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Have you ever dreamed of being a Cast-Away on a deserted island and have to survive in primitive conditions and live off-the-land with a group of fellow cast-aways? And then the best cast-away wins a great prize? Like we’re talking one million simoleons! Then, this is your chance!

Submit your Cast-Away for the Survivor Challenge. Your cast-away will be on one of two tribes and battle it out to see who will be the Ultimate Survivor!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Make friends and form alliances….


Work on your stamina and skills…


Or remain solo and plot revenge on the sim who stole your teddy bear…


Think up some strategies to survive…maybe become the best cook at camp…


Or even just relax and let others get picked off one by one and just enjoy this all-expense paid vacation in paradise…


Challenges will be both mental and physical…and….er…there are other challenges that your sim may encounter. So come prepared for anything!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1. Submit a Young Adult or Adult Sim or Alien sim (no other occults please) any gender.
2. NO CC
4. Any outfits (Have all game packs except Vampires, Journey to Batuu & Realm of Magic), If you choose an outfit of a pack I don’t have, I will assign one for them.
5. A brief biography for your sim, including: Name, Where From (World in the Sims franchise), Career, A bit about themselves; Why they want to be on Survivor.
6.Origin ID so I can find them.
7. Use #SOULGALCAST in the body of your sim’s description

Looking for a total of 14 sim submissions (2 tribes). Can your sim Outwit, Outlast, Outplay all the other sims and win Sims Survivor?


I’m a Survivor, Destiny’s Child, 2002.


Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Group Outing ~ Part 1

cover shot roxie group date skiSul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, that was an exciting competition yesterday! It’s amazing what these contestants will do to win! Did you see Brianna, Coral and Raven wildly shake their vending machines? And then Raven climbing up on that vending machine and it fell on her? My heart was in a-flutter at the sight of one of the contestants in a death grip with a vending machine. And just to let you know that I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, made a call to the producers and told them a piece of my mind about using ‘risky’ items in a competition. It is just a good thing that no-one was seriously injured, and Benny was able to administer to their bumps and bruises. And this morning, the contestants do not seem to be suffering any ill-effects from yesterday’s competition.

That is wonderful news because today, Rick and the contestants are heading off on a Group Outing to get ready for Mt. Komorebi. Apparently one of the outdoor activities that is ‘all the rage’ in Mt. Komorebi is rock climbing. Now, the contestants won’t be able to climb to the mountain summit during their overnight with Rick, but they will be able to do a bit of rock climbing. So, today they are heading to a rock climbing gym in Oasis Springs to get in some conditioning. Afterwards, it’s off to Windenburg to a Ski and Snowboard Shop to get outfitted in the latest skiwear and get some custom boards. Then, it’s back to Sulani for a relaxing evening of dinner and drinks at The Sand Bar. What a fabulous day! Now let’s head on over to the Bachelor House to see what Rick and the contestants are up to.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

brianna and raven autonomously painting

Raven and Brianna are doing a bit of painting autonomously, and painting the same painting no less. Looks like a portrait of someone running.

rick jogging

Aha! Maybe this is their inspiration! These contestants just can’t get Rick out of their minds. Right? Rick is oblivious to what they’re painting as he heads off for a jog before the Group Outing.

coral reading skiing book on rocker

Meanwhile, inside, Coral is sitting in the new rocking chair in the living room. And what’s this? She is reading a skiing book! Since Coral has never been skiing, or seen snow for that matter, she wants to get a head start on her ‘ski lessons’. She’s probably thinking of wowing Rick on the slopes with her moves, since he has never been skiing either. Of course, the producers have purchased skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing books for everyone and placed them in their personal inventory.

Rick returns from his jog, and everyone is ready to go. First stop…Vital Climb Gym in Oasis Springs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival at rock climbing gym rick

Rick and the contestants arrive at the rock climbing gym. All the contestants and Rick are eager to try rock climbing, as none of them have done this before.

Authors’ Notes: The ‘Top Hitz Rock Climbing Wall’ comes with the Fitness Pack. Prior to Snowy Escape, rock climbing was a hidden trait, and when sims used the rock climbing wall, they would gain fitness skill. When level 3 of Climb (climb overhang) was unlocked, so was the rock climbing hidden skill. However, now with the Snowy Escape pack, as soon as a sim starts using the rock climbing wall, they gain the rock climbing skill and the fitness skill. Two skills in one! I was pleasantly surprised by this as the contestants were able to obtain the rock climbing skill right away.

rick chats with one of the rock climbing instructors

One of the rock climbing instructors, Anna McElroy, met them outside and Rick told her they were getting ready for a trip to Mt. Komorebi.

“I’m glad you’re taking the time to prepare. I’ve climbed to the mountain summit myself many times, and often, I see inexperienced climbers on vacation trying to climb the mountain. Some are fortunate and make it to the top, while others…well, they aren’t so lucky. When you get your rock climbing skills up sufficiently, I would be happy to help you plan a Mountain Excursion. Believe me, the view from the top is unbelievable!” Anna said.

brianna starts a warm up on the treadmill

Anna led them inside to the locker rooms where they changed into their fitness clothes. She suggested they do some stretching exercises first, or a bit of a warm up. Brianna decided to do a warm-up run on the treadmill.

coral does some warmup weight lifting

Coral decided to do a strength conditioning warm-up on the weight lifting machine.


Raven and Rick did the stretching exercises and some push-ups and then decided to head to the rock wall. They both programmed in ‘Climb Gentle Incline.’

Author’s Notes: I had already purchased the ‘gym rat’ trait for Rick with reward points, so I did the same for Brianna, Coral and Raven.


And pretty soon, they are all climbing the rock wall. Look at them go!


Brianna, Coral and Raven are all doing well, but Rick loses his grip and jumps down. This is harder than he thought it would be. After their rock climbing cycle ended, both Brianna and Coral didn’t want to climb anymore, as they both had the “Fatigued” uncomfortable moodlet from working out.

fatigued moodlet

Author’s Note: With the ‘Fatigued” moodlet, you can’t rock climb for 4 hours. All of the choices to rock climb are greyed out. That was kind of frustrating, even with the gym rat trait.

brianna taking a muscle relaxing soak

Brianna decided to head to the sunken tub and take a muscle relaxing soak. She was planning on reading more about rock climbing techniques and practice on that rock climbing wall at the Bachelor House.


Coral may not be able to rock climb, but that didn’t stop her from heading back to the weight lifting machine (autonomously). She just needed to build more arm strength, and then she could conquer that wall.


Raven and Rick had re-set their machines for another climb. This time for a vertical incline. Rick also called over Marcus Flex, the gym instructor, for some one-on-one mentoring. 

Halfway through her climb, Raven fell off the wall and called it quits. It was almost time to head to their next location, so she wisely headed to the shower.

Their time at the gym proved beneficial, and they all ended up with an increased fitness skill (Brianna-Fitness-3; Coral-Fitness-4; Raven-Fitness-3; Rick-Fitness-4), and all were at least level 1 in rock climbing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival at ski shop rick

Rick and the contestants arrive in Windenburg at the Ski and Snowboard Shop. Brianna, Coral and Raven are looking forward to a little retail therapy.

sliis and boards and sleds out front

They head around to the the side and admire several sets of skis and snowboards. They are all pretty excited as they head in the front doors.

rick talked to the sales clerk

The Ski and Snowboard Shop was a two-story building which sold everything for the avid skier, snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast. Yamoto Takagi was the owner. An avid snowboarder himself, Yamoto was a snowboard halfpipe superstar, who had won several competitions at a young age. But due to a very severe injury, was unable to compete again. Now, Yamoto puts his love of snowboarding into crafting custom snowboards. His business, known throughout the SimWorld, expanded to include mountain biking, rock climbing and outfitting groups for mountain excursions.

Rick headed over to one of the sales clerks and introduced himself and said he was looking for Yamoto, the owner of the store. 

