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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Group Outing ~ Part 1

cover shot roxie group date skiSul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, that was an exciting competition yesterday! It’s amazing what these contestants will do to win! Did you see Brianna, Coral and Raven wildly shake their vending machines? And then Raven climbing up on that vending machine and it fell on her? My heart was in a-flutter at the sight of one of the contestants in a death grip with a vending machine. And just to let you know that I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, made a call to the producers and told them a piece of my mind about using ‘risky’ items in a competition. It is just a good thing that no-one was seriously injured, and Benny was able to administer to their bumps and bruises. And this morning, the contestants do not seem to be suffering any ill-effects from yesterday’s competition.

That is wonderful news because today, Rick and the contestants are heading off on a Group Outing to get ready for Mt. Komorebi. Apparently one of the outdoor activities that is ‘all the rage’ in Mt. Komorebi is rock climbing. Now, the contestants won’t be able to climb to the mountain summit during their overnight with Rick, but they will be able to do a bit of rock climbing. So, today they are heading to a rock climbing gym in Oasis Springs to get in some conditioning. Afterwards, it’s off to Windenburg to a Ski and Snowboard Shop to get outfitted in the latest skiwear and get some custom boards. Then, it’s back to Sulani for a relaxing evening of dinner and drinks at The Sand Bar. What a fabulous day! Now let’s head on over to the Bachelor House to see what Rick and the contestants are up to.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

brianna and raven autonomously painting

Raven and Brianna are doing a bit of painting autonomously, and painting the same painting no less. Looks like a portrait of someone running.

rick jogging

Aha! Maybe this is their inspiration! These contestants just can’t get Rick out of their minds. Right? Rick is oblivious to what they’re painting as he heads off for a jog before the Group Outing.

coral reading skiing book on rocker

Meanwhile, inside, Coral is sitting in the new rocking chair in the living room. And what’s this? She is reading a skiing book! Since Coral has never been skiing, or seen snow for that matter, she wants to get a head start on her ‘ski lessons’. She’s probably thinking of wowing Rick on the slopes with her moves, since he has never been skiing either. Of course, the producers have purchased skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing books for everyone and placed them in their personal inventory.

Rick returns from his jog, and everyone is ready to go. First stop…Vital Climb Gym in Oasis Springs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival at rock climbing gym rick

Rick and the contestants arrive at the rock climbing gym. All the contestants and Rick are eager to try rock climbing, as none of them have done this before.

Authors’ Notes: The ‘Top Hitz Rock Climbing Wall’ comes with the Fitness Pack. Prior to Snowy Escape, rock climbing was a hidden trait, and when sims used the rock climbing wall, they would gain fitness skill. When level 3 of Climb (climb overhang) was unlocked, so was the rock climbing hidden skill. However, now with the Snowy Escape pack, as soon as a sim starts using the rock climbing wall, they gain the rock climbing skill and the fitness skill. Two skills in one! I was pleasantly surprised by this as the contestants were able to obtain the rock climbing skill right away.

rick chats with one of the rock climbing instructors

One of the rock climbing instructors, Anna McElroy, met them outside and Rick told her they were getting ready for a trip to Mt. Komorebi.

“I’m glad you’re taking the time to prepare. I’ve climbed to the mountain summit myself many times, and often, I see inexperienced climbers on vacation trying to climb the mountain. Some are fortunate and make it to the top, while others…well, they aren’t so lucky. When you get your rock climbing skills up sufficiently, I would be happy to help you plan a Mountain Excursion. Believe me, the view from the top is unbelievable!” Anna said.

brianna starts a warm up on the treadmill

Anna led them inside to the locker rooms where they changed into their fitness clothes. She suggested they do some stretching exercises first, or a bit of a warm up. Brianna decided to do a warm-up run on the treadmill.

coral does some warmup weight lifting

Coral decided to do a strength conditioning warm-up on the weight lifting machine.


Raven and Rick did the stretching exercises and some push-ups and then decided to head to the rock wall. They both programmed in ‘Climb Gentle Incline.’

Author’s Notes: I had already purchased the ‘gym rat’ trait for Rick with reward points, so I did the same for Brianna, Coral and Raven.


And pretty soon, they are all climbing the rock wall. Look at them go!


