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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Rose Ceremony # 5


Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Yesterday, the contestants and Rick volunteered on a beach clean-up and their efforts have certainly improved Sulani’s eco-system. At least that part went well, which is more than can be said for the contestants’ and Rick’s behavior. With all that shenanigans yesterday, it just proves that the competition is getting intense. Very intense! So it’s quite understandable that the contestants are using whatever tactics they can to get closer to Rick. But has it worked?

This afternoon is the fifth Rose Ceremony, and this marks a turning point in the Bachelor House, as not one, not two, but three contestants will be heading home tonight. The producers decided that an outside consultancy agency should be used because from what they have seen of the out-takes, Rick doesn’t know his own mind. And I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, couldn’t agree more.



But honestly, it’s been eight years since Rick had a serious relationship, and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama can tell by the date outtakes, that Rick does, really care about each and every one of these contestants. But, perhaps he is confused over who he should choose or perhaps he is afraid. Not afraid of commitment, but afraid of loving someone so much and giving them his heart only to suddenly lose them. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama really feel that Rick is afraid that history will repeat itself, and so, he holds a part of himself back. My wish for Rick is that when the time comes, that he will know which contestant is the one and find somebody to love.

In the meantime, Cinnamon Apple is getting all the contestants ready for the Rose Ceremony this afternoon and Benny is taking some new photos of each of them. Let’s peak in and see how they are doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

cinnamon comes over to help contestants with their hair makeup and clothing

Cinnamon came over to the house early and Naomi was the first who needed her help. “Makeup. I need help with makeup,” Naomi said, “I really want to look good tonight. Can you help me with that Cinnamon?”

“Naomi, you’re such a natural beauty, but, certainly, a bit of lip gloss and maybe some mascara and eye shadow will look good,” replied Cinnamon.

preparing naomi for rose ceremony

brianna had wanted some help styling her hair

Brianna had asked Cinnamon for some help with her hair.

getting everyone ready

And Nami was anxious to get some make-up tips. Cinnamon continued to help the contestants as they needed it.

benny getting raven octavia and coral ready for their photos

Benny, meanwhile, was in the living room getting Raven, Octavia and Coral ready for their photo shoots.

And soon, it was time for Cinnamon and Benny to head out to get ready for the Rose Ceremony themselves.

“Good luck, ladies! You all look gorgeous!” Cinnamon said as she headed out the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

busy with reception

Cinnamon and Benny were busy helping the caterers set up for the Rose Ceremony.


And Roxanna walked around the area, ensuring that all the small details were done. This Rose Ceremony was being held at a wonderful location in Strangerville, and the setting was just perfect.


Rick and the contestants had just arrived and they all looked stunning tonight. From left to right. Octavia Dillon, Nami Chuu, Brianna Hammond, Naomi Mahina, Coral Reeves, Raven Xang, and, of course, Rick in the front. Cinnamon Apple had done a fantastic job of getting them all ready.


And before anyone can stop him, Rick heads over to Coral and gives her an autonomous kiss on the cheek. Oh gosh! Here we go again! But I look around, and all the contestants are fine. Apparently, it’s okay for Rick to kiss someone on the cheek, but not a contestant to kiss him on the cheek. Enough of that cheekiness, Rick!


Rick heads over to the bar area, and orders everyone a drink. Umm… for some reason, Benny, Cinnamon and Roxanna have all changed into another outfit. Whatever makes them happy, I guess.

There is a slight change to the ceremony, due to the lighting conditions. The ceremony would take place first, followed by dinner and dancing.


Roxanna went to the mircrophone and asked the contestants to take their seats.