“Yamoto is just finishing up with another group and will be with you shortly. But if you need any help, just ask either Mai or myself for help. My name is Shigeru Suzuki and my passion is rock climbing and mountain biking. Mai Uchida is one of our fashion fitters, and she could give some advice to the ladies, if they like. And, of course, Yamoto, does the custom skis and snowboards here. Feel free to look around…” said Shigeru.

the ladies looked around

Brianna, Coral and Raven looked around the store. There was a small area under the stairs which held mountain bikes, and some displays of men’s clothing. But, almost the whole first floor was dedicated to boards. From floor to ceiling were skis and snowboards in every color imaginable, several with intricate designs.

rick tries on an outfit

Rick had wandered over to look at some ski clothes and asked Shigeru if he could try on an outfit. Rick came out of the change room and was excited with his choice. 

Coral walked over to have a look at him, “Ooh! That looks nice on you, Rick!” she exclaimed. Rick might not know how to ski, but he would sure look good on the slopes.

brianna and raven check out the uptairs

Shigeru had told the ladies that the ladies’ fashions were on the second floor, so Brianna and Coral headed upstairs. Coral followed, after admiring a snowboard on the first floor.

raven getting fitted for a ski suit

A sales clerk came over to help them. Her name was Mai Uchida. Mai welcomed Raven, Brianna and Coral, and had recognized them all from the Bachelor in Paradise Show. She told them that she would measure them all for skiwear, and while they waited, they were free to browse or read a book from the ‘ski lessons’ library.

Raven was fitted first. “Raven-san, I saw the last episode when you battled that vending machine! You are most courageous. I would be honored to fit you with some skiwear,” said Mai as she measured Raven and brought her the first outfit.

it was a nice outfit but raven wanted something black

Raven thought that the first outfit was nice, but told Mai that she preferred something black. Mai took more measurements and looked at a color chart and chatted while she worked.

“Raven-san, I am from Mt. Komorebi and aside from the snow sports, there are some lovely mountain hikes that you might want to go on. If you are staying in the Yukimatsu area, which is near the ski slopes, there are three lovely trails. I always feel that hiking brings sims closer together with nature and with each other,” explained Mai.

“Oh that sounds like a good idea. Rick really likes the outdoors and I would love to explore Mt. Komorebi,” replied Raven.

so a bit of mysery in mt komorebi

Mai continued whispering, “And there is a chance that you may encounter some forest spirits…”

“Forest spirits?” Raven asked surprised.

“Yes…Mt. Komorebi is steeped in tradition, culture and legends. If you see a forest spirit, you should make a wish,” replied Mai.

“Ooh! A bit of mystery in Mt. Komorebi! Do you have a hiking trail in particular that you would recommend?” asked Raven.

raven absolutely love the outfit

“There are several, and one of my favorites in Yukimatsu is the Hike to the Cave Statue. I would recommend purchasing some bug repellent before you hike, and we have a selection to choose from,” suggested Mai, as she helped Raven on with a ski jacket.

“Mai!” exclaimed Raven, “This is the perfect outfit! If we have time, I will try to go on that hike. Thank you so much for your help.”

Mai smiled and told Raven that she had several other outfits in mind for her. She also gave Raven a hiking trail map and some hand-crafted nutrition bars as a gift.

rick talks to yamato the owner fo the store

Meanwhile, downstairs, Yamoto had finished with the other group, and was making several recommendations to Rick.

“So, you’re all noobs? Well, don’t use those rental ‘plankers’ the ski resort provides. Those things are ‘jangly’ and will make you feel every bump on the ‘Bunny Slopes’! Rick, I have some custom ‘plankers’ and boards that I have put aside for you, bro. You will ‘rip’ up the terrain like nobody’s business! You certainly don’t want to ‘wipe out’ in front of those snow babes. Bro, trust me, with a bit of practice, these boards, and some ‘rad’ skiwear, you will look ‘steezy’ on the slopes! I’m going to take care of you personally…” Yamoto said bringing Rick over to some blue skis.

“Now these ‘plankers’ were made for ‘pow’! I love big ‘dumps’! Nothing like making ‘first tracks’…” Yamoto continued enthusiastically.

Rick wasn’t quite sure what Yamoto was talking about with all the ski lingo, so he just nodded his head and followed Yamoto around the store. Rick found out that ‘plankers’ referred to skis, a ‘dump’ referred to an epic snowfall, ‘pow’ was short for powder snow, and ‘first tracks’ meant the first one skiing through fresh snow on a slope. Okay, he was getting this.

coral tried on an outfit

Coral had headed over to the hiking section and tried on one of the outfits. Oh, she really liked this one!

rick you look great

Rick had come upstairs with Yamoto, who was fitting him for some outfits on the fitting station. Rick seemed to like the jacket he had on, but Yamoto wasn’t happy with the pants or shoes and told Rick he had another idea.

mai taking measurements coral

Mai had finished helping Raven and told Coral she was ready for her. 

“Coral-san, I saw the episode when you were “discovered” and told Rick about your family. You have a great inner strength. I would be honored to fit you with some skiwear,” said Mai as she brought Coral over to the fitting station. Mai told Coral that she was from Mt. Komorebi, so if there was anything that Coral wanted to know, she should ask.

“Well, I’ve never skied before. In fact, I have never seen snow before. I’m kind of worried that being out on the slopes all day will get me rather dehydrated…” said Coral.

“Coral-san, you need not worry. We have some Galactic Vita-Water for sale in the store, so just keep some on you. It is very refreshing and you will feel fully recharged,” answered Mai. 

“That is a great idea, Mai. You know, in Sulani, all I have to do is swim in the ocean and then I am fully rehydrated. There wouldn’t be anywhere to swim in Mt. Komorebi, would there?” Coral asked.

i love this color

“Oh, that is a good question. Not all of your time will be spent on the slopes and there is a wonderful place to swim in the Wakaba neighborhood. You can go for a swim near the waterfall in the Wakaba River. It is a beautiful place,” Mai said as she showed Coral the first outfit.

Coral looked at herself in the mirror. “Mai, how did you know my favorite color was green?” Coral asked excitedly, “This is perfect. Thank you.”

Mai smiled and told Coral that she had several other outfits in mind for her. She also gave Coral a hiking trail map and some of the Galactic Vita-Water as a gift.

brianna was next ski outfit

Brianna was next and Mai led her to the fitting station. “Brianna-san, I saw the episode where you and Dolphina bonded together. You have great compassion. I would be honored to fit you with some skiwear,” she said. Mai also told Brianna she was from Mt. Komorebi if Brianna wanted to ask her anything.

“Well, Mai, I was wondering if there were any…uh…romantic places, like après-ski places we could go? Maybe somewhere for dinner? You know, traditional Mt. Komorebi fare?” asked Brianna.

“Ah, of course. Brianna-san you are very wise as well. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There are several places. Teppanyaki, sushi, noodles…” Mai said as she showed Brianna the first outfit.

brianna wasnt quite sure about the color

Mai was interrupted by Yamoto asking her to go into the storeroom and get the newly arrived skiwear for Rick. Mai excused herself from Brianna and told her that Riko Wada, her assistant, would attend to her.

Riko came over and spoke to Brianna, “Brianna-san, I see you in something brighter. Much brighter! You want to be eye-catching on the slopes! Vibrant! Full of life! A sim others will notice! I have just the thing!” she said, as she pulled up a color swatch and went to get the item for Brianna.

mai was in demand so she asked her assistant to help

“Here you go!” Riko exclaimed, “Isn’t is just the greatest sweater? It will keep you warm through those thundersnowstorms! And, other sims will notice you! Oh yes they will!” Riko smiled looking at Brianna in the sweater.

“gffh…mmph…mmm…ig…” Brianna tried to say something but her words were rather muffled. She pulled the scarf down to talk, “It’s a bit scratchy and a little big…” she finally blurted out.itchy sweater brianna

Just then Mai returned from the storeroom and rolled her eyes when she saw what Riko had dressed Brianna in.

“Riko, I believe these were in the ‘returns’ pile. We are shipping these back to the vendor. Customers have complained that they are too itchy. And we want Brianna-san to stand out…but in a sexy kind of way…” Mai said as she helped Brianna off with the sweater and handed it to Riko.

my apologies brianna

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I thought these were new…” Riko said as she looked at the sweater and headed towards the storeroom.

“My apologies, Brianna-san, she is still in training. Now let’s get you something that you will look great in…” Mai said as she checked her color palette.

“Um, Mai…you were talking about the restaurants in Mt. Komorebi…” continued Brianna.

