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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date With Brianna

roxanna cover brianna solo dateSul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! After viewing the outtakes of yesterday’s Toddler Mania competition, I can certainly appreciate what a marvelous caregiver Mary Poppins truly is. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, had no idea that those sweet, adorable toddlers could be such a handful and that being a caregiver could be so…uh…demanding. But the good news is that the toddlers and contestants all survived and that Brianna Hammond proved that she was the best caregiver in the challenge. Congratulations Brianna!

And so today, Rick and Brianna will head off on a Solo Date, which marks their third solo date together. With this milestone, does Rick have something special in mind? Let’s find out and head over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Rick and Brianna.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

brianna opening shot solo date

“I was pretty excited winning that challenge yesterday, although it was close with Raven, as we tied. But I think the thing that upped my points for the win was my cooking skill. I know how all those toddlers loved my grilled cheese sandwiches. So, when Rick spoke to me last night about plans for our date, he told me it would be my choice. And the first thing that popped into my head was food, okay well maybe not the first thing…but yes, I have been wanting to grill a tuna steak for Rick since I got here, and I thought this would be my chance. Hey, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I am hoping to make an even greater impression on Rick with my cooking skills. When I told Rick I wanted to grill some dinner for him, he looked at me strangely and then winked at me and said ‘I have a place in mind.’ So, I still don’t know where we’re actually going, but it just warms my heart that he gave me a choice of what to do on this date.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick waiting for brianna with the bikes

Rick stood by two bicycles as he waited for Brianna to emerge from the house. When he saw her come down the stairs and walk towards him, he couldn’t help but smile thinking how beautiful she looked. He was really looking forward to spending the day with her.


“Bicycles?” laughed Brianna.

For a moment Rick looked concerned, thinking that maybe Brianna didn’t know how to ride a bike. “You can ride a bike, right?” asked Rick.

“Of course! I used to ride my bike all the time when I was young. From the moment I got up until I had to come home. I rode that bike everywhere,” replied Brianna.

“Yeah, I was pretty much the same. Except my bike looked a bit different than these bikes do,” laughed Rick.

“Let me guess. Your bike had a banana seat and those high handlebars…” Brianna smirked.


“How’d you know?” laughed Rick, “And I bet yours was pink with streamers on the handles…” Rick said raising an eyebrow.

“Well, actually, it was a used blue coaster bike, that my Dad got from a friend. So, no, it wasn’t pink. But my Dad did spruce it up with one of those horn bells. You know the ones that have a rubber squeeze bulb attached to the horn. It was loud. You could certainly hear me coming!” laughed Brianna reminiscing a bit, “My Dad was very much into safety.”

“Well, it’s good we have these now,” replied Rick, handing her a bike helmet.

“Thanks. So, we’re riding to a…park…?” Brianna asked, trying to guess where they were going, slinging her backpack over her shoulder.

going to a park rev


“This is actually the first leg of our journey. I heard you had quite the shopping list for that dinner you’re going to fix, so I thought we’d stop at a market to get supplies first,” Rick said.

“Oh, I gave that list to Afu. I wasn’t sure how he was going to get all the ingredients in time,” answered Brianna.


“No worries. Afu spoke to me about it, and I told him we would get them on our way. Makes it a bit more fun and you’ll love this market. Plus, it’s very close to where we have to go next,” replied Rick as he put his helmet on his head.

“That sounds great, Rick!” replied Brianna as they pushed off and biked up the path.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

they parked their bikes

They arrived at the market and placed their bikes in the bike rack. Rick told Brianna he would be right back, as he had to talk to the proprietor about some items he had reserved.

rick checking out the wine area

buying some flowers

Brianna had never been to this market before. All the smells and the bustle of the place, was wonderful. She spied a hand shopping basket, and picked it up wandering the different stalls. By the time Rick returned, carrying a bag, she was almost done.

talking to the fish vendor

visiting the market

“Well, that was quick…” exclaimed Rick, “I was rather hoping that I could follow you around and see what you were buying.”

were all set

“Well, you’ll find out soon enough!” flirted Brianna, as they headed to the cash and Rick paid for the groceries.

“I’m glad those bikes have baskets to place the groceries in,” said Brianna looking around trying to find the bikes.

“Oh, we won’t be using those anymore. No, we’re going to head across the street and use the outrigger canoes to get to our next location,” smiled Rick.

“And where might that be?” enquired Brianna looking intently at Rick.

i was hoping youd come to my place

“Well, I was wondering…I was hoping…um…well…that you’d like to come back to my place,” Rick said hesitantly. When Rick had thought about taking Brianna to his little spit of land, it had seemed like a good idea, but thinking about it now, perhaps a park would be better.

back to the bachelor house

“To your place? Like back to the Bachelor House?” Brianna said almost sadly. She had really hoped that they would be going somewhere alone together.

would you like to come to my place

“Oh no…not there…back to MY place…my island home…it’s not much…and it’s pretty rustic…but it’s…it’s really beautiful and peaceful there…” Rick said, wondering what Brianna would say.

to your place yes yes

“You want me to come back to your place? To see where you live?” asked Brianna astonished that he would ask her there.

