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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Group Outing & Reader Vote

beach clean up cover

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Yesterday was the last of the Solo Dates and Coral’s date was certainly one to remember. Her wonderful idea of inviting Rick on a date and giving him a tour of her home was marvelous. Plus now the final six have all seen where Rick lives, too, and no-one ran off screaming or anything. Which I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, don’t quite understand myself. Perhaps, the rustic life appeals to these contestants as they all seemed happy when they were visiting Rick’s island home. Now today, Rick and the contestants are heading on a Group Outing. This will be the last Group Outing before the Rose Ceremony, so let’s see where Rick will be taking everyone today. Are you excited?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

gathered in the living room

Rick had asked all of the contestants to gather in the living room. First of all, he thanked them all for the lovely dates that he went on, and told them that today they would be going on a Group Outing. He further told them that he had gotten the idea for their Group Outing when he was on his date with Naomi.


All eyes suddenly turned to Naomi and she shyly smiled at everyone. “Er…um…” Naomi said nervously.


Rick explained, “Every sim on Sulani can do their part to keep Sulani beautiful. But it does take some effort. It is my dream that one day Sulani will be restored to a flourishing island once again. So, I spoke to one of my Conservation Officer friends and today we will be volunteering at a beach clean-up on Mua Pel’am.”


Coral spoke up, “So…um…what exactly do we do? Pick up garbage on the beach?”

“Yes, that…and garbage in the water,” Rick added, “and if you see any troublemakers littering, you can talk to them about caring for the environment,” Rick explained.

naomi i might be shy 2

Naomi spoke up then, “I may be shy, but I am an avid environmentalist and would have no problem talking to those litterbugs.”


“So, it’s a casual outing then? Shorts and bathing suits?” asked Nami.

 “Yes, most certainly. And for those who want to fish, you can fish to remove any invasive fish species or release any endangered fish back into the wild. That also helps Sulani,” Rick said.


“And will you help us bait the hook, Rick?” asked Raven thinking back to her date with Rick where they had to fish for their lunch.

“Yes, of course. Anyone who would like to fish and needs any help can certainly ask me,” Rick explained.


“I think volunteering to keep Sulani beautiful is a wonderful idea,” Brianna enthused and several contestants nodded in agreement.

“And at the end of our beach clean-up, there will be a bar-b-q and an evening beach party,” Rick smiled.


“Ooh! Sign me up for that!” Octavia beamed, “I mean…er…afterall…we all must do our part to keep Sulani beautiful.”

Everyone seemed to be chatting at once and the contestants were in high spirits as they hurried off to get ready for the Group Outing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They arrived at Mua Pel’am and Rick passed out gloves and garbage bags to everyone. The first task for today would be cleaning up the beach. However, Rick had another thought on his mind and gave Coral an autonomous kiss!

rick does an autonomous kiss with coral before I can stop him

naomi doesnt look too happy with coral

The only one affected by Rick kissing Coral was Noami. She is really having a jealous moment right now. It almost looks like Naomi is more upset with Coral than Rick. Oh gosh! What a way to start the outing!

collecting trash

The contestants headed off and gathered trash on the beach. With that completed, there were several other tasks to do.


Rick’s work cleaning up the beach has had a positive effect on Mua Pel’am. He really feels good about that.

Author’s Note: A green leaf symbol appears in front of a sim’s chest when they are having an impact on Mua Pel’am’s eco-system.


Makoa Kealoha, Rick’s Conservationist friend, stops by and thanks them all for helping out. Makoa gives them some other suggestions on what they can do to help the eco-system.

coral cleaning debris in the ocean

Coral volunteers to clean up any garbage she saw floating in the water.

nami and brianna fish

Brianna and Nami wanted to try their hand at fishing, with Rick’s help, of course. And in a matter of minutes, Nami had caught an invasive fish.

nami removing evasive fish



Octavia and Naomi volunteer to head over to the other beach and collect trash there and keep an eye out for troublemakers.

octavia talking to a litterbug

And just as Octavia finished cleaning up some plastic bottles, she spotted a litterbug drop some garbage on another area of the beach! She didn’t see Naomi anywhere, so she went up to the sim and confronted them! Octavia was sure persuasive in her environmental argument! That sim won’t be littering on this beach again!

octavia argument triumph

raven putting out some fires from the volcano

Another Conservation Officer brings Raven over to some volcanic sulphur piles and tells  her to use a fire extinguisher to eliminate them. Raven gets right to work and was able to clean them up.

The contestants continued to busy themselves with their tasks and Rick sorted out the sack lunches. With that done, Rick continued to collect trash and was available to the contestants if they needed him.

eating their sack lunch

eating lunch together

The contestants worked hard and were quite hungry by lunch time and enjoyed the sandwiches that Afu had made. After lunch, Rick told the contestants that they could continue collecting trash, fish, swim, use the outrigger canoes, or just relax on the beach.

nami autonomously kisses rick and octavia has a fit

Apparently, Nami wanted to personally thank Rick for bringing them all here and gives Rick an autonomous kiss on the cheek. This does not go over well with Octavia!

brianna and octavia are upset with nami

And Brianna doesn’t seem too happy about it either! Both Octavia and Brianna get the Drifting Love moodlet.drifting love bri

nami is crying and raven is also upset

Two more are affected by what just happened. Naomi has her face in her hands in the background and Raven can’t believe what she just saw. Naomi is just so upset about first seeing Rick kiss Coral and now Nami kiss Rick, she gets this moodlet.