“Oh, yes, there are several and all are very good. But if you are fortunate to be there during a festival, I would encourage you to attend. My favorite is the Festival of Light. The food stall there serves taiyaki, which are fish-shaped cakes that come with a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory. They are even more delicious when shared,” Mai said to Brianna as she helped her on with an outfit.

I adore these boots brianna

Brianna smiled and hoped she would be there while the festival was on. She turned around and admired herself in the mirror, “Oh Mai! I adore these boots! Thank you so much for your help!”

“I knew you would like them!” Mai smiled and told Brianna that she had several other outfits in mind for her. She also gave Brianna a hiking trail map and some hand-crafted energy bars as a gift.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Once everything had been purchased, Rick headed downstairs with Yamoto to have him ring up the sale. Rick added three other items to the pile, out of sight of the contestants, and Yamoto winked at Rick when he saw them.

they bought out most of the store

As they left the store, Rick looked at all the out of stock signs. They had practically bought out the store! It was getting late, and it was time to head back to Sulani for a night at The Sand Bar.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(To Be Continued in Part 2 …)


Author’s Notes:

The addition of -san behind their names is an acceptable Japanese greeting for a friend. Read more HERE.

When Rick and the contestants arrived at the gym, a paparazzi NPC sim also showed up by the name of Anna McElroy. She looked like an outdoorsy type in that vest, so she became the rock climbing expert.

At the Ski and Snowboard Shop, Yamoto Takagi, Shigeru Suzuki, Mai Uchida, and Riko Wada were the NPC sim sales clerks. Yamoto just happened to be behind the counter when Rick was talking to him so he became the owner. I thought it would be fun if he used some ski lingo when he spoke to Rick. I had Mai in the role of skiwear fitter for the contestants. Riko was Mai’s trainee assistant. Mai was also a confidante who would give them some tips on where they might visit on their trip. It was a good way to give some background info on Mt. Komorebi.

Build Credit:

Vital Climb Gym is a Maxis build. I added 2 extra rock climbing walls.

vital climb gym build photo

Thanks to this simmer for creating the Ski and Snowboard Shop. I just set some skis and snowboards outside, added an outside display and some pine trees on the lot, but otherwise, used as is. Fantastic build.

ski and snowboard shop photo credit

Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Mt. Komorebi Solo Overnight Vacation Competition

eoxanna opening shot on challenge

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Last night was Rose Ceremony #5 and it was indeed a sad day as we saw three contestants leave the Bachelor House. This morning, Nami Chuu, Octavia Dillon and Naomi Mahina were whisked off to Newcrest, where they joined the houses of the other eliminated contestants. We wish them well in their future.

dropped off in newcrest

Back at the Bachelor House, each of the contestants’ rooms were made a bit more spacious with the removal of one bed in each room and the addition of vanity make-up tables. On the lot itself, there is an addition of a rocking chair in the living room and a basket of wool beside it. There is also an addition of a rock climbing wall, near the gym. Now, you might think that these items are rather strange because where in Sulani would a sim rock climb or even wear a wool sweater for that matter? Well, perhaps the producers are getting the contestants and Rick ready for a little mini vacation! Yes! You heard that right!

Mt Komorebi map

The producers have decided that Rick needs to spend some quality one-on-one time with each contestant. So, Rick and each contestant will be jetting off to spend an overnight in Mt. Komorebi. This area has something for everyone, from hiking trails, snow sports, rock climbing, and my personal favorite, relaxing in the healing hot springs. Rick and each contestant will spend time together in the resort area of Yukimatsu. It sounds like an utterly romantic get-away. Sizzling is more like it!

But that’s not all, the winner of this contest will be spending two nights with Rick, and the others will be spending one night. And so now the question is, which contestant will Rick take first on the overnighter? Ahh…you viewers are just too smart and know what’s in store! Yes! There will be an Overnight Date Challenge…which is just about to start…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

welcome to the challenge lot

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from the Challenge Site in Oasis Springs. And, gee, it is a hot one today! Benny and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, are here as the official judges of the contest.

As you can see, there are 30 vending machines on the lot, which have been imported from Mt. Komorebi. Each contestant has been assigned 10 vending machines. All they have to do is plug in their simoleons, in the 10 vending machines, and out pops a little collectible simmie. Each simmie collectible has a value associated with it, and the contestant who has the highest total value wins! Seems easy enough.

Now Benny is also the medic in case any of the contestants need medical attention. They might, with this heat and little shade, although seriously, how can you need medical attention from using a vending machine? Right? Sure they might break a nail or something, but need medical attention? I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, think not!

fine print benny

Benny interrupts her then, “Um…Roxanna, did you happen to read the fine print on the bottom? You know, the part about the vending machines getting stuck? I’m not sure, but I think that is why I am here. Oh, and to get some great photo ops, too!”

reaction to the fine print

Roxanna scanned down the page and her eyes widened! What were the producers thinking? She cleared her throat, “Um…well…apparently, they might break more than a nail if an item gets stuck in the vending machine. You see, if it gets stuck, they will be required to ‘shake’ it, and in doing so, the vending machine could topple over and…crush them to death!”

jaws of death benny

“I wonder if I have the ‘jaws of death’ in that medical kit they gave me?” Benny commented.

Roxanna glared at him.

“Oops! My bad…yeah…okay…I am just going to go and check my supplies…” said Benny as he headed off.

“I never knew that using a vending machine could be such a life and death situation! Let’s hope that the contestants will get all 10 simmies on their first try and not have to ‘shake’ any machines. Good luck, ladies!”

roxanna call to producer

Roxanna looked rather worried and dialed the producer’s number, “We have to have a chat now…what were you thinking?…this is a date with Rick, NOT a date with the Grim Reaper…!”


The contestants had arrived and after being told the rules, headed over to their portion of 10 vending machines. And they were ready to begin. And boom, boom, boom, they inserted their simoleons into the slots and the little simmies were dropping down like magic!

and raven got her first one

Raven just plugs her simoleons in the slot and gets her first simmie collectible. She is all smiles.

coral has decided to talk to the vending machines first

Coral takes a different approach, and talks to the vending machine first before inserting her simoleons. Let’s hope it works.

where is it give it to me brianna

Oh no! Brianna inserts her simoleons and…tic tic tic…nothing! Oh my gosh! Her vending machine is stuck! She also gets an “Ate My Money” stressed moodlet. This is not good.

This means that Brianna will have to “shake” the vending machine. I hold my breath and have her do the interaction.

briannas item stuck so she is shaking it

And Brianna grabs that vending machine and shakes it with all her might. Gosh Brianna, you’re a strong sim! Brianna kicks the vending machine and shouts, “Give me that simmie and no-one will get hurt!” Brianna also has a few choice words for the vending machine, which cannot be repeated here as this is a Family-rated show. 

kicking the vending machine

And just to show this vending machine who’s the boss, she hip bumps it. Ouch! That may not have been such a good idea. But, hey, it worked, and Brianna got her simmie collectible. Whew! That was close!

this is funny unstuck vending machine brianna

coras getrs stuck too

Oh no! Not Coral, too! And isn’t this the vending machine that she just spoke to? The nerve of that vending machine for being so defiant! Coral can hardly believe it and she shakes that vending machine, “Didn’t I talk to you nicely before this started…and you still won’t give me that simmie? Well, I’ll show you!”

and coral really gives that vending machine a bump

And Coral gives that vending machine a really big hip bump!

look at that determination

And Coral puts her shoulder into it for extra power. 

coral has hurt her shoulder

Maybe too much shoulder action. Coral seems to have injured her arm.

i guess the sore shoulder was worth it she got her simmie

I guess the sore shoulder was worth it, because she got her simmie collectible. Medic! Medic! Where the heck is Benny?

ravens machine has now stuck

They continue inserting their simoleons, and now Raven’s vending machine is stuck.

give me that simmie collectible

take that you vending machine

She shakes it and gives it a hip bump…but the vending machine is winning and Raven is not. The vending machine is still stuck! And Raven gets a “Waste of Time” angry moodlet. What? Oh no! Raven will have to ‘shake’ the vending machine again. Noooo…!