“Yes,” replied Rick simply, “But if you’d prefer to head to a park, I know a nice one nearby…”

your place where you live id love to

“Rick, I would love to go to your place. It sounds wonderful and just the kind of location I was thinking about,” enthused Brianna.

“Alright then!” said Rick, carrying the grocery bags and heading towards the dock with Brianna.

briannas thoughts about going to ricks place

“Wow! I can’t believe I am going to see where Rick actually lives! I feel like this is a big step. I kind of feel like it is, but then, maybe I am making more out of this than it really is,” thought Brianna.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

heading off to ricks place

They landed the outrigger canoes on the sandy shore, and Rick helped Brianna out of the boat. He waved an arm around and said, “Welcome to my humble abode. I guess you could call this the front door…”

the place is amazing rick

Brianna looked around in awe, “Rick, this is amazing. This is the most incredible view I have ever seen!”

“And I might add, that the back door view is just as nice,” Rick smiled as he took Brianna’s hand in his and they walked down the path together.

were here at my place

When they came to the clearing, Rick told Brianna to close her eyes, “I warn you, it’s not much, but it’s home. Okay, you can open your eyes now…”

Brianna slowly opened her eyes, not sure what to expect. When she got her bearings, she looked around. There was some type of shelter on the site, but it didn’t look very large. She also spied a roof in amongst the palms. Everything else seemed to be out in the open, but it was very neat and tidy.

let me welcome you to my home

“I bought some ice, so let me put those groceries in the cooler and then I can give you a quick tour,” said Rick as he unpacked the ice and placed items in the cooler. He then unpacked the other items and placed them in a small wooden box nearby.

kissing briannas hands

“Before we begin, I do need to do something to properly welcome you to my home,” said Rick as he took Brianna’s hands in his and kissed them lightly.

“Oh, so is this what you do with all the other sims who you invite here?” asked Brianna blushing.

“Actually, Brianna, you’re the first sim I have ever invited here. Don’t get me wrong, Manu and his wife, Noelani, have certainly come over to visit, more like just dropped in from time to time, but, no, I have never actually invited anyone over. I guess that sounds kind of strange, but the place doesn’t really appeal to everyone. It’s off the grid, and my kitchen consists of my grill, a fire pit and a cooler. There is no electricity here, but I do have running water. But, come on…I’ll show you…” said Rick as he led the way around the site pointing things out as they walked.

and this is my garden rick

“…and finally, this is my very small garden…” said Rick, pointing to the garden planter filled with vegetables, “it’s nice to have some fresh fruit and vegetables on hand,” he added.

“I couldn’t agree more! My mother has this huge garden in our backyard. She can’t wait until the snow melts to plant some crops. Inside, on the windowsill, she has herb pots. She always told me that fresh ingredients are the best, and it’s so true. I always try to cook with fresh ingredients when I can,” smiled Brianna.

brianna on ther island

“And that concludes the tour. And now, how about a drink?” asked Rick glancing at Brianna.

“Oh, that sounds nice,” Brianna brightened as Rick led the way to the bar area.

“If you like, we could venture out into the deep water for some deep sea diving. I have a spare rebreather you can use. Or, we could just stay around here and swim. Entirely your choice,” said Rick as he mixed up a citrus swig.

“My choice again, huh?” smiled Brianna, “Well, it’s a good thing I brought along my bathing suit, just in case, so, yes, I’d love to do some deep sea diving.”

Rick lifted his glass and made a toast, “Cheers! To continuing a great day together!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

wearing their rebreathers

The rest of the afternoon was spent diving in the deep water. They went down a few times using the rebreather, and then when they came up, Rick spotted Dolphina.

brianna meeting dolphina

“Brianna,” Rick said as he swam towards her, “You’re in luck! You get to meet Dolphina!”

fun with dolphins

“Oh Dolphina, I’ve missed you girl,” Rick said affectionately to the dolphin, as Dolphina splashed Rick.

what a special day

Rick continued, “Yes, yes, I brought someone along for you to meet. Her name is Brianna.”

hi there

“Wow, Brianna, I do believe she has taken a liking to you,” said Rick.

“I think Dolphina knows that I only have your best interests at heart,” replied Brianna, giving Dolphina a pet and whispering to her, “Dolphina, you are a very brave dolphin. Thank you for rescuing Rick,” finished Brianna.

rick brianna and dolphina

And with that, the dolphin dove underwater and appeared again before Rick.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Rick. Dolphina is truly devoted to you,” Brianna said, watching the dolphin.

she adores you rick

“She really adores you, Rick,” said Brianna.