Brianna, Coral and Raven are all doing well, but Rick loses his grip and jumps down. This is harder than he thought it would be. After their rock climbing cycle ended, both Brianna and Coral didn’t want to climb anymore, as they both had the “Fatigued” uncomfortable moodlet from working out.

fatigued moodlet

Author’s Note: With the ‘Fatigued” moodlet, you can’t rock climb for 4 hours. All of the choices to rock climb are greyed out. That was kind of frustrating, even with the gym rat trait.

brianna taking a muscle relaxing soak

Brianna decided to head to the sunken tub and take a muscle relaxing soak. She was planning on reading more about rock climbing techniques and practice on that rock climbing wall at the Bachelor House.


Coral may not be able to rock climb, but that didn’t stop her from heading back to the weight lifting machine (autonomously). She just needed to build more arm strength, and then she could conquer that wall.


Raven and Rick had re-set their machines for another climb. This time for a vertical incline. Rick also called over Marcus Flex, the gym instructor, for some one-on-one mentoring. 

Halfway through her climb, Raven fell off the wall and called it quits. It was almost time to head to their next location, so she wisely headed to the shower.

Their time at the gym proved beneficial, and they all ended up with an increased fitness skill (Brianna-Fitness-3; Coral-Fitness-4; Raven-Fitness-3; Rick-Fitness-4), and all were at least level 1 in rock climbing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival at ski shop rick

Rick and the contestants arrive in Windenburg at the Ski and Snowboard Shop. Brianna, Coral and Raven are looking forward to a little retail therapy.

sliis and boards and sleds out front

They head around to the the side and admire several sets of skis and snowboards. They are all pretty excited as they head in the front doors.

rick talked to the sales clerk

The Ski and Snowboard Shop was a two-story building which sold everything for the avid skier, snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast. Yamoto Takagi was the owner. An avid snowboarder himself, Yamoto was a snowboard halfpipe superstar, who had won several competitions at a young age. But due to a very severe injury, was unable to compete again. Now, Yamoto puts his love of snowboarding into crafting custom snowboards. His business, known throughout the SimWorld, expanded to include mountain biking, rock climbing and outfitting groups for mountain excursions.

Rick headed over to one of the sales clerks and introduced himself and said he was looking for Yamoto, the owner of the store. 

“Yamoto is just finishing up with another group and will be with you shortly. But if you need any help, just ask either Mai or myself for help. My name is Shigeru Suzuki and my passion is rock climbing and mountain biking. Mai Uchida is one of our fashion fitters, and she could give some advice to the ladies, if they like. And, of course, Yamoto, does the custom skis and snowboards here. Feel free to look around…” said Shigeru.

the ladies looked around

Brianna, Coral and Raven looked around the store. There was a small area under the stairs which held mountain bikes, and some displays of men’s clothing. But, almost the whole first floor was dedicated to boards. From floor to ceiling were skis and snowboards in every color imaginable, several with intricate designs.

rick tries on an outfit

Rick had wandered over to look at some ski clothes and asked Shigeru if he could try on an outfit. Rick came out of the change room and was excited with his choice. 

Coral walked over to have a look at him, “Ooh! That looks nice on you, Rick!” she exclaimed. Rick might not know how to ski, but he would sure look good on the slopes.

brianna and raven check out the uptairs

Shigeru had told the ladies that the ladies’ fashions were on the second floor, so Brianna and Coral headed upstairs. Coral followed, after admiring a snowboard on the first floor.

raven getting fitted for a ski suit

A sales clerk came over to help them. Her name was Mai Uchida. Mai welcomed Raven, Brianna and Coral, and had recognized them all from the Bachelor in Paradise Show. She told them that she would measure them all for skiwear, and while they waited, they were free to browse or read a book from the ‘ski lessons’ library.

Raven was fitted first. “Raven-san, I saw the last episode when you battled that vending machine! You are most courageous. I would be honored to fit you with some skiwear,” said Mai as she measured Raven and brought her the first outfit.

it was a nice outfit but raven wanted something black

Raven thought that the first outfit was nice, but told Mai that she preferred something black. Mai took more measurements and looked at a color chart and chatted while she worked.

“Raven-san, I am from Mt. Komorebi and aside from the snow sports, there are some lovely mountain hikes that you might want to go on. If you are staying in the Yukimatsu area, which is near the ski slopes, there are three lovely trails. I always feel that hiking brings sims closer together with nature and with each other,” explained Mai.