Author’s Note: At this point, I am thinking that maybe I should have just gone with the vending machines that they got something from, and not have them ‘shake’ the vending machine to get every simmie. Oh well, too late to change the rules now. I am literally holding my breath as Raven shakes the vending machine for the second time.

i dont think this is a good thing

Raven gives the vending machine another good shake and then she actually climbs up on the vending machine! What are you doing? Unbelievable! No! Raven get down!

i am going to get that

But she isn’t listening and she is just shouting, “Give me that simmie! Give me that simmie!” in Simlish, of course. This is like a scene from a horror flick.

vending machine has fallen on raven

And then it happens! The vending machine falls right on top of Raven! No! This can’t be it! And Raven is straining to get that vending machine off of her. Come on Raven…PUSH!

trying to get this thing off of herself

Raven is determined and she is now using her legs, all the while shouting, “I want that simmie!”

she got it up

Raven has got that vending machine up…well…almost. This doesn’t look good. Will Raven have the strength to push that vending machine all the way up, or will it fall back down on her?

1st person mode

(First person view) Raven is sprawled on the ground looking up at that vending machine. She will not be outdone by a vending machine. “Give me that simmie! I am going on that overnight trip with Rick!” Raven gives it another shove, and…

and she did it raven woot

…Raven does it! Dang! That’s exhausting! But more importantly, does she have a run in those nylons? Now get away from there before that vending machine changes it’s mind and falls on you again. Get up! Raven was victorious, and gets her simmie, but she is also pretty battered and bruised from being squashed by the vending machine! Um, Benny? Medic! Medic! We need a stretcher – STAT! Get this sim off the field.

raven got sqaushed by a vending machineraven autonomously knits on the toilet


Raven decides to take a little break after that and heads to the restroom to do some knitting. She’s probably working on some mittens for her trip.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the results are…


Brianna and her simmie collection. She had to ‘shake’ two different vending machines, and was able to get all 10 simmies.


This is one of her unique simmies, Mayor Whiskers Simmi (regular simmi, 4 stars, worth $250 simoleons). I thought this was rather cute, since she has the ‘Cat Lover’ trait. Congratulations to Brianna with a total value of $850.

briannas simmi totals


Coral and her simmie collection. She had to ‘shake’ just one vending machine, but she got rather injured doing so. She was able to get all 10 simmies.

golden yamachan

This is one of her unique simmies, Golden Yamachan Simmi (golden simmie, 1 star, worth $250 simoleons). Maybe this is a hint that she will win this contest, as Yamachan is the mascot for Mt. Komorebi. We’ll soon find out! Congratulations to Coral with a total value of $1,525.

corals simmi totals


Raven and her simmie collection. She had to ‘shake’ two different vending machines. One vending machine was still stuck after the first ‘shake’ and she had to ‘shake’ it again. There was certainly a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going on” for Raven in this contest. She was able to get all 10 simmies.


This is one of her unique simmies, Medieval Grim Simmi (regular simmi, 5 stars, worth $500 simoleons). I thought this was rather appropriate since Raven was ‘tempting death’ and risking her life when she shook that vending machine twice. Congratulations to Raven with a total value of $1,900.

ravens simmie totals

And the winner is Raven Xang with a total of $1,900. Congratulations, Raven! You will be heading on a 2-night overnight trip with Rick to Mt. Komorebi. In second place is Coral Reeves and third place is Brianna Hammond. Coral and Brianna will be heading off on 1-night overnight trips with Rick. Congratulations to all!

Tomorrow, the contestants and Rick will be travelling to Oasis Springs to work on their rock climbing skills. Afterwards, they will be heading to a ski shop in Windenburg, where they will be fully outfitted for their trip. And finally, they will end their night with a Group Outing to The Sand Bar in Sulani. What a day! Until tomorrow, Wikii Wikii Wii from Sulani!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On“, song by Jerry Lee Lewis, 1964.

If anyone decides to do this as a contest, I would suggest that you don’t have your sim shake the vending machine to dislodge the simmie. There are two new deaths in the Snowy Escape pack, and Death By Vending Machine is one of them, where you are crushed by the vending machine. So, instead, just line up those vending machines, plug your simoleons in and whatever amount of simmies comes out, use those to calculate the final total, even if it’s simmies from 8 of the 10 vending machines. Much safer.

I also found that if a vending machine is on the lot and a simmie is stuck in it, sims will autonomously go and ‘shake’ that vending machine. Gotta have that simmie, right?

Simmi capsules can be obtained from the Simmies Vending Machine in the different neighborhoods of Mt. Komorebi. You can also purchase the vending machine in buy mode for $1,000 simoleons. Each simmie costs $50 simoleons to purchase in the vending machine. Collect all 15 types and you complete the Simmie Collection and receive a Simmi Capsule Collection Plaque. There are various simmies, and the golden simmies are worth more. Children visiting Mt. Komorebi may ask for a simmie from Yamachan, the town’s mascot. Read more about the Simmie Collectibles and the vending machine death in The Gamer.

Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Rose Ceremony # 5


Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Yesterday, the contestants and Rick volunteered on a beach clean-up and their efforts have certainly improved Sulani’s eco-system. At least that part went well, which is more than can be said for the contestants’ and Rick’s behavior. With all that shenanigans yesterday, it just proves that the competition is getting intense. Very intense! So it’s quite understandable that the contestants are using whatever tactics they can to get closer to Rick. But has it worked?

This afternoon is the fifth Rose Ceremony, and this marks a turning point in the Bachelor House, as not one, not two, but three contestants will be heading home tonight. The producers decided that an outside consultancy agency should be used because from what they have seen of the out-takes, Rick doesn’t know his own mind. And I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, couldn’t agree more.



But honestly, it’s been eight years since Rick had a serious relationship, and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama can tell by the date outtakes, that Rick does, really care about each and every one of these contestants. But, perhaps he is confused over who he should choose or perhaps he is afraid. Not afraid of commitment, but afraid of loving someone so much and giving them his heart only to suddenly lose them. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama really feel that Rick is afraid that history will repeat itself, and so, he holds a part of himself back. My wish for Rick is that when the time comes, that he will know which contestant is the one and find somebody to love.

In the meantime, Cinnamon Apple is getting all the contestants ready for the Rose Ceremony this afternoon and Benny is taking some new photos of each of them. Let’s peak in and see how they are doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

cinnamon comes over to help contestants with their hair makeup and clothing

Cinnamon came over to the house early and Naomi was the first who needed her help. “Makeup. I need help with makeup,” Naomi said, “I really want to look good tonight. Can you help me with that Cinnamon?”

“Naomi, you’re such a natural beauty, but, certainly, a bit of lip gloss and maybe some mascara and eye shadow will look good,” replied Cinnamon.

preparing naomi for rose ceremony

brianna had wanted some help styling her hair

Brianna had asked Cinnamon for some help with her hair.

getting everyone ready

And Nami was anxious to get some make-up tips. Cinnamon continued to help the contestants as they needed it.

benny getting raven octavia and coral ready for their photos

Benny, meanwhile, was in the living room getting Raven, Octavia and Coral ready for their photo shoots.

And soon, it was time for Cinnamon and Benny to head out to get ready for the Rose Ceremony themselves.

“Good luck, ladies! You all look gorgeous!” Cinnamon said as she headed out the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

busy with reception

Cinnamon and Benny were busy helping the caterers set up for the Rose Ceremony.


And Roxanna walked around the area, ensuring that all the small details were done. This Rose Ceremony was being held at a wonderful location in Strangerville, and the setting was just perfect.


Rick and the contestants had just arrived and they all looked stunning tonight. From left to right. Octavia Dillon, Nami Chuu, Brianna Hammond, Naomi Mahina, Coral Reeves, Raven Xang, and, of course, Rick in the front. Cinnamon Apple had done a fantastic job of getting them all ready.


And before anyone can stop him, Rick heads over to Coral and gives her an autonomous kiss on the cheek. Oh gosh! Here we go again! But I look around, and all the contestants are fine. Apparently, it’s okay for Rick to kiss someone on the cheek, but not a contestant to kiss him on the cheek. Enough of that cheekiness, Rick!


Rick heads over to the bar area, and orders everyone a drink. Umm… for some reason, Benny, Cinnamon and Roxanna have all changed into another outfit. Whatever makes them happy, I guess.

There is a slight change to the ceremony, due to the lighting conditions. The ceremony would take place first, followed by dinner and dancing.


Roxanna went to the mircrophone and asked the contestants to take their seats.






