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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Mt. Komorebi Solo Overnight Vacation Competition

eoxanna opening shot on challenge

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Last night was Rose Ceremony #5 and it was indeed a sad day as we saw three contestants leave the Bachelor House. This morning, Nami Chuu, Octavia Dillon and Naomi Mahina were whisked off to Newcrest, where they joined the houses of the other eliminated contestants. We wish them well in their future.

dropped off in newcrest

Back at the Bachelor House, each of the contestants’ rooms were made a bit more spacious with the removal of one bed in each room and the addition of vanity make-up tables. On the lot itself, there is an addition of a rocking chair in the living room and a basket of wool beside it. There is also an addition of a rock climbing wall, near the gym. Now, you might think that these items are rather strange because where in Sulani would a sim rock climb or even wear a wool sweater for that matter? Well, perhaps the producers are getting the contestants and Rick ready for a little mini vacation! Yes! You heard that right!

Mt Komorebi map

The producers have decided that Rick needs to spend some quality one-on-one time with each contestant. So, Rick and each contestant will be jetting off to spend an overnight in Mt. Komorebi. This area has something for everyone, from hiking trails, snow sports, rock climbing, and my personal favorite, relaxing in the healing hot springs. Rick and each contestant will spend time together in the resort area of Yukimatsu. It sounds like an utterly romantic get-away. Sizzling is more like it!

But that’s not all, the winner of this contest will be spending two nights with Rick, and the others will be spending one night. And so now the question is, which contestant will Rick take first on the overnighter? Ahh…you viewers are just too smart and know what’s in store! Yes! There will be an Overnight Date Challenge…which is just about to start…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

welcome to the challenge lot

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from the Challenge Site in Oasis Springs. And, gee, it is a hot one today! Benny and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, are here as the official judges of the contest.

As you can see, there are 30 vending machines on the lot, which have been imported from Mt. Komorebi. Each contestant has been assigned 10 vending machines. All they have to do is plug in their simoleons, in the 10 vending machines, and out pops a little collectible simmie. Each simmie collectible has a value associated with it, and the contestant who has the highest total value wins! Seems easy enough.

Now Benny is also the medic in case any of the contestants need medical attention. They might, with this heat and little shade, although seriously, how can you need medical attention from using a vending machine? Right? Sure they might break a nail or something, but need medical attention? I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, think not!

fine print benny

Benny interrupts her then, “Um…Roxanna, did you happen to read the fine print on the bottom? You know, the part about the vending machines getting stuck? I’m not sure, but I think that is why I am here. Oh, and to get some great photo ops, too!”

reaction to the fine print

Roxanna scanned down the page and her eyes widened! What were the producers thinking? She cleared her throat, “Um…well…apparently, they might break more than a nail if an item gets stuck in the vending machine. You see, if it gets stuck, they will be required to ‘shake’ it, and in doing so, the vending machine could topple over and…crush them to death!”

jaws of death benny

“I wonder if I have the ‘jaws of death’ in that medical kit they gave me?” Benny commented.

Roxanna glared at him.

“Oops! My bad…yeah…okay…I am just going to go and check my supplies…” said Benny as he headed off.

“I never knew that using a vending machine could be such a life and death situation! Let’s hope that the contestants will get all 10 simmies on their first try and not have to ‘shake’ any machines. Good luck, ladies!”

roxanna call to producer

Roxanna looked rather worried and dialed the producer’s number, “We have to have a chat now…what were you thinking?…this is a date with Rick, NOT a date with the Grim Reaper…!”


The contestants had arrived and after being told the rules, headed over to their portion of 10 vending machines. And they were ready to begin. And boom, boom, boom, they inserted their simoleons into the slots and the little simmies were dropping down like magic!

and raven got her first one

Raven just plugs her simoleons in the slot and gets her first simmie collectible. She is all smiles.

coral has decided to talk to the vending machines first

Coral takes a different approach, and talks to the vending machine first before inserting her simoleons. Let’s hope it works.

where is it give it to me brianna

Oh no! Brianna inserts her simoleons and…tic tic tic…nothing! Oh my gosh! Her vending machine is stuck! She also gets an “Ate My Money” stressed moodlet. This is not good.