naomis doomed relationship moodlet

raven autonomously slaps rick

Raven is REALLY upset and goes over and autonomously slaps Rick in the face! And Raven gets this moodlet!

raven gets this moodlet

raven im sorry...nami kissed me

Rick is flabbergasted at being slapped and tries to apologize to Raven saying that Nami kissed him. And it was on the cheek! Nami doesn’t seem to want to get involved here and feigns looking for trash. Or perhaps she’s shielding herself from a possible slap in the face, too.

nami feels bad rick has no idea what just happened and raven is happy now

Nami does feel rather bad about what happened and Rick is wondering how this will affect his relationship with Raven. Raven feels much better after slapping Rick and feels she has made a statement. That type of behavior will not be tolerated and Rick can’t do things like that in front of her. He should not have let Nami kiss him. Even if it was just on the cheek! I think that Raven has made her point.

coral chasing seagulls

The only contestant who didn’t see what happened between Nami and Rick was Coral, who was busy chasing seagulls.

made some veggie burgers

As the sun began to set, Rick lit the fire and started grilling the bar-b-q dinner feast. He laid it all out on a buffet table for the contestants to help themselves.

having dinner together after clean up

coral and naomi are sad

Naomi and Coral sat on opposite ends of the picnic table and weren’t talking to one another. Rick didn’t want his kiss on Coral’s cheek to become a rift between Coral and Naomi’s friendship. He apologized to both of them, but Naomi was still very sad.

coral fire dancing

Coral seemed to perk up a bit after that chat and attempted some fire dancing. Rick was very quiet and thought that he would talk to each of the contestants and apologize for what happened.

raven im sorry so sorry forgive me

Rick went over and spoke with Raven. She was still not over it, but at least she was talking to Rick. Raven told Rick she just felt very hurt by what had happened. Rick apologized and Raven apologized, too, for her reaction. Their relationship was very strong, and thankfully hadn’t dropped because of ‘the incident’. Rick was forgiven and he and Raven stargazed together.

rick found octavia sitting at the firepit

Next he spoke to Octavia, who was sitting by the firepit. Geez! Everyone looked so sad. Octavia accepted Rick’s apology, but was still sad about what happened. Rick tried to cheer Octavia up with a joke, and they continued to have a pleasant conversation.

he found bri playing guitar

Rick found Brianna playing guitar. Maybe it was the way she was playing, but Rick could almost feel how sad she felt. He really liked Brianna and would never do anything to hurt her. Brianna accepted Rick’s apology and told him that strumming the guitar helped her cope with what had happened. Rick said she played very well and stayed there awhile to listen to her.

rick speaking to nami

Even though Nami wasn’t sad, Rick went over to chat with her. Nami didn’t understand why everyone was making such a fuss and apologized to Rick for creating all the drama. Rick said that he actually didn’t mind that kiss, but maybe next time if they were on a Group Outing that Nami could give him a kiss in private. Nami liked that idea.

For the most part, it had been a good day. Their contributions in helping to keep Sulani clean were certainly appreciated. Rick’s friend, Makoa, the Conservation Officer, told them that their efforts today really did help improve Sulani!

and they got this popup from all their hard work

Looking at each of the contestants, Rick knew that three of them would be heading home tomorrow. The producers had called him this morning and told him that an outside consulting agency would decide who would be leaving. Rick had become rather fond of all of them, and knew that they were each unique in their own way. Rick felt they were all wonderful, but there were some contestants whom he felt much closer to. But that was going to happen tomorrow. And tonight he was going to have a fun time and make sure that the contestants had a memorable evening. Cheers!

heres to all the hard work everyone did cheers

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Reader Vote:  Now is the time to Choose the three contestants that you want to STAY in the competition. Below is a screenie of Rick’s relationship with each contestant. Please vote HERE. Deadline is December 24, 2020 at midnight. There will be a tie-breaker challenge should there be a tie.

relationship stats for vote

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, that Group Outing was something else! There were so many autonomous actions going on, it was wild. And all the contestants, except Nami and Coral had sad moodlets. I have no idea how those moodlets are going to affect any sentiments or even if they will get bad sentiments because of this. I feel so sad myself. Their relationship status, thankfully weren’t affected. And the good news is that their beach clean-up did improve Sulani!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A note on Brianna’s relationship prior to the Group Outing:

Once Coral’s date was finished, I had Rick invite Brianna to his island home and spend two hours with her. This was to offset the fact that her date with Rick occurred before the up-date and the Sentiments. Here are the results for Brianna before the Group Outing. Brianna is Smitten, um, no surprise there, with Rick and also has an Adoring Sentiment for him. Rick feels Closer from Happy Memories and also has an Adoring Sentiment for Brianna. I love that puppy dog face for that Sentiment!

rick and briannas sentiments


8 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Group Outing & Reader Vote

  1. Aww…this was so hard to vote! I decided to vote for the girls who match the best with Rick.

    Nami sire stirred up so much trouble. Raven looked like she had a blast slapping Rick! 😱

    It was nice to see Ricks sentiments…Brianna is so far behind the others. He has so many soulmates!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. pammiechick – don’t give up on Brianna. She is just not a soulmate because she had her date before the up-grade. Her date with Rick was off-the-charts great. There are specific sims that Rick has whims for consistently and Brianna is one of them. Yes, that innocent kiss of Nami’s sure threw everyone for a loop! Who knew that everyone would be mad at Rick for this? And some of those moodlets…oh my gosh! I nearly didn’t save the game beause I felt so bad about this, but in the end, I felt I had to go with it. Seeing all those sad faces made me feel sad. lol

      Liked by 2 people

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