Roxanna continued, “Welcome to the Fifth Rose Ceremony. Tonight marks another night that we get closer to finding Rick “somebody to love.” But it was not without a really tough vote by the outside consultancy firm. However, they cast their ballots, and tonight, three contestants will be leaving The Bachelor in Paradise Show. I say this with a heavy heart, as I have come to know all of the contestants very well. I know that Rick feels the same way, and he will always treasure your friendship. I now call up all of the contestants, and our bachelor extraordinaire, Rick!” *applause*

this has been an extremely hard vote

The contestants made their way to the stage and Roxanna hands Rick the microphone. “Thank you, Roxanna. Before we start, I wanted to say that I have never seen the contestants look more beautiful than they do tonight. I understand that Cinnamon Apple helped all of the contestants get ready, and, in my opinion, she did an excellent job,” Rick said. *applause*

“The Rose Ceremony will be as before, with everyone getting a rose. Those who are staying, and are dear to my heart, will receive a red rose, those who are leaving, who will always be my friend, will receive a yellow rose. I just wanted to say that I do care very deeply for each and everyone of you. But the fact is that only one can be my “somebody to love,” Rick said as he moved towards the table holding three red roses and three yellow roses. 


He moved first towards Naomi Mahina.

“Naomi, we have had some wonderful times together. You won the Comeback Challenge and I was very happy that you had returned. Our solo date to the aquarium was very memorable…”


“..but, I feel that we are first and foremost friends. I’m sorry,” Rick said as he handed Naomi a yellow rose.

“What? I can’t believe this…how is this possible?” Naomi replied shocked.


“I don’t feel I can be the man you want me to be, Naomi. You are a beautiful mermaid, but I can’t change who I am, a fisherman. And I know that you will find someone who will be your perfect match. I must be true to myself and so must you. Again, I am sorry,” Rick replied.

Naomi accepted the yellow rose and headed down the stairs to take a seat. She was devastated. She realized that perhaps Rick was right. She needed to find a sim who had the same values that she did, who was a vegan and an animal activist. She was sad, but hopeful for the future.

brianna asked to come up

Rick went to the rose table and chose another rose. He walked towards Brianna Hammond.

“Brianna, you make me smile and we have a lot of fun times together. I feel like I am getting closer to you, and I can be myself. Being with you just seems so easy and natural, and I have to say that our solo dates together have been some of the best…”


“…I would like to see where this will lead. Will you accept this rose, Brianna?” Rick asked and gave Brianna a red rose.


“Oh, Rick…you have made me so very happy. Thank you,” Brianna gushed and took the rose. She gave Rick a hug, although she was thinking she’d much rather kiss him, and made her way back to her seat. Brianna sat there with a smile on her face and kept hearing his words to her, “Being with you just seems so easy and natural…” Yes…oh, yes…I feel like that, too, Rick. And much, much more,” Brianna thought.


Rick next walked up to Octavia Dillon. He had two roses in his hand, one red and one yellow.

“Octavia, I must say you are one of the most exciting sims I have ever met, and getting to know you while you were working on your book really brought us closer together…”


“…but I really think our goals are rather different. You like the bright lights and want to get ahead in the entertainment business, and I…well, I am rather content trying to help with Sulani’s eco-system. You are a vivacious sim and I know that you will find your perfect match. I’m sorry,” said Rick as he handed her a yellow rose.


“How could this have happened? I want those votes recounted! I am the best looking one here! I should be the one getting a red rose!” Octavia said heatedly, as she grabbed the rose out of Rick’s hand, “Well, at least this rose matches my dress…”

Octavia returned to her seat and was in a foul mood. She almost couldn’t think straight but as she calmed down a bit, she realized that she was more upset about losing than having lost Rick’s love. Maybe she had just been kidding herself all along, and knew that she could never really live on an off-the-grid island far from civilization.


Rick again went to the table and got another rose. This time he walked up to Coral Reeves. Coral held her breath.

“Coral, you are a breath of fresh air. So full of life, so unpredictable, and I never know what you will do next. You keep me guessing, and that’s exciting. Our last two solo dates have been extraordinary, but our last solo date…well…that one was beyond compare…it was truly special.”


“…I would like to see where this will lead. Will you accept this rose, Coral?” Rick asked and gave Coral a red rose.


Coral was almost giddy with excitement as she took the rose from Rick.

“Oh Rick…I don’t know what to say! I am…speechless! Thank you, Rick…this is…this is everything to me…” said Coral enthusiastically, giving him one of her famous hugs.

Coral headed back to her seat, holding the rose close to her. She sat there thinking about how lucky she was to have been entered into this contest by her friends. “He might be the one…” Coral thought, smiling to herself, “…and I might be the one for him. Oh, I am going to dream about this!”


There were now two contestants left on stage, Nami Chuu and Raven Xang. Rick’s voice caught a bit when he spoke their names. Both Nami and Raven knew that one of them was going home. It was hard to believe since Rick’s relationship with both of them was deeply connected.

Rick spoke again, “When the votes were tallied, Nami and Raven were tied for 3rd place. This morning, before the Rose Ceremony, they competed in a knitting tie-breaker challenge. A merchant in Magnolia Promenade was asked to put a value to their knitted items…”

Rick hesitated a moment. “Before I go on, I want to say to both Nami and Raven that this was a very difficult decision, and that I am fond of both of you…,” Rick said as he picked up the last yellow and red rose. He walked towards Nami first.


“Nami, from the moment we met, I felt we had a deep connection. We’ve had our share of near-death experiences…from fire and volcanic eruptions, and have grown to care about each other…”


“…but it’s not meant to be. I am sorry to say that your knitted items were less than Raven’s. You lost the challenge, and will be heading home…” Rick said softly as he handed Nami the yellow rose.


Everyone was silent at this announcement and Nami couldn’t believe what she had just heard.


Rick felt like he was in pain, too, after he said it. He didn’t want Nami to leave. He had a strong affection for Nami. But was it stronger than Raven’s or Brianna’s or Coral’s? He wasn’t sure. “I’m truly sorry, Nami, but I do still want to stay friends.”


Nami came over to Rick and gave him a hug, “Rick, I understand, and yes, I will always be your friend,” Nami said trying not to cry.

raven went over and hugged nami

Nami walked over to Raven then and gave her a hug, “Congratulations, Raven!”

“Thank you, Nami. It was a close challenge. It could have gone either way. Know that I will always be your friend, too,” whispered Raven.

Nami carefully made her way down the stairs and tried to compose herself, but inside her heart was breaking. She sat down and felt very sad.

there was just raven left on stage now

Rick turned to Raven, “Raven, you bring out a part of me that I didn’t know existed, and the times we’ve shared together have stayed on my mind. Our solo dates together are magical…”

raven will you accept this rose rev

“…I would like to see where this will lead. Will you accept this rose, Raven?” Rick asked and gave Raven a red rose.

raven accepts the rose

Raven took the rose from Rick and inhaled the fragrance deeply, “Yes…yes…thank you, Rick. This means so much to me…”

i feel we are magical together

“…and I do believe that we are magical…together…” Raven whispered as she gazed into Rick’s eyes.

Roxanna made her way onto the stage, and Raven excused herself and headed back to her seat. Raven sat down and inhaled the rose’s fragrance again. Raven thought to herself, “Rick, you bring out a part of me, too, that I never knew existed…and I do believe that we are meant for each other…”


Roxanna cleared her throat, “And that concludes the Rose Ceremony for this evening. For those of you who are staying, congratulations! And for those of you who are leaving The Bachelor in Paradise Show, I wish you nothing but the best. This was a rather difficult choice for both the outside consultancy firm and Rick, but we do have to remember that we are here to find Rick that “somebody to love”. And now, with three contestants left, we are even closer to finding ‘the one’ for Rick. And now, please enjoy the rest of the evening. The buffet is ready and there is a dance floor for lots of fun. Thank you.” *applause*

strangerville sun set

The sun had begun to set and music could be heard as the contestants got up from their seats and made their way to the buffet. Rick headed with the others chatting with Roxanna, Cinnamon and Benny. But there was someone he was looking for and she didn’t seem to be around.

nami do you have a moment

And then he saw her, “Nami…” Rick called out to her, “Do you have a moment?”