This means that Brianna will have to “shake” the vending machine. I hold my breath and have her do the interaction.

briannas item stuck so she is shaking it

And Brianna grabs that vending machine and shakes it with all her might. Gosh Brianna, you’re a strong sim! Brianna kicks the vending machine and shouts, “Give me that simmie and no-one will get hurt!” Brianna also has a few choice words for the vending machine, which cannot be repeated here as this is a Family-rated show. 

kicking the vending machine

And just to show this vending machine who’s the boss, she hip bumps it. Ouch! That may not have been such a good idea. But, hey, it worked, and Brianna got her simmie collectible. Whew! That was close!

this is funny unstuck vending machine brianna

coras getrs stuck too

Oh no! Not Coral, too! And isn’t this the vending machine that she just spoke to? The nerve of that vending machine for being so defiant! Coral can hardly believe it and she shakes that vending machine, “Didn’t I talk to you nicely before this started…and you still won’t give me that simmie? Well, I’ll show you!”

and coral really gives that vending machine a bump

And Coral gives that vending machine a really big hip bump!

look at that determination

And Coral puts her shoulder into it for extra power. 

coral has hurt her shoulder

Maybe too much shoulder action. Coral seems to have injured her arm.

i guess the sore shoulder was worth it she got her simmie

I guess the sore shoulder was worth it, because she got her simmie collectible. Medic! Medic! Where the heck is Benny?

ravens machine has now stuck

They continue inserting their simoleons, and now Raven’s vending machine is stuck.

give me that simmie collectible

take that you vending machine

She shakes it and gives it a hip bump…but the vending machine is winning and Raven is not. The vending machine is still stuck! And Raven gets a “Waste of Time” angry moodlet. What? Oh no! Raven will have to ‘shake’ the vending machine again. Noooo…!

Author’s Note: At this point, I am thinking that maybe I should have just gone with the vending machines that they got something from, and not have them ‘shake’ the vending machine to get every simmie. Oh well, too late to change the rules now. I am literally holding my breath as Raven shakes the vending machine for the second time.

i dont think this is a good thing

Raven gives the vending machine another good shake and then she actually climbs up on the vending machine! What are you doing? Unbelievable! No! Raven get down!

i am going to get that

But she isn’t listening and she is just shouting, “Give me that simmie! Give me that simmie!” in Simlish, of course. This is like a scene from a horror flick.

vending machine has fallen on raven

And then it happens! The vending machine falls right on top of Raven! No! This can’t be it! And Raven is straining to get that vending machine off of her. Come on Raven…PUSH!

trying to get this thing off of herself

Raven is determined and she is now using her legs, all the while shouting, “I want that simmie!”

she got it up

Raven has got that vending machine up…well…almost. This doesn’t look good. Will Raven have the strength to push that vending machine all the way up, or will it fall back down on her?

1st person mode

(First person view) Raven is sprawled on the ground looking up at that vending machine. She will not be outdone by a vending machine. “Give me that simmie! I am going on that overnight trip with Rick!” Raven gives it another shove, and…

and she did it raven woot

…Raven does it! Dang! That’s exhausting! But more importantly, does she have a run in those nylons? Now get away from there before that vending machine changes it’s mind and falls on you again. Get up! Raven was victorious, and gets her simmie, but she is also pretty battered and bruised from being squashed by the vending machine! Um, Benny? Medic! Medic! We need a stretcher – STAT! Get this sim off the field.

raven got sqaushed by a vending machineraven autonomously knits on the toilet


Raven decides to take a little break after that and heads to the restroom to do some knitting. She’s probably working on some mittens for her trip.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the results are…


Brianna and her simmie collection. She had to ‘shake’ two different vending machines, and was able to get all 10 simmies.


