick.

“Oh I love a home-cooked meal. And you made biscuits, too?” enthused Nami.

“Yes, those are campfire buttermilk biscuits made in a Dutch oven over the fire. Goes so well with this meal. I thought you’d enjoy them,” added Rick.

talking about the house plans

They grabbed a plate and ate dinner talking about their day together. Nami seemed to be enjoying herself immensely.

“You know, Rick, you really have a beautiful island. I love the camping vibes, but I think for a long-term stay, I would have built a larger shelter. That bed shelter looks rather small, and I bet it gets kind of wet when it rains,” observed Nami.

i think you should put in a skylighjt

“Well, it’s funny that you mentioned that, because I have been working on plans to build a beach house. It would still be off-the-grid, but everything would be a bit more dry and contained under one roof,” explained Rick.

“You are going to build a beach house? Oh Rick, do you have the plans here? I’d love to see them!” Naomi said excitedly.

“Actually I do, and maybe you could give me some suggestions for the dining room…” said Rick, getting up from the table to retrieve the beach house plans.

enjoying dinner together nami and rick

Nami listened to Rick talk about the plans and noticed he was rather excited about it. “Rick…these are beautiful,” Nami said, “But I do have a suggestion for the dining room…why don’t you have windows all around the room and a skylight on the roof for that portion of the house. You could have lots of candles in there and at night it would be so lovely…the twinkle of the stars from above…and the flicker of the candles in the room,” suggested Nami.

“Nami, what a fantastic idea! That would really be impressive!” agreed Rick as he made notations on the dining room plan and placed it aside.

throwing a log on the fire

Rick cleaned up the dishes and added another log to the firepit. “There, all nice and cozy now,” said Rick.

stargazing anyone

“So…um…Rick…you said something about stargazing after dinner?” Nami asked.

“Yes…yes…I did…but there was one thing I wanted to do first…something I’ve been wanting to do all day…” said Rick.

“Oh, and what’s that?” Nami asked innocently.

yes another kiss

“Kiss you…,” murmured Rick, and with that he took Nami in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips.

Nami felt Rick’s lips on hers and she didn’t resist. Being here in Rick’s arms, Nami felt like they were the only two sims in the world, and she felt like she was seeing stars appearing and disappearing in the darkness when he kissed her.

another kiss

They parted slowly and Nami stared at Rick, “Well, that was rather nice,” Naomi said shyly, “…but you know, for all that I’ve been through today…I think I deserve another kiss…”

Rick gazed intensely at Nami, “Yes, Nami…yes you do….”

smoldering kiss

It looks like Rick and Nami might not get any stargazing done tonight after all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

nami date thoughts number 3

Nami’s Date Thoughts:

“Well, that was certainly a memorable date! I couldn’t believe that there was a volcanic eruption when we visited the observatory. And I really felt like Rick and I were going to die in that place together. So, yes, I was a bit shaken up afterwards and Rick was just so kind and considerate making sure I was okay. I think I fell more in love with him because of that, and I desperately wanted to kiss him, but my teeth were chattering so badly. But it all turned out, and when we got to his island home, I felt much better. And I could see the worried look in his eyes as he fussed over me. And that showed me he really does care about me…and maybe more. I mean, he hasn’t told me that he loves me…and to be quite honest, I haven’t told him either. But it just seems that Rick and I have a certain chemistry together, because his kissess…oooh…his kisses…they certainly ignite more than just feelings of friendship in me. And I am wishing upon a star that I am the one that Rick will choose, because he is definitely the one I would choose.”

Relationship Status Has Changed to Soulmates.

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

The lot build had the volcanic trait and there was a volcanic eruption during their date! I couldn’t believe it! I have had the volcanic trait on other lots and nothing has ever happened. I am beginning to suspect that it has something to do with Nami. I mean, come on, there were 2 fires on a group date they were on, and both Nami and Rick caught fire, Nami had a fire in the Toddler Challenge, and now this! I would definitely say that it was more than just a coincidence! lol

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The section about there being “snow” in Sulani, is actually based on there being “snow” in Hawaii. Several years’ ago, I went on a cruise to Hawaii and went on a shore excursion to the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. I remember that it was very windy and cold. On the tour, we were told that snow does come to the mountain.

On Earthquakes, Eruptions and the Moon, article.

A note about the ‘Debug’ Sims 4 Volcanic Bombs in the museum display, Reddit article.


I was very surprised on the number of autonomous actions that occurred on this date! I didn’t note them all, but there were a lot. Nami is Smitten and is Deeply Connected with Rick, and Rick is Closer From Happy Memories and Deeply Connected.

I think there should have been an extra sentiment here, like surviving a natural disaster together. lol

nami has moved up to soulmates

Photo Credits (Rooms):

Many thanks to these simmers for creating these wonderful photos.

moon photo credit

sulani volcano photo credit

Build Lot Credit:

Many thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. The lot does have the volcanic trait, and volcanic bombs can randomly happen, like they did on Rick and Nami’s date! I did change several aspects of the build; however. I added a telescope to the top along with several satellite dishes and solar panels, also stairs to get up to the roof. Most of the museum displays were changed to reflect volcano and solar system studies, although they are in the same layout. I added a debug robot and a generator to the top office. In the reception area, I added The Sitter statue ‘receptionist’, a table with trophies and diplomas on the wall.

volcano observatory photo


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  1. What a cool date! And I do think maybe because of Namis ali n background that maybe she attracts fire somehow.

    Wondering why Rock has a sense of foreboding…hmmm…

    He’s very natural with Rick. They’d make a great couple in the end!

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