Nami nodded her head and they walked behind the stage area for some privacy.

i just wanted you to know that I will never forget you

“Nami, I’m sorry. I feel sad knowing that you are sad. I never meant for this to happen to you. I never wanted to hurt you. These feelings I have for you are real. I care about you very much. And, I…” he trailed off.

rick feeling sad because nami is sad

nami i will never forget you

“…and I will never forget you, Nami. You are special. You are one of a kind. I know that you will find someone who will appreciate you for who you truly are,” Rick finished.

thank you rick that means a lot to me

Nami smiled at Rick, “Thank you for saying that to me, Rick. It really means a lot. And you can’t get rid of me that easily, you know. Friends forever, right?”

“Yes, forever…” Rick answered laughing. 


They headed over to the dance floor together where Rick danced his last dance with the eliminated contestants. [Back: Octavia Dillon; Middle: Rick; Front Left: Nami Chuu; Front Right: Naomi Mahina].

hey rick you okay

Once the dance was over, Rick headed over to listen to the pianist. Benny noticed Rick standing still with a sort of glazed look in his eye. “Hey, Rick, buddy, you okay?” asked Benny.

ive broken a few hearts tonight and I know how they feel

“I’ve broken some hearts tonight and I know just how they feel,” Rick answered, thinking back to a time eight years’ ago, “Yes, I know just how they feel…” he repeated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Author’s Notes:

Just so you know, the last six contestants will be invited to the wedding.

The vote totals. Eliminating 3 contestants at once was very difficult as I have grown quite attached to these sims.

Final totals on who will stay

There was a tie for third place between Nami and Raven, who then had to compete in a tie-breaker challenge.

black chair for raven red chair for nami

Nami and Raven headed to Newcrest for some knitting lessons. The challenge is based on the quality of the items, and whomever gets up first, ends the challenge. Raven has a black rocking chair and black super stash yarn basket and Nami has a red rocking chair and red super stash knitting basket. Neither had any knitting skill. Their needs were greened up and they began to knit.

bear beanie poor namiblack and white bear beanie normal

Start of the Knit Challenge. The first project is beanies. Raven knits a black and white bear beanie (normal), and Nami knits a pink bear beanie (poor).

knitting for their lives

They proceed to the next project, socks and continue knitting other items. They are knitting for their lives!

[Author’s Note – This reminded me of the book,  A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens where Madame Defarge knits as the aristocrats are guillotined. Raven and Nami hold their own fate in their hands.]

raven 635pm needs

nami 639pm needs

At 6:35 pm, their needs are getting in the yellow. They have knitted socks, a hanging plant pot, a rug, and are on the cozy knitted mailbox.

nami is done

They have both finished knitting the women’s sweater with dress and are working on a children’s sweater. At 10:17 pm, they both suddenly stop knitting and Nami decides to call it quits and gets up from her rocker. The challenge is over.

legendary outfit knitted by raven

forsaken sweater nami poor quality

I’m sorry I didn’t take a screenie of Nami’s women’s sweater with dress outfit before I added it to wardrobe, but it was poor quality. That is why it is called the Forsaken Sweater. Raven’s, however, was legendary, which was quite a surprise!

knitting tie breaker challenge results

Raven wins the challenge, and unfortunately, we must say goodbye to our alien contestant, Nami Chuu.

Many thanks to nerdfashion for creating Naomi Mahina, Reiylaa for creating Octavia Dillon, and ItsYukiMe for creating Naomi Chuu (nicknamed Nami). I will sincerely miss them all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. A few items were added, such as the rose table, but basically used as is.

rosy wedding venue build credit




Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Group Outing & Reader Vote

beach clean up cover

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Yesterday was the last of the Solo Dates and Coral’s date was certainly one to remember. Her wonderful idea of inviting Rick on a date and giving him a tour of her home was marvelous. Plus now the final six have all seen where Rick lives, too, and no-one ran off screaming or anything. Which I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, don’t quite understand myself. Perhaps, the rustic life appeals to these contestants as they all seemed happy when they were visiting Rick’s island home. Now today, Rick and the contestants are heading on a Group Outing. This will be the last Group Outing before the Rose Ceremony, so let’s see where Rick will be taking everyone today. Are you excited?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

gathered in the living room

Rick had asked all of the contestants to gather in the living room. First of all, he thanked them all for the lovely dates that he went on, and told them that today they would be going on a Group Outing. He further told them that he had gotten the idea for their Group Outing when he was on his date with Naomi.


All eyes suddenly turned to Naomi and she shyly smiled at everyone. “Er…um…” Naomi said nervously.


Rick explained, “Every sim on Sulani can do their part to keep Sulani beautiful. But it does take some effort. It is my dream that one day Sulani will be restored to a flourishing island once again. So, I spoke to one of my Conservation Officer friends and today we will be volunteering at a beach clean-up on Mua Pel’am.”


Coral spoke up, “So…um…what exactly do we do? Pick up garbage on the beach?”

“Yes, that…and garbage in the water,” Rick added, “and if you see any troublemakers littering, you can talk to them about caring for the environment,” Rick explained.

naomi i might be shy 2

Naomi spoke up then, “I may be shy, but I am an avid environmentalist and would have no problem talking to those litterbugs.”


“So, it’s a casual outing then? Shorts and bathing suits?” asked Nami.

 “Yes, most certainly. And for those who want to fish, you can fish to remove any invasive fish species or release any endangered fish back into the wild. That also helps Sulani,” Rick said.


“And will you help us bait the hook, Rick?” asked Raven thinking back to her date with Rick where they had to fish for their lunch.

“Yes, of course. Anyone who would like to fish and needs any help can certainly ask me,” Rick explained.


“I think volunteering to keep Sulani beautiful is a wonderful idea,” Brianna enthused and several contestants nodded in agreement.

“And at the end of our beach clean-up, there will be a bar-b-q and an evening beach party,” Rick smiled.


“Ooh! Sign me up for that!” Octavia beamed, “I mean…er…afterall…we all must do our part to keep Sulani beautiful.”

Everyone seemed to be chatting at once and the contestants were in high spirits as they hurried off to get ready for the Group Outing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They arrived at Mua Pel’am and Rick passed out gloves and garbage bags to everyone. The first task for today would be cleaning up the beach. However, Rick had another thought on his mind and gave Coral an autonomous kiss!

rick does an autonomous kiss with coral before I can stop him

naomi doesnt look too happy with coral

The only one affected by Rick kissing Coral was Noami. She is really having a jealous moment right now. It almost looks like Naomi is more upset with Coral than Rick. Oh gosh! What a way to start the outing!

collecting trash

The contestants headed off and gathered trash on the beach. With that completed, there were several other tasks to do.


Rick’s work cleaning up the beach has had a positive effect on Mua Pel’am. He really feels good about that.

Author’s Note: A green leaf symbol appears in front of a sim’s chest when they are having an impact on Mua Pel’am’s eco-system.


Makoa Kealoha, Rick’s Conservationist friend, stops by and thanks them all for helping out. Makoa gives them some other suggestions on what they can do to help the eco-system.

coral cleaning debris in the ocean

Coral volunteers to clean up any garbage she saw floating in the water.

nami and brianna fish

Brianna and Nami wanted to try their hand at fishing, with Rick’s help, of course. And in a matter of minutes, Nami had caught an invasive fish.

nami removing evasive fish



Octavia and Naomi volunteer to head over to the other beach and collect trash there and keep an eye out for troublemakers.

octavia talking to a litterbug

And just as Octavia finished cleaning up some plastic bottles, she spotted a litterbug drop some garbage on another area of the beach! She didn’t see Naomi anywhere, so she went up to the sim and confronted them! Octavia was sure persuasive in her environmental argument! That sim won’t be littering on this beach again!

octavia argument triumph

raven putting out some fires from the volcano

Another Conservation Officer brings Raven over to some volcanic sulphur piles and tells  her to use a fire extinguisher to eliminate them. Raven gets right to work and was able to clean them up.