Roxanna continued, “Welcome to the Fifth Rose Ceremony. Tonight marks another night that we get closer to finding Rick “somebody to love.” But it was not without a really tough vote by the outside consultancy firm. However, they cast their ballots, and tonight, three contestants will be leaving The Bachelor in Paradise Show. I say this with a heavy heart, as I have come to know all of the contestants very well. I know that Rick feels the same way, and he will always treasure your friendship. I now call up all of the contestants, and our bachelor extraordinaire, Rick!” *applause*

this has been an extremely hard vote

The contestants made their way to the stage and Roxanna hands Rick the microphone. “Thank you, Roxanna. Before we start, I wanted to say that I have never seen the contestants look more beautiful than they do tonight. I understand that Cinnamon Apple helped all of the contestants get ready, and, in my opinion, she did an excellent job,” Rick said. *applause*

“The Rose Ceremony will be as before, with everyone getting a rose. Those who are staying, and are dear to my heart, will receive a red rose, those who are leaving, who will always be my friend, will receive a yellow rose. I just wanted to say that I do care very deeply for each and everyone of you. But the fact is that only one can be my “somebody to love,” Rick said as he moved towards the table holding three red roses and three yellow roses. 


He moved first towards Naomi Mahina.

“Naomi, we have had some wonderful times together. You won the Comeback Challenge and I was very happy that you had returned. Our solo date to the aquarium was very memorable…”


“..but, I feel that we are first and foremost friends. I’m sorry,” Rick said as he handed Naomi a yellow rose.

“What? I can’t believe this…how is this possible?” Naomi replied shocked.


“I don’t feel I can be the man you want me to be, Naomi. You are a beautiful mermaid, but I can’t change who I am, a fisherman. And I know that you will find someone who will be your perfect match. I must be true to myself and so must you. Again, I am sorry,” Rick replied.

Naomi accepted the yellow rose and headed down the stairs to take a seat. She was devastated. She realized that perhaps Rick was right. She needed to find a sim who had the same values that she did, who was a vegan and an animal activist. She was sad, but hopeful for the future.

brianna asked to come up

Rick went to the rose table and chose another rose. He walked towards Brianna Hammond.

“Brianna, you make me smile and we have a lot of fun times together. I feel like I am getting closer to you, and I can be myself. Being with you just seems so easy and natural, and I have to say that our solo dates together have been some of the best…”


“…I would like to see where this will lead. Will you accept this rose, Brianna?” Rick asked and gave Brianna a red rose.


“Oh, Rick…you have made me so very happy. Thank you,” Brianna gushed and took the rose. She gave Rick a hug, although she was thinking she’d much rather kiss him, and made her way back to her seat. Brianna sat there with a smile on her face and kept hearing his words to her, “Being with you just seems so easy and natural…” Yes…oh, yes…I feel like that, too, Rick. And much, much more,” Brianna thought.


Rick next walked up to Octavia Dillon. He had two roses in his hand, one red and one yellow.

“Octavia, I must say you are one of the most exciting sims I have ever met, and getting to know you while you were working on your book really brought us closer together…”


“…but I really think our goals are rather different. You like the bright lights and want to get ahead in the entertainment business, and I…well, I am rather content trying to help with Sulani’s eco-system. You are a vivacious sim and I know that you will find your perfect match. I’m sorry,” said Rick as he handed her a yellow rose.


“How could this have happened? I want those votes recounted! I am the best looking one here! I should be the one getting a red rose!” Octavia said heatedly, as she grabbed the rose out of Rick’s hand, “Well, at least this rose matches my dress…”

Octavia returned to her seat and was in a foul mood. She almost couldn’t think straight but as she calmed down a bit, she realized that she was more upset about losing than having lost Rick’s love. Maybe she had just been kidding herself all along, and knew that she could never really live on an off-the-grid island far from civilization.


Rick again went to the table and got another rose. This time he walked up to Coral Reeves. Coral held her breath.

“Coral, you are a breath of fresh air. So full of life, so unpredictable, and I never know what you will do next. You keep me guessing, and that’s exciting. Our last two solo dates have been extraordinary, but our last solo date…well…that one was beyond compare…it was truly special.”


“…I would like to see where this will lead. Will you accept this rose, Coral?” Rick asked and gave Coral a red rose.


Coral was almost giddy with excitement as she took the rose from Rick.

“Oh Rick…I don’t know what to say! I am…speechless! Thank you, Rick…this is…this is everything to me…” said Coral enthusiastically, giving him one of her famous hugs.

