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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date With Coral


Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well that date with Nami yesterday was a hot tamale! Thank goodness neither Nami nor Rick were hurt from those fire bombs! That was certainly tense. But today is a new day and Rick’s final Solo Date. The weather this morning couldn’t be more perfect for his date with Coral Reeves. Coral, as you remember, was tied with Naomi in the Solo Date Challenge. But you know, sometimes, the last date is the most memorable. Will this be the case with Rick’s date with Coral? Let’s head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Rick and Coral as they get ready for their date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral date cover shot

“Today is finally the day that I go on a Solo Date with Rick! You know, the Solo Date Challenge seems so long ago, and Naomi and I had both tied in that challenge. And it was really just a coin toss that decided that Naomi went before me. But you know, being the last to go on the Solo Date has it’s advantages. I mean, I’ve heard about a few of the other dates, and some of them sounded pretty good. I knew that to stand out, my date with Rick had to be rather unique. So, I thought long and hard, and when Rick came to ask me where I wanted to go on our date, I told him that I actually wanted to take him somewhere special. He was rather intrigued with my response, and said ‘So, you’re asking me on a date?’ and I smiled and said, ‘kind of.’ He told me that he actually liked that idea, because no-one had ever asked him on a date before. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I am crossing my fingers that I have made the right decision and really hope that this will bring Rick and I much, much closer together.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral and rick start of date

Coral had asked Rick to meet her at the skiff by the house at 7am. Rick was the first to arrive and all he knew was that they were going to take the outrigger canoes somewhere. Coral had been rather mysterious about where they were going. He looked up when he saw Coral approach and thought that she looked lovelier than he’d ever seen her before.

huggable coral

“Rick! You beat me here!” Coral said giving Rick one of her famous hugs.

“Yes, well, I’m kind of an early bird and didn’t want to miss out on our date. You know, I wanted to make a good impression,” Rick laughed.

“I really can’t believe that no-one has ever asked you on a date before…” exclaimed Coral.

“Well, you know, I was thinking about that, and…there may have been one other time…when I was 7…I think a girl asked me on a date to catch frogs…” smirked Rick.

you mean im not the first

“So, I’m not the first?” Coral said, feigning a sad look.

“Well, perhaps not, but you’re certainly the most beautiful sim who’s ever asked me on a date,” winked Rick.

flirty coral

Coral blushed at the compliment.

where are we going today

“So…um…where are we heading today, Coral, for our mystery date?” asked Rick. 

“Well, first we’re going to head to Mua Pel’am, and the place we’re heading to is close to there. When we land, I will tell you more…” replied Coral, still not telling Rick everything.

“Is this like a search for buried treasure? Maybe I need a map?” Rick joked.

“No…no, buried treasure, but it is a place that is close to my heart…” answered Coral gazing into Rick’s eyes.

mystery date with you

Rick took Coral’s hands in his and kissed them lightly, “Well, whatever this mysterious place is, I am looking forward to seeing it with you, Coral,” Rick replied.

Coral smiled at him warmly and Rick packed the waterproof dry bag and their backpacks into the outrigger canoe.

“Coral, there is only one outrigger canoe here…” Rick looked around confused.

coral heading into the water

“Well, Rick, you may have to use the outrigger canoe, but I can certainly swim there from here. Afterall…I am a mermaid…” Coral winked at Rick as she entered the water.

“…And a pretty sexy mermaid at that…” Rick thought.

hurry up slow poke

“Come on, Rick, you slow poke, we want to get there sometime this morning!” Coral shouted, laughing from the water.

rick and coral travel in water together

Rick smiled and got into the outrigger canoe, and even though Coral could swim faster than he could travel, she did stay beside him all the way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral autonomous hug

They arrived at Mua Pel’am and Coral hugged Rick when he landed. Rick knew Mua Pel’am well, and wasn’t sure where Coral would be taking him.

“It’s just a short walk from here and you’ll be able to see it from the beach,” Coral said as she held Rick’s hands.


They walked along a short pathway and ended up at another beach area. Coral pointed to a rock formation in the distance.