“…and I can understand why”, thought Brianna.

meeting delphina

“Only because I give her fish snacks…” laughed Rick, as he tossed one into the air. Dolphina jumped for the snack, then came over to Rick and nuzzled his face, and just as quickly, dove underwater, leaving Rick and Brianna alone again.

in the water with brianna 2

“I’m so glad I got a chance to meet her. Dolphina is wonderful,” said Brianna.

“Yes, yes she is,” gushed Rick.

“I think she may be your dolphin girlfriend,” sighed Brianna, “I could have sworn she gave you a kiss good-bye”.

Rick laughed and swam closer to Brianna, “Oh, now, don’t you be getting jealous of Dolphina, because, afterall…she is a dolphin…”

thank you rick for letting me meet dolphina

“…and I much prefer…”

rick gives brianna a kiss in the water

“…kissing you…” Rick whispered.

it was time to head back to shore


The sun was setting and it was time to head back. From the look of it, I believe that Rick and Brianna enjoyed their time in the water. Don’t you agree?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coming ashore

When they arrived back on shore, Brianna said that she was going to start dinner. Rick cleaned the grill for Brianna before he headed for a shower and to change. When he came out, he smelled the wonderful aroma first. And when he rounded the corner, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

rick lot transform 2

“Am I in the right spot?” Rick asked astounded, “My place never looked so good!”

brianna waiting for rick for dinner

“Oh, I hope you don’t mind…I found some items in your storage box…and I had actually bought some candles at the market,” Brianna finished.

rick look of amazement

“It looks amazing. Anytime you want to redecorate, be my guest…” Rick laughed, “and I have to add, that you look pretty amazing, too. Where did you change?”

“Oh, I changed in your hut. It’s pretty small in there, but I managed…” Brianna laughed.

toasting with brianna

“Yes, it’s pretty tight, but for one, it’s fine,” Rick agreed, heading over to the bar area, “While you were busy shopping at the market, I headed over to the wine merchant and picked up a bottle of wine for dinner. It’s an island wine, a pineapple sparkling wine.  I hope that’s a good choice.”

Brianna glanced at the bottle, “Oh, that’s perfect!” Brianna said as they made a toast together.

“Everything is ready…shall we begin?” said Brianna inviting Rick to help himself.

ive been waiting for this all day

“I have been anticipating this dinner since you told me you wanted to make me dinner last night,” confessed Rick.

“Really? I’m flattered,” beamed Brianna, “So, is the tuna as good as your garlic herbed lemon version?” Brianna smirked.

so good

“Oh, you remembered…the secret family recipe…” laughed Rick, “Brianna, this is so much better…and that tropical salsa with it…it’s so, so, good…!” Rick said as he took another forkful.

“Thank you, Rick. I had actually thought of making “Tuna Wellington”, with puff pastry, but glad I kept it simple with grilling, as there is no stove here,” replied Brianna.

chatting over dinner together

“You’re right, there isn’t. You know, I have to admit that after our date at Pirate Pete’s Pastries, I did some sketches of a beach house. This place can be difficult, even for one, especially when the tropical monsoons come. Manu has been telling me for years, that I needed to have a more solid house. I just never saw a reason for it…until recently,” said Rick.

“You did some sketches of a beach house? Oh, I’d love to see them…” enthused Brianna.

“You would? Well, let me get them and I can show them to you over some coffee and dessert. They sold out of banana cake at the market, so I picked up some coconut cake instead. You know, I’ve actually been having some problems with the kitchen, so maybe you can look it over and give me your ideas…” said Rick as he cleared the plates.

dessert time

Settling down with the blueprints, hot coffee and coconut cake, Rick and Brianna discussed the house sketches, with Brianna giving her input into the kitchen and laughing at some of Rick’s crazy ideas like having a hole in the kitchen floor to catch fish…“…catch the fish and fry it up in a pan right then and there…makes it easy…” Rick laughed, “…and you don’t get wet when it’s raining…”

Brianna pointed out that if Rick was thinking of a family that the hole in the floor idea wouldn’t work too well with toddlers running around.

“You’re right…I wouldn’t want them to fall through the floor or anything…maybe not such a good idea after all…” agreed Rick making some changes on the blueprint.

rick lights the fire and nearly sets himself on fire

With the last drop of coffee drunk and the last morsel of coconut cake eaten, Brianna shivered slightly and Rick noticed. “Oh, you’re cold…let me light a fire to warm you up…” said Rick, heading over to the firepit. Egads, Rick! Light the fire, not your arm. Thankfully, Rick got that under control, and just applied some salve to the burn. Pretty soon, Rick had a blazing fire going.

almost perfect dinner

With Brianna sitting next to him by the fire, Rick said, “Brianna, you know, that was ALMOST a perfect dinner…”

are you going to do this on every date rick

“ALMOST?” Brianna said, raising an eyebrow in Rick’s direction.