Coral headed back to her seat, holding the rose close to her. She sat there thinking about how lucky she was to have been entered into this contest by her friends. “He might be the one…” Coral thought, smiling to herself, “…and I might be the one for him. Oh, I am going to dream about this!”


There were now two contestants left on stage, Nami Chuu and Raven Xang. Rick’s voice caught a bit when he spoke their names. Both Nami and Raven knew that one of them was going home. It was hard to believe since Rick’s relationship with both of them was deeply connected.

Rick spoke again, “When the votes were tallied, Nami and Raven were tied for 3rd place. This morning, before the Rose Ceremony, they competed in a knitting tie-breaker challenge. A merchant in Magnolia Promenade was asked to put a value to their knitted items…”

Rick hesitated a moment. “Before I go on, I want to say to both Nami and Raven that this was a very difficult decision, and that I am fond of both of you…,” Rick said as he picked up the last yellow and red rose. He walked towards Nami first.


“Nami, from the moment we met, I felt we had a deep connection. We’ve had our share of near-death experiences…from fire and volcanic eruptions, and have grown to care about each other…”


“…but it’s not meant to be. I am sorry to say that your knitted items were less than Raven’s. You lost the challenge, and will be heading home…” Rick said softly as he handed Nami the yellow rose.


Everyone was silent at this announcement and Nami couldn’t believe what she had just heard.


Rick felt like he was in pain, too, after he said it. He didn’t want Nami to leave. He had a strong affection for Nami. But was it stronger than Raven’s or Brianna’s or Coral’s? He wasn’t sure. “I’m truly sorry, Nami, but I do still want to stay friends.”


Nami came over to Rick and gave him a hug, “Rick, I understand, and yes, I will always be your friend,” Nami said trying not to cry.

raven went over and hugged nami

Nami walked over to Raven then and gave her a hug, “Congratulations, Raven!”

“Thank you, Nami. It was a close challenge. It could have gone either way. Know that I will always be your friend, too,” whispered Raven.

Nami carefully made her way down the stairs and tried to compose herself, but inside her heart was breaking. She sat down and felt very sad.

there was just raven left on stage now

Rick turned to Raven, “Raven, you bring out a part of me that I didn’t know existed, and the times we’ve shared together have stayed on my mind. Our solo dates together are magical…”

raven will you accept this rose rev

“…I would like to see where this will lead. Will you accept this rose, Raven?” Rick asked and gave Raven a red rose.

raven accepts the rose

Raven took the rose from Rick and inhaled the fragrance deeply, “Yes…yes…thank you, Rick. This means so much to me…”

i feel we are magical together

“…and I do believe that we are magical…together…” Raven whispered as she gazed into Rick’s eyes.

Roxanna made her way onto the stage, and Raven excused herself and headed back to her seat. Raven sat down and inhaled the rose’s fragrance again. Raven thought to herself, “Rick, you bring out a part of me, too, that I never knew existed…and I do believe that we are meant for each other…”


Roxanna cleared her throat, “And that concludes the Rose Ceremony for this evening. For those of you who are staying, congratulations! And for those of you who are leaving The Bachelor in Paradise Show, I wish you nothing but the best. This was a rather difficult choice for both the outside consultancy firm and Rick, but we do have to remember that we are here to find Rick that “somebody to love”. And now, with three contestants left, we are even closer to finding ‘the one’ for Rick. And now, please enjoy the rest of the evening. The buffet is ready and there is a dance floor for lots of fun. Thank you.” *applause*

strangerville sun set

The sun had begun to set and music could be heard as the contestants got up from their seats and made their way to the buffet. Rick headed with the others chatting with Roxanna, Cinnamon and Benny. But there was someone he was looking for and she didn’t seem to be around.

nami do you have a moment

And then he saw her, “Nami…” Rick called out to her, “Do you have a moment?”