“Do you see that sea arch, Rick?” Coral asked hesitantly.

my home is right over there where the arch is

“Yes…yes, I do…but it’s out in the middle of the ocean…it’s looks like there is an island there,” Rick answered squinting his eyes in the sun.

“There is…and there is something else beneath the water…” Coral said hesitantly, “…it’s my home…”

“Your home, Coral? You’re bringing me to your home?” asked Rick.

but there is one thing

“Yes, but there is one more thing. It’s underwater. There is a sea cave under that island and that is what I want to show you. It is low tide now so the water should have receded in the cave, so once we get there, it should be fine,” Coral said smiling at Rick.

“Underwater? How deep underwater?” Rick asked a bit concerned, realizing he didn’t have his rebreather with him.

rick do you trust me

“Rick, do you trust me?” Coral asked offering him her hand.

“Yes, of course. I have no reason not to,” Rick said taking her hand in his.

“Then, follow me. As long as we hold hands, you will be able to breathe underwater. You just have to trust me….” Coral said looking into his eyes.

“I trust you, Coral, and if I haven’t said it before, you’re amazing,” Rick said as they entered the water together.

hold my hand rick

Holding hands tightly, Coral led the way underwater towards the island. She glanced back every now and again to see if Rick was fine, and she could see him smiling at her. Coral swam though a hole in the rock formation and then continued to swim upwards. Suddenly they emerged on the surface of the water at the sea arch.

“The opening is just behind that arch, Rick…” Coral said, as they descended into a cavern and landed on solid ground.

rick kisses corals hands

Rick looked around, and before Coral could speak, Rick held her hands and kissed them lightly. “That is for bringing me here safely, Coral. That was amazing. I have been underwater before, but I have never felt the freedom of just swimming without my re-breather. That was liberating. I have never experienced anything like it. Thank you, Coral. Thank you so much for sharing that with me…”


“Actually, Rick, I have never done that before with another ‘human’ sim, but I knew that it was possible. And I knew that you were the one that I wanted to do this with. And also to show you my home…”


Coral showed him around and Rick was amazed at all the trinkets he saw there.


“Are you a collector, Coral?” Rick asked looking at a fork.

“Well, some of the items were here when I found this cave, but, yes, other items I have found and brought here. There was a time when I wanted to be…a ‘human’ sim…I wanted to be ‘part of your world’. But I would have to change…to leave all of my mermaid world behind…”

rick and coral at her home

“Coral, why would you want to do that? Why would you not want to be a mermaid anymore?” asked Rick

when my family died

“The night that you found out I was a mermaid, I told you some of the story of what happened in my past. This really isn’t my true home, but it is my sanctuary. I ran away from my home when my whole…my whole family was killed by the whale, and I swam and swam until I was exhausted and ended up here. I vowed never to return to the ocean again, and I almost didn’t…” Coral said sadly.

Rick came closer to Coral and held her hands, “You must have been beside yourself with grief…I do understand how you were feeling…”

“Rick, I knew you would understand…but that’s not all…” Coral continued.

“I’m listening, Coral…” Rick said quietly.

coral talking to rick about how she wanted to be human

“I longed to be a ‘human’ sim…to dance, to wander freely along the warm sand…to live in a house and do all the things that ‘human’ sims did. I wanted it so badly that I started to collect ‘human’ things and every night I wished that I would become ‘human’. And I knew a way to do it, too. Now, this may be hard for you to believe, Rick, but there is something called mermadic kelp, and if a mermaid eats it, she can become a ‘human’ sim….” Coral said.

mermadic kelp wide eyes

Rick widened his eyes when Coral said that, “And so…did you ever find this mermadic kelp?” asked Rick.

“No…I never did. Even though I tried to blot everything out about my past and become someone different, I couldn’t. I am still a mermaid,” Coral confessed.

coral you can do amazing things as a mermaid

“Coral, I didn’t know that you wanted to be a ‘human’ sim so badly. But, Coral, you can do amazing things as a mermaid that I could never even imagine. Swimming underwater and discovering all the mysteries of the ocean, that, to me, is incredible,” Rick said.


“Yes, I guess that’s true…” Coral said trailing off suddenly doing her mermaid stance.