“Oh that sounds like a good idea. Rick really likes the outdoors and I would love to explore Mt. Komorebi,” replied Raven.

so a bit of mysery in mt komorebi

Mai continued whispering, “And there is a chance that you may encounter some forest spirits…”

“Forest spirits?” Raven asked surprised.

“Yes…Mt. Komorebi is steeped in tradition, culture and legends. If you see a forest spirit, you should make a wish,” replied Mai.

“Ooh! A bit of mystery in Mt. Komorebi! Do you have a hiking trail in particular that you would recommend?” asked Raven.

raven absolutely love the outfit

“There are several, and one of my favorites in Yukimatsu is the Hike to the Cave Statue. I would recommend purchasing some bug repellent before you hike, and we have a selection to choose from,” suggested Mai, as she helped Raven on with a ski jacket.

“Mai!” exclaimed Raven, “This is the perfect outfit! If we have time, I will try to go on that hike. Thank you so much for your help.”

Mai smiled and told Raven that she had several other outfits in mind for her. She also gave Raven a hiking trail map and some hand-crafted nutrition bars as a gift.

rick talks to yamato the owner fo the store

Meanwhile, downstairs, Yamoto had finished with the other group, and was making several recommendations to Rick.

“So, you’re all noobs? Well, don’t use those rental ‘plankers’ the ski resort provides. Those things are ‘jangly’ and will make you feel every bump on the ‘Bunny Slopes’! Rick, I have some custom ‘plankers’ and boards that I have put aside for you, bro. You will ‘rip’ up the terrain like nobody’s business! You certainly don’t want to ‘wipe out’ in front of those snow babes. Bro, trust me, with a bit of practice, these boards, and some ‘rad’ skiwear, you will look ‘steezy’ on the slopes! I’m going to take care of you personally…” Yamoto said bringing Rick over to some blue skis.

“Now these ‘plankers’ were made for ‘pow’! I love big ‘dumps’! Nothing like making ‘first tracks’…” Yamoto continued enthusiastically.

Rick wasn’t quite sure what Yamoto was talking about with all the ski lingo, so he just nodded his head and followed Yamoto around the store. Rick found out that ‘plankers’ referred to skis, a ‘dump’ referred to an epic snowfall, ‘pow’ was short for powder snow, and ‘first tracks’ meant the first one skiing through fresh snow on a slope. Okay, he was getting this.

coral tried on an outfit

Coral had headed over to the hiking section and tried on one of the outfits. Oh, she really liked this one!

rick you look great

Rick had come upstairs with Yamoto, who was fitting him for some outfits on the fitting station. Rick seemed to like the jacket he had on, but Yamoto wasn’t happy with the pants or shoes and told Rick he had another idea.

mai taking measurements coral

Mai had finished helping Raven and told Coral she was ready for her. 

“Coral-san, I saw the episode when you were “discovered” and told Rick about your family. You have a great inner strength. I would be honored to fit you with some skiwear,” said Mai as she brought Coral over to the fitting station. Mai told Coral that she was from Mt. Komorebi, so if there was anything that Coral wanted to know, she should ask.

“Well, I’ve never skied before. In fact, I have never seen snow before. I’m kind of worried that being out on the slopes all day will get me rather dehydrated…” said Coral.

“Coral-san, you need not worry. We have some Galactic Vita-Water for sale in the store, so just keep some on you. It is very refreshing and you will feel fully recharged,” answered Mai. 

“That is a great idea, Mai. You know, in Sulani, all I have to do is swim in the ocean and then I am fully rehydrated. There wouldn’t be anywhere to swim in Mt. Komorebi, would there?” Coral asked.

i love this color

“Oh, that is a good question. Not all of your time will be spent on the slopes and there is a wonderful place to swim in the Wakaba neighborhood. You can go for a swim near the waterfall in the Wakaba River. It is a beautiful place,” Mai said as she showed Coral the first outfit.

Coral looked at herself in the mirror. “Mai, how did you know my favorite color was green?” Coral asked excitedly, “This is perfect. Thank you.”

Mai smiled and told Coral that she had several other outfits in mind for her. She also gave Coral a hiking trail map and some of the Galactic Vita-Water as a gift.

brianna was next ski outfit

Brianna was next and Mai led her to the fitting station. “Brianna-san, I saw the episode where you and Dolphina bonded together. You have great compassion. I would be honored to fit you with some skiwear,” she said. Mai also told Brianna she was from Mt. Komorebi if Brianna wanted to ask her anything.