Nami nodded her head and they walked behind the stage area for some privacy.

i just wanted you to know that I will never forget you

“Nami, I’m sorry. I feel sad knowing that you are sad. I never meant for this to happen to you. I never wanted to hurt you. These feelings I have for you are real. I care about you very much. And, I…” he trailed off.

rick feeling sad because nami is sad

nami i will never forget you

“…and I will never forget you, Nami. You are special. You are one of a kind. I know that you will find someone who will appreciate you for who you truly are,” Rick finished.

thank you rick that means a lot to me

Nami smiled at Rick, “Thank you for saying that to me, Rick. It really means a lot. And you can’t get rid of me that easily, you know. Friends forever, right?”

“Yes, forever…” Rick answered laughing. 


They headed over to the dance floor together where Rick danced his last dance with the eliminated contestants. [Back: Octavia Dillon; Middle: Rick; Front Left: Nami Chuu; Front Right: Naomi Mahina].

hey rick you okay

Once the dance was over, Rick headed over to listen to the pianist. Benny noticed Rick standing still with a sort of glazed look in his eye. “Hey, Rick, buddy, you okay?” asked Benny.

ive broken a few hearts tonight and I know how they feel

“I’ve broken some hearts tonight and I know just how they feel,” Rick answered, thinking back to a time eight years’ ago, “Yes, I know just how they feel…” he repeated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Author’s Notes:

Just so you know, the last six contestants will be invited to the wedding.

The vote totals. Eliminating 3 contestants at once was very difficult as I have grown quite attached to these sims.

Final totals on who will stay

There was a tie for third place between Nami and Raven, who then had to compete in a tie-breaker challenge.

black chair for raven red chair for nami

Nami and Raven headed to Newcrest for some knitting lessons. The challenge is based on the quality of the items, and whomever gets up first, ends the challenge. Raven has a black rocking chair and black super stash yarn basket and Nami has a red rocking chair and red super stash knitting basket. Neither had any knitting skill. Their needs were greened up and they began to knit.

bear beanie poor namiblack and white bear beanie normal

Start of the Knit Challenge. The first project is beanies. Raven knits a black and white bear beanie (normal), and Nami knits a pink bear beanie (poor).

knitting for their lives

They proceed to the next project, socks and continue knitting other items. They are knitting for their lives!

[Author’s Note – This reminded me of the book,  A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens where Madame Defarge knits as the aristocrats are guillotined. Raven and Nami hold their own fate in their hands.]

raven 635pm needs

nami 639pm needs

At 6:35 pm, their needs are getting in the yellow. They have knitted socks, a hanging plant pot, a rug, and are on the cozy knitted mailbox.

nami is done

They have both finished knitting the women’s sweater with dress and are working on a children’s sweater. At 10:17 pm, they both suddenly stop knitting and Nami decides to call it quits and gets up from her rocker. The challenge is over.

legendary outfit knitted by raven

forsaken sweater nami poor quality

I’m sorry I didn’t take a screenie of Nami’s women’s sweater with dress outfit before I added it to wardrobe, but it was poor quality. That is why it is called the Forsaken Sweater. Raven’s, however, was legendary, which was quite a surprise!

knitting tie breaker challenge results

Raven wins the challenge, and unfortunately, we must say goodbye to our alien contestant, Nami Chuu.

Many thanks to nerdfashion for creating Naomi Mahina, Reiylaa for creating Octavia Dillon, and ItsYukiMe for creating Naomi Chuu (nicknamed Nami). I will sincerely miss them all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. A few items were added, such as the rose table, but basically used as is.

rosy wedding venue build credit





5 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Rose Ceremony # 5

  1. It was an intense ceremony. All the women looked formidable! 😍
    A lot of broken hearts. It’s hard to see them go after the amazing dates 💔

    Who would have foreseen that our punk girl Raven would be so good at knitting?😅

    NB: Roxanna Llama-Llama is still amazing. I absolutely love her outfits ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank yiou so much for reading and commenting. Yes, so sad to see some of them go. And, yes, so surprising about the knitting. It just goes to show you how determined Raven really is. I got the Nifty Knitting Pack for Xmas, too, and I put that legendary outfit in her wardrobe. It will be one of her outfits for when they go to Mt. Komorebi!

      Liked by 2 people

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