Rick looked down at something he saw propped up on a rock sealed in a plastic bag and picked it up.

rick looking at picture in corals home

“Coral, what’s this?” Rick asked, looking at the picture.

Coral looked a bit embarrassed and walked towards him. “Um…oh that…it’s nothing really!”

“It’s a picture of you and me, Coral…where did you get it?” asked Rick looking at her.

explaining picture

“Umm…well…it was from a photo shoot that we were all in, and Benny had discarded some photos in the recycle bin. I guess they weren’t the quality or shots he wanted. And so I…well I…I saw that one and I kept it…” admitted Coral.

“So, you kept this picture and it sits beside your…um…” Rick looked at the flat rockledge, “your…bed?” whispered Rick.

Coral nodded her head, “Yes,” she said quietly, as she bit her lip.


Rick set the photo back down, “Well, I’m no photographer, but I’d say that this was a pretty nice photo. Glad you kept it,” winked Rick.

“Yes…it is nice…” Coral replied breathing a sigh of relief.

i am not like others

Coral walked towards Rick and said quietly, “You know, Rick, I am a bit different from other mermaids. My family was the last of its line to fish, but because they were all killed, I don’t eat fish now out of respect for them. But, I do still fish, with a fishing rod and I use fish traps. I also have a special mermaid power that will bring more fish to a certain area…” Coral said brightly.

you can come in handy for someone like me

“Oh, that would come in handy for someone who likes to fish, like me! And I believe you, Coral, because I have seen what you can do. I remember our date at The Bluffs and your gift, when you changed the weather for us. That is something I will never forget…” Rick said gazing into Coral’s eyes.

“Yes, that was a very special day,” Coral agreed meeting his eyes.

rick and coral kiss

“I wouldn’t want to change anything about you. So, whether you are a mermaid, or a human, you will always be very special to me, Coral…” Rick murmured as he held Coral closer to him and kissed her gently on the lips.

a kiss with coral

Coral felt Rick’s lips on hers and suddenly was transported to a world where she and Rick were floating in the water together entwined in a kiss. She felt a warmth spread through her at the thought, and her cheeks were flushed when they parted.


Coral looked deeply into Rick’s eyes. They had shared so much here and she wanted to tell him how she felt about him. “Rick….I….” Coral started to say and then she felt the rush of sea water at her feet, “Oh, Rick, the tide is coming in, we must leave now…” she said.

whoever you are i like you

“Before we head back, I wanted to take you somewhere special, too, Coral…” Rick said.

“Oh? Are you asking me on a date?” answered Coral flirting a bit.

“Yes, I am. I would like to invite you to lunch at my island home. So you could see where I live, too. Will you come?” asked Rick.


“Rick, I would love to have lunch with you and see your home!” replied Coral delighted, “But we should hurry, the water comes in quickly and the current is very strong,” Coral said as she took Rick’s hand in hers and together they swam underwater again back towards the beach.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

welcome to my home coral

They walked back to the outrigger canoe, and as before, Rick travelled by outrigger canoe and Coral swam beside him to his island home.

When they arrived, Rick took Coral’s hands in his and kissed her fingertips, “Welcome to my home, Coral. Let me give you a tour.”

push coral on swing

Coral stopped to admire a swing and asked Rick about it, “Can you swing so high and jump off and land in the water?” asked Coral playfully.

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe you’d like to try…” said Rick smiling as he helped Coral on the swing and began to push her.

swing with me rick

“Oh, this is so much fun! We should swing together!” said Coral, as she slowed down and Rick sat on the swing beside her. They swung together, and it was so relaxing, all the cares of the world left behind in a swish of the swings.

swinging together

They both slowed down and laughed together, and Rick helped Coral off the swing. Rick said he should probably start lunch and Coral asked Rick where she could change. He motioned to the restrooms behind them.

rick preparing lunch

Rick busied himself with lunch, and no sooner was he done, than Coral appeared.

“Just in time, Coral! Lunch is served. I hope you like pollo a la brasa,” said Rick as he gave Coral an admiring look.