The contestants continued to busy themselves with their tasks and Rick sorted out the sack lunches. With that done, Rick continued to collect trash and was available to the contestants if they needed him.

eating their sack lunch

eating lunch together

The contestants worked hard and were quite hungry by lunch time and enjoyed the sandwiches that Afu had made. After lunch, Rick told the contestants that they could continue collecting trash, fish, swim, use the outrigger canoes, or just relax on the beach.

nami autonomously kisses rick and octavia has a fit

Apparently, Nami wanted to personally thank Rick for bringing them all here and gives Rick an autonomous kiss on the cheek. This does not go over well with Octavia!

brianna and octavia are upset with nami

And Brianna doesn’t seem too happy about it either! Both Octavia and Brianna get the Drifting Love moodlet.drifting love bri

nami is crying and raven is also upset

Two more are affected by what just happened. Naomi has her face in her hands in the background and Raven can’t believe what she just saw. Naomi is just so upset about first seeing Rick kiss Coral and now Nami kiss Rick, she gets this moodlet.

naomis doomed relationship moodlet

raven autonomously slaps rick

Raven is REALLY upset and goes over and autonomously slaps Rick in the face! And Raven gets this moodlet!

raven gets this moodlet

raven im sorry...nami kissed me

Rick is flabbergasted at being slapped and tries to apologize to Raven saying that Nami kissed him. And it was on the cheek! Nami doesn’t seem to want to get involved here and feigns looking for trash. Or perhaps she’s shielding herself from a possible slap in the face, too.

nami feels bad rick has no idea what just happened and raven is happy now

Nami does feel rather bad about what happened and Rick is wondering how this will affect his relationship with Raven. Raven feels much better after slapping Rick and feels she has made a statement. That type of behavior will not be tolerated and Rick can’t do things like that in front of her. He should not have let Nami kiss him. Even if it was just on the cheek! I think that Raven has made her point.

coral chasing seagulls

The only contestant who didn’t see what happened between Nami and Rick was Coral, who was busy chasing seagulls.

made some veggie burgers

As the sun began to set, Rick lit the fire and started grilling the bar-b-q dinner feast. He laid it all out on a buffet table for the contestants to help themselves.

having dinner together after clean up

coral and naomi are sad

Naomi and Coral sat on opposite ends of the picnic table and weren’t talking to one another. Rick didn’t want his kiss on Coral’s cheek to become a rift between Coral and Naomi’s friendship. He apologized to both of them, but Naomi was still very sad.

coral fire dancing

Coral seemed to perk up a bit after that chat and attempted some fire dancing. Rick was very quiet and thought that he would talk to each of the contestants and apologize for what happened.

raven im sorry so sorry forgive me

Rick went over and spoke with Raven. She was still not over it, but at least she was talking to Rick. Raven told Rick she just felt very hurt by what had happened. Rick apologized and Raven apologized, too, for her reaction. Their relationship was very strong, and thankfully hadn’t dropped because of ‘the incident’. Rick was forgiven and he and Raven stargazed together.

rick found octavia sitting at the firepit

Next he spoke to Octavia, who was sitting by the firepit. Geez! Everyone looked so sad. Octavia accepted Rick’s apology, but was still sad about what happened. Rick tried to cheer Octavia up with a joke, and they continued to have a pleasant conversation.

he found bri playing guitar

Rick found Brianna playing guitar. Maybe it was the way she was playing, but Rick could almost feel how sad she felt. He really liked Brianna and would never do anything to hurt her. Brianna accepted Rick’s apology and told him that strumming the guitar helped her cope with what had happened. Rick said she played very well and stayed there awhile to listen to her.

rick speaking to nami

Even though Nami wasn’t sad, Rick went over to chat with her. Nami didn’t understand why everyone was making such a fuss and apologized to Rick for creating all the drama. Rick said that he actually didn’t mind that kiss, but maybe next time if they were on a Group Outing that Nami could give him a kiss in private. Nami liked that idea.

For the most part, it had been a good day. Their contributions in helping to keep Sulani clean were certainly appreciated. Rick’s friend, Makoa, the Conservation Officer, told them that their efforts today really did help improve Sulani!

and they got this popup from all their hard work

Looking at each of the contestants, Rick knew that three of them would be heading home tomorrow. The producers had called him this morning and told him that an outside consulting agency would decide who would be leaving. Rick had become rather fond of all of them, and knew that they were each unique in their own way. Rick felt they were all wonderful, but there were some contestants whom he felt much closer to. But that was going to happen tomorrow. And tonight he was going to have a fun time and make sure that the contestants had a memorable evening. Cheers!

heres to all the hard work everyone did cheers

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Reader Vote:  Now is the time to Choose the three contestants that you want to STAY in the competition. Below is a screenie of Rick’s relationship with each contestant. Please vote HERE. Deadline is December 24, 2020 at midnight. There will be a tie-breaker challenge should there be a tie.

relationship stats for vote

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, that Group Outing was something else! There were so many autonomous actions going on, it was wild. And all the contestants, except Nami and Coral had sad moodlets. I have no idea how those moodlets are going to affect any sentiments or even if they will get bad sentiments because of this. I feel so sad myself. Their relationship status, thankfully weren’t affected. And the good news is that their beach clean-up did improve Sulani!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A note on Brianna’s relationship prior to the Group Outing:

Once Coral’s date was finished, I had Rick invite Brianna to his island home and spend two hours with her. This was to offset the fact that her date with Rick occurred before the up-date and the Sentiments. Here are the results for Brianna before the Group Outing. Brianna is Smitten, um, no surprise there, with Rick and also has an Adoring Sentiment for him. Rick feels Closer from Happy Memories and also has an Adoring Sentiment for Brianna. I love that puppy dog face for that Sentiment!

rick and briannas sentiments

Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date With Coral


Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well that date with Nami yesterday was a hot tamale! Thank goodness neither Nami nor Rick were hurt from those fire bombs! That was certainly tense. But today is a new day and Rick’s final Solo Date. The weather this morning couldn’t be more perfect for his date with Coral Reeves. Coral, as you remember, was tied with Naomi in the Solo Date Challenge. But you know, sometimes, the last date is the most memorable. Will this be the case with Rick’s date with Coral? Let’s head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Rick and Coral as they get ready for their date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral date cover shot

“Today is finally the day that I go on a Solo Date with Rick! You know, the Solo Date Challenge seems so long ago, and Naomi and I had both tied in that challenge. And it was really just a coin toss that decided that Naomi went before me. But you know, being the last to go on the Solo Date has it’s advantages. I mean, I’ve heard about a few of the other dates, and some of them sounded pretty good. I knew that to stand out, my date with Rick had to be rather unique. So, I thought long and hard, and when Rick came to ask me where I wanted to go on our date, I told him that I actually wanted to take him somewhere special. He was rather intrigued with my response, and said ‘So, you’re asking me on a date?’ and I smiled and said, ‘kind of.’ He told me that he actually liked that idea, because no-one had ever asked him on a date before. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I am crossing my fingers that I have made the right decision and really hope that this will bring Rick and I much, much closer together.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral and rick start of date

Coral had asked Rick to meet her at the skiff by the house at 7am. Rick was the first to arrive and all he knew was that they were going to take the outrigger canoes somewhere. Coral had been rather mysterious about where they were going. He looked up when he saw Coral approach and thought that she looked lovelier than he’d ever seen her before.

huggable coral

“Rick! You beat me here!” Coral said giving Rick one of her famous hugs.

“Yes, well, I’m kind of an early bird and didn’t want to miss out on our date. You know, I wanted to make a good impression,” Rick laughed.

“I really can’t believe that no-one has ever asked you on a date before…” exclaimed Coral.

“Well, you know, I was thinking about that, and…there may have been one other time…when I was 7…I think a girl asked me on a date to catch frogs…” smirked Rick.

you mean im not the first

“So, I’m not the first?” Coral said, feigning a sad look.

“Well, perhaps not, but you’re certainly the most beautiful sim who’s ever asked me on a date,” winked Rick.

flirty coral

Coral blushed at the compliment.

where are we going today

“So…um…where are we heading today, Coral, for our mystery date?” asked Rick. 

“Well, first we’re going to head to Mua Pel’am, and the place we’re heading to is close to there. When we land, I will tell you more…” replied Coral, still not telling Rick everything.

“Is this like a search for buried treasure? Maybe I need a map?” Rick joked.

“No…no, buried treasure, but it is a place that is close to my heart…” answered Coral gazing into Rick’s eyes.

mystery date with you

Rick took Coral’s hands in his and kissed them lightly, “Well, whatever this mysterious place is, I am looking forward to seeing it with you, Coral,” Rick replied.

Coral smiled at him warmly and Rick packed the waterproof dry bag and their backpacks into the outrigger canoe.