“Yes, one thing was definitely missing…” Rick flirted.

“Oh really? And what was that?” Brianna said, flirting along.

“Well, you should be wearing an apron that says ‘Kiss the Cook’,” said Rick.

i dont have that type of apron

“Oh, is that all? Well, I actually don’t have one…” Brianna answered looking into Rick’s eyes.

“Well, I’ll have to get you one, so I can…um…kiss the cook…” said Rick as be placed his arm around Brianna.

“But you know, you don’t really need a reason to …um…kiss the cook…” Brianna answered, knowing what was coming next.

make out time with brianna

“You’re right, I don’t…” answered Rick, enveloping Brianna in his arms and kissing her. It was a slow, languid kiss, almost like they didn’t want the moment to end, almost like they didn’t want the evening to end.

Brianna felt Rick pull her closer and his kiss suddenly became more passionate. She felt the heat of his kiss and it burned a desire in her. She wanted more. She didn’t care if they never went back to the Bachelor House. Brianna just wanted to stay there with Rick, to never let this end. Rick pulled away suddenly, and murmured, “We…we should go…”

sweet caress

Brianna’s face was flushed, and she took a moment to catch her breath and smooth her hair. “Yes…yes…you’re right…,” Brianna answered, “I just…I just need to clean up those dishes…” Brianna said as she stood up suddenly and felt lightheaded. Rick caught her as she swayed.

“Probably just from the wine…” Brianna said looking up at Rick.

“Of course, the wine…” Rick answered. They stood there looking into each other’s eyes, and Rick caressed Brianna’s cheek with his hand.

a kiss with brianna

“The wine was good…” Rick said, placing his arm around Brianna’s waist, “…but not as good as kissing the cook…” Rick whispered, as he brought his lips down to Brianna’s once more to share another kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

brianna date thoughts rev

Brianna’s Date Thoughts:

This was Rick and my third Solo Date, and I really felt that this date was the best so far. Biking together, shopping at the market, and then Rick inviting me to “his” place. I felt like that was somehow a milestone in our relationship, and the fact that I was the first to be invited to his island tells me he wants me to know even more about him. And I met Dolphina! It was truly magical to see Rick and Dolphina together…and afterwards, in the water…that kiss…amazing…so romantic. And I got to finally make Rick that grilled tuna dinner! But you know, if I had burned dinner, he would have still eaten it, and made it a happy memory. That’s the kind of guy Rick is. He always makes me feel special. And the more I get to know Rick, the more I want to be with him. Oh yes…I so want to be with him. And the way he kissed me at the end of the night…wow…that kiss took my breath away. It was so hard for me not to just blurt out my feelings to him. I don’t know when it happened, or how it happened so fast, but I have fallen in love with Rick. There is no doubt in my mind that I am truly, madly, deeply* in love with Rick. But now, I feel so teary-eyed thinking of Rick, because…because if he chooses someone else, I know my heart will be broken. I can only hope that he will choose me.

Relationship Status Remains Unchanged as Lovers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Stalker Alert!

did raven follow ricjk and brianna

Raven is at it again! When Rick and Brianna were at the beach area, I glanced around, and saw Raven just standing there watching them. Had she followed them from the Bachelor House? The peculiar thing was that she was in an outfit that isn’t in her outfit choices, but somehow was randomly assigned by the game. Maybe Raven has a clone?

ok nice chatting with everyone

And here’s that townie who also crashed Rick and Iris’ date. He looks mad, or maybe it’s just his scuba mask. Rick and Brianna weren’t going to stick around to find out, and wisely left after this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Truly, Madly, Deeply” song by Savage Garden, 1997.

“The Market” was made using the lot, Farmers Market (Retail), and then adding a compilation of rooms created by these talented simmers. Thank you everyone!

farmers market retail photofish market photo

fruit and veg stand photovegetable stand photo


wine shop displaywine rack photo

grocery counter ohoto

spice rack photo

Rick’s Island Home was featured in his background chapters, but I did renovate it again to reflect Brianna’s ‘touches’ for the romantic dinner.

castaway island credit



4 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date With Brianna

  1. A lot of hot romance … you almost melt in the heat 💞💘

    You’re a dangerous seductive guy Rick! You are going to leave many broken hearts 🤨

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for reading. Rick is a nice guy and very easy to love. I do believe he has very deep feelings for several sims who are left, and they, in turn, have deep feelings for him. Yes, I can see a few broken hearts for sure.

      Liked by 2 people

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