“Well, Mai, I was wondering if there were any…uh…romantic places, like après-ski places we could go? Maybe somewhere for dinner? You know, traditional Mt. Komorebi fare?” asked Brianna.

“Ah, of course. Brianna-san you are very wise as well. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There are several places. Teppanyaki, sushi, noodles…” Mai said as she showed Brianna the first outfit.

brianna wasnt quite sure about the color

Mai was interrupted by Yamoto asking her to go into the storeroom and get the newly arrived skiwear for Rick. Mai excused herself from Brianna and told her that Riko Wada, her assistant, would attend to her.

Riko came over and spoke to Brianna, “Brianna-san, I see you in something brighter. Much brighter! You want to be eye-catching on the slopes! Vibrant! Full of life! A sim others will notice! I have just the thing!” she said, as she pulled up a color swatch and went to get the item for Brianna.

mai was in demand so she asked her assistant to help

“Here you go!” Riko exclaimed, “Isn’t is just the greatest sweater? It will keep you warm through those thundersnowstorms! And, other sims will notice you! Oh yes they will!” Riko smiled looking at Brianna in the sweater.

“gffh…mmph…mmm…ig…” Brianna tried to say something but her words were rather muffled. She pulled the scarf down to talk, “It’s a bit scratchy and a little big…” she finally blurted out.itchy sweater brianna

Just then Mai returned from the storeroom and rolled her eyes when she saw what Riko had dressed Brianna in.

“Riko, I believe these were in the ‘returns’ pile. We are shipping these back to the vendor. Customers have complained that they are too itchy. And we want Brianna-san to stand out…but in a sexy kind of way…” Mai said as she helped Brianna off with the sweater and handed it to Riko.

my apologies brianna

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I thought these were new…” Riko said as she looked at the sweater and headed towards the storeroom.

“My apologies, Brianna-san, she is still in training. Now let’s get you something that you will look great in…” Mai said as she checked her color palette.

“Um, Mai…you were talking about the restaurants in Mt. Komorebi…” continued Brianna.

“Oh, yes, there are several and all are very good. But if you are fortunate to be there during a festival, I would encourage you to attend. My favorite is the Festival of Light. The food stall there serves taiyaki, which are fish-shaped cakes that come with a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory. They are even more delicious when shared,” Mai said to Brianna as she helped her on with an outfit.

I adore these boots brianna

Brianna smiled and hoped she would be there while the festival was on. She turned around and admired herself in the mirror, “Oh Mai! I adore these boots! Thank you so much for your help!”

“I knew you would like them!” Mai smiled and told Brianna that she had several other outfits in mind for her. She also gave Brianna a hiking trail map and some hand-crafted energy bars as a gift.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Once everything had been purchased, Rick headed downstairs with Yamoto to have him ring up the sale. Rick added three other items to the pile, out of sight of the contestants, and Yamoto winked at Rick when he saw them.

they bought out most of the store

As they left the store, Rick looked at all the out of stock signs. They had practically bought out the store! It was getting late, and it was time to head back to Sulani for a night at The Sand Bar.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(To Be Continued in Part 2 …)


Author’s Notes:

The addition of -san behind their names is an acceptable Japanese greeting for a friend. Read more HERE.

When Rick and the contestants arrived at the gym, a paparazzi NPC sim also showed up by the name of Anna McElroy. She looked like an outdoorsy type in that vest, so she became the rock climbing expert.

At the Ski and Snowboard Shop, Yamoto Takagi, Shigeru Suzuki, Mai Uchida, and Riko Wada were the NPC sim sales clerks. Yamoto just happened to be behind the counter when Rick was talking to him so he became the owner. I thought it would be fun if he used some ski lingo when he spoke to Rick. I had Mai in the role of skiwear fitter for the contestants. Riko was Mai’s trainee assistant. Mai was also a confidante who would give them some tips on where they might visit on their trip. It was a good way to give some background info on Mt. Komorebi.

Build Credit:

Vital Climb Gym is a Maxis build. I added 2 extra rock climbing walls.

vital climb gym build photo

Thanks to this simmer for creating the Ski and Snowboard Shop. I just set some skis and snowboards outside, added an outside display and some pine trees on the lot, but otherwise, used as is. Fantastic build.

ski and snowboard shop photo credit


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