“Well, whatever you’re serving certainly smells great!” answered Coral. As they grabbed a plate together, Rick explained that it was roast chicken. They chatted and talked about their morning together, and Rick knew that Coral was having a good time.

having lunch together coral and rick

“Rick, you know, I’ve passed this island before, and never knew you lived here. I always thought that this was the perfect island, and now that I have visited it, it truly is wonderful. I love your rustic bathhouse, but I do miss something…” Coral said looking around.

“Oh, you have some suggestions for my bathhouse?” Rick arched an eyebrow.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t like taking a shower, but I love taking baths,” Coral sighed thinking about it.

chatting at lunch coral and rick

“Ah…now there’s a thought. You know, I have been working on some beach house plans, and was wondering if you could give some opinions on the guest bathroom,” said Rick looking at Coral expectantly.

“Oh, Rick…I would love to see them!” Coral exclaimed.

i love a bath

“Well, then, let me go and get them…” Rick said as he got up from the table and retrieved the house plans.

Coral listened to Rick talk about the house, and offered some suggestions on the bathroom. “You should have one of those huge sunken tubs, and the whole room should be blue, and you could imagine that you’re floating in the ocean!” laughed Coral.

“Oh, I like that idea…a huge tub filled with…bubbles…!” flirted Rick, as he jotted some notes and put the plans aside.

that would be a great sight

“And if it’s not too bold a question…do you transform into a mermaid when you take a bath?” Rick asked looking intently at Coral.

“Um…yes…yes, I do…” Coral answered blushing.

“Now, that would be a sight to see…a mermaid in bubbles…” Rick said as he held Coral closer to him and gazed into her eyes.

kiss between coral and rick

“…a very beautiful sight,” he said as he bent his head towards Coral and touched her lips with his. And that kiss lasted but a moment, a moment that Coral didn’t want to end.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral date thoughts

Coral’s Date Thoughts:

I am so happy I decided to bring Rick to my underwater cave home. You know, he is the only ‘human’ sim I have ever brought there. And, I had totally forgotten about that picture of Rick and I beside my bed. If I had known he would see it, I would have hidden it somewhere. But when he saw it, he didn’t seem to mind, but I didn’t tell him how I gave his face a little kiss before I went to bed every night. I wonder what he would think about me if he knew. Once, all I could think about was becoming a ‘human’ sim, but, now talking to Rick, I can see how being a mermaid has its advantages. And I know that Rick likes me for who I am, whether I am a mermaid or not. And the way he kisses me…I feel…I just feel like I am floating somewhere with him. I am swept away with his kiss. And that is why I am totally devoted to him. I would show him the world underwater, and he would show me the sim world. It wouldn’t matter where we were, because, I know in my heart, he would be my world. I am just hoping that he feels the same and that he will choose me to be part of his world, too.

Relationship Status changed to Soulmates.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

There is a scene in the movie Splash (1984) where Madison (a mermaid) swims underwater with Allen (a human) holding his hand, and because of “mermaid magic”, he is able to breathe. The song in this clip is not from the movie, but called “Mermaid” by the group Train (2013). So, I just duplicated a scene from the movie with Coral holding Rick’s hand underwater to have him breathe while taking him to her underwater cave home. Because, really, mermaids do have a lot of magic powers, right? 

“Part of Your World” song from the movie The Little Mermaid, 1989, sung by Jodi Benson.


And it looks like Rick and Coral have a mutual attraction for each other, as they both feel smitten and deeply connected to one another. This is the first time that Rick has been smitten with one of the contestants. Ooh la la!

sentiments rick and coral smitten and dc


Lot Build Credit:

Thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. A few items were added, but basically used as is. There is a bed underneath that debug rock formation and it actually does work! This is a pretty cool build. The only issue I had was when Rick got a whim to do a romantic interaction, they kept going to the room where the ladder was. So screenshot-wise, that didn’t work too well.




3 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date With Coral

  1. Aww…I can see the mutual attraction here! Rick is smitten!

    What a great date. I hope Coral gets her dream although I think being a mermaid is special.

    Great chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, they are smitten! lol I was surprised that Rick was also smitten because up until now, only the contestants were smitten with Rick. First time this has happened to him. ha! ha! Now, don’t worry about Brianna, because I am going to give Rick and Brianna some one-on-one time before the group outing, and I am sure that they will get some sentiments 🙂

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