This is one of her unique simmies, Mayor Whiskers Simmi (regular simmi, 4 stars, worth $250 simoleons). I thought this was rather cute, since she has the ‘Cat Lover’ trait. Congratulations to Brianna with a total value of $850.

briannas simmi totals


Coral and her simmie collection. She had to ‘shake’ just one vending machine, but she got rather injured doing so. She was able to get all 10 simmies.

golden yamachan

This is one of her unique simmies, Golden Yamachan Simmi (golden simmie, 1 star, worth $250 simoleons). Maybe this is a hint that she will win this contest, as Yamachan is the mascot for Mt. Komorebi. We’ll soon find out! Congratulations to Coral with a total value of $1,525.

corals simmi totals


Raven and her simmie collection. She had to ‘shake’ two different vending machines. One vending machine was still stuck after the first ‘shake’ and she had to ‘shake’ it again. There was certainly a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going on” for Raven in this contest. She was able to get all 10 simmies.


This is one of her unique simmies, Medieval Grim Simmi (regular simmi, 5 stars, worth $500 simoleons). I thought this was rather appropriate since Raven was ‘tempting death’ and risking her life when she shook that vending machine twice. Congratulations to Raven with a total value of $1,900.

ravens simmie totals

And the winner is Raven Xang with a total of $1,900. Congratulations, Raven! You will be heading on a 2-night overnight trip with Rick to Mt. Komorebi. In second place is Coral Reeves and third place is Brianna Hammond. Coral and Brianna will be heading off on 1-night overnight trips with Rick. Congratulations to all!

Tomorrow, the contestants and Rick will be travelling to Oasis Springs to work on their rock climbing skills. Afterwards, they will be heading to a ski shop in Windenburg, where they will be fully outfitted for their trip. And finally, they will end their night with a Group Outing to The Sand Bar in Sulani. What a day! Until tomorrow, Wikii Wikii Wii from Sulani!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On“, song by Jerry Lee Lewis, 1964.

If anyone decides to do this as a contest, I would suggest that you don’t have your sim shake the vending machine to dislodge the simmie. There are two new deaths in the Snowy Escape pack, and Death By Vending Machine is one of them, where you are crushed by the vending machine. So, instead, just line up those vending machines, plug your simoleons in and whatever amount of simmies comes out, use those to calculate the final total, even if it’s simmies from 8 of the 10 vending machines. Much safer.

I also found that if a vending machine is on the lot and a simmie is stuck in it, sims will autonomously go and ‘shake’ that vending machine. Gotta have that simmie, right?

Simmi capsules can be obtained from the Simmies Vending Machine in the different neighborhoods of Mt. Komorebi. You can also purchase the vending machine in buy mode for $1,000 simoleons. Each simmie costs $50 simoleons to purchase in the vending machine. Collect all 15 types and you complete the Simmie Collection and receive a Simmi Capsule Collection Plaque. There are various simmies, and the golden simmies are worth more. Children visiting Mt. Komorebi may ask for a simmie from Yamachan, the town’s mascot. Read more about the Simmie Collectibles and the vending machine death in The Gamer.


16 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Mt. Komorebi Solo Overnight Vacation Competition

      1. I had read about the vending machine deaths, and it is all of the vending machine. I was testing a lot in another save file and it was the hot items vending machine. New, just plunked it on the lot and the darn thing got stuck. I had the sim shake and shake again and the item was still stuck. I wasn’t going to go any further because their moodlet had a close call with two bandages in the moodlet. I figured that if they tried again, they would then die. So, I wasn’t risking it and just deleted the vendor machines from that build.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh…thanks….will actually be starting this one up in the new year because Rick has to find his somebody to love. I am starting a mini new challenge Surivor and have a casting call for it if you are interested in submitting a wild and crazy sim, or even your girl scout. She would be a fun addition. Posted in the forums, deadline is Aug. 31. Let me know and I will reserve a spot for you.

      Liked by 1 person

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