“Coral, there is only one outrigger canoe here…” Rick looked around confused.

coral heading into the water

“Well, Rick, you may have to use the outrigger canoe, but I can certainly swim there from here. Afterall…I am a mermaid…” Coral winked at Rick as she entered the water.

“…And a pretty sexy mermaid at that…” Rick thought.

hurry up slow poke

“Come on, Rick, you slow poke, we want to get there sometime this morning!” Coral shouted, laughing from the water.

rick and coral travel in water together

Rick smiled and got into the outrigger canoe, and even though Coral could swim faster than he could travel, she did stay beside him all the way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral autonomous hug

They arrived at Mua Pel’am and Coral hugged Rick when he landed. Rick knew Mua Pel’am well, and wasn’t sure where Coral would be taking him.

“It’s just a short walk from here and you’ll be able to see it from the beach,” Coral said as she held Rick’s hands.


They walked along a short pathway and ended up at another beach area. Coral pointed to a rock formation in the distance.

“Do you see that sea arch, Rick?” Coral asked hesitantly.

my home is right over there where the arch is

“Yes…yes, I do…but it’s out in the middle of the ocean…it’s looks like there is an island there,” Rick answered squinting his eyes in the sun.

“There is…and there is something else beneath the water…” Coral said hesitantly, “…it’s my home…”

“Your home, Coral? You’re bringing me to your home?” asked Rick.

but there is one thing

“Yes, but there is one more thing. It’s underwater. There is a sea cave under that island and that is what I want to show you. It is low tide now so the water should have receded in the cave, so once we get there, it should be fine,” Coral said smiling at Rick.

“Underwater? How deep underwater?” Rick asked a bit concerned, realizing he didn’t have his rebreather with him.

rick do you trust me

“Rick, do you trust me?” Coral asked offering him her hand.

“Yes, of course. I have no reason not to,” Rick said taking her hand in his.

“Then, follow me. As long as we hold hands, you will be able to breathe underwater. You just have to trust me….” Coral said looking into his eyes.

“I trust you, Coral, and if I haven’t said it before, you’re amazing,” Rick said as they entered the water together.

hold my hand rick

Holding hands tightly, Coral led the way underwater towards the island. She glanced back every now and again to see if Rick was fine, and she could see him smiling at her. Coral swam though a hole in the rock formation and then continued to swim upwards. Suddenly they emerged on the surface of the water at the sea arch.

“The opening is just behind that arch, Rick…” Coral said, as they descended into a cavern and landed on solid ground.

rick kisses corals hands

Rick looked around, and before Coral could speak, Rick held her hands and kissed them lightly. “That is for bringing me here safely, Coral. That was amazing. I have been underwater before, but I have never felt the freedom of just swimming without my re-breather. That was liberating. I have never experienced anything like it. Thank you, Coral. Thank you so much for sharing that with me…”


“Actually, Rick, I have never done that before with another ‘human’ sim, but I knew that it was possible. And I knew that you were the one that I wanted to do this with. And also to show you my home…”


Coral showed him around and Rick was amazed at all the trinkets he saw there.


“Are you a collector, Coral?” Rick asked looking at a fork.

“Well, some of the items were here when I found this cave, but, yes, other items I have found and brought here. There was a time when I wanted to be…a ‘human’ sim…I wanted to be ‘part of your world’. But I would have to change…to leave all of my mermaid world behind…”

rick and coral at her home

“Coral, why would you want to do that? Why would you not want to be a mermaid anymore?” asked Rick

when my family died

“The night that you found out I was a mermaid, I told you some of the story of what happened in my past. This really isn’t my true home, but it is my sanctuary. I ran away from my home when my whole…my whole family was killed by the whale, and I swam and swam until I was exhausted and ended up here. I vowed never to return to the ocean again, and I almost didn’t…” Coral said sadly.

Rick came closer to Coral and held her hands, “You must have been beside yourself with grief…I do understand how you were feeling…”

“Rick, I knew you would understand…but that’s not all…” Coral continued.

“I’m listening, Coral…” Rick said quietly.

coral talking to rick about how she wanted to be human

“I longed to be a ‘human’ sim…to dance, to wander freely along the warm sand…to live in a house and do all the things that ‘human’ sims did. I wanted it so badly that I started to collect ‘human’ things and every night I wished that I would become ‘human’. And I knew a way to do it, too. Now, this may be hard for you to believe, Rick, but there is something called mermadic kelp, and if a mermaid eats it, she can become a ‘human’ sim….” Coral said.

mermadic kelp wide eyes

Rick widened his eyes when Coral said that, “And so…did you ever find this mermadic kelp?” asked Rick.

“No…I never did. Even though I tried to blot everything out about my past and become someone different, I couldn’t. I am still a mermaid,” Coral confessed.

coral you can do amazing things as a mermaid

“Coral, I didn’t know that you wanted to be a ‘human’ sim so badly. But, Coral, you can do amazing things as a mermaid that I could never even imagine. Swimming underwater and discovering all the mysteries of the ocean, that, to me, is incredible,” Rick said.


“Yes, I guess that’s true…” Coral said trailing off suddenly doing her mermaid stance.

Rick looked down at something he saw propped up on a rock sealed in a plastic bag and picked it up.

rick looking at picture in corals home

“Coral, what’s this?” Rick asked, looking at the picture.

Coral looked a bit embarrassed and walked towards him. “Um…oh that…it’s nothing really!”

“It’s a picture of you and me, Coral…where did you get it?” asked Rick looking at her.

explaining picture

“Umm…well…it was from a photo shoot that we were all in, and Benny had discarded some photos in the recycle bin. I guess they weren’t the quality or shots he wanted. And so I…well I…I saw that one and I kept it…” admitted Coral.

“So, you kept this picture and it sits beside your…um…” Rick looked at the flat rockledge, “your…bed?” whispered Rick.

Coral nodded her head, “Yes,” she said quietly, as she bit her lip.


Rick set the photo back down, “Well, I’m no photographer, but I’d say that this was a pretty nice photo. Glad you kept it,” winked Rick.

“Yes…it is nice…” Coral replied breathing a sigh of relief.

i am not like others

Coral walked towards Rick and said quietly, “You know, Rick, I am a bit different from other mermaids. My family was the last of its line to fish, but because they were all killed, I don’t eat fish now out of respect for them. But, I do still fish, with a fishing rod and I use fish traps. I also have a special mermaid power that will bring more fish to a certain area…” Coral said brightly.

you can come in handy for someone like me

“Oh, that would come in handy for someone who likes to fish, like me! And I believe you, Coral, because I have seen what you can do. I remember our date at The Bluffs and your gift, when you changed the weather for us. That is something I will never forget…” Rick said gazing into Coral’s eyes.

“Yes, that was a very special day,” Coral agreed meeting his eyes.

rick and coral kiss

“I wouldn’t want to change anything about you. So, whether you are a mermaid, or a human, you will always be very special to me, Coral…” Rick murmured as he held Coral closer to him and kissed her gently on the lips.

a kiss with coral

Coral felt Rick’s lips on hers and suddenly was transported to a world where she and Rick were floating in the water together entwined in a kiss. She felt a warmth spread through her at the thought, and her cheeks were flushed when they parted.


Coral looked deeply into Rick’s eyes. They had shared so much here and she wanted to tell him how she felt about him. “Rick….I….” Coral started to say and then she felt the rush of sea water at her feet, “Oh, Rick, the tide is coming in, we must leave now…” she said.

whoever you are i like you

“Before we head back, I wanted to take you somewhere special, too, Coral…” Rick said.

“Oh? Are you asking me on a date?” answered Coral flirting a bit.

“Yes, I am. I would like to invite you to lunch at my island home. So you could see where I live, too. Will you come?” asked Rick.


“Rick, I would love to have lunch with you and see your home!” replied Coral delighted, “But we should hurry, the water comes in quickly and the current is very strong,” Coral said as she took Rick’s hand in hers and together they swam underwater again back towards the beach.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

welcome to my home coral

They walked back to the outrigger canoe, and as before, Rick travelled by outrigger canoe and Coral swam beside him to his island home.

When they arrived, Rick took Coral’s hands in his and kissed her fingertips, “Welcome to my home, Coral. Let me give you a tour.”

push coral on swing

Coral stopped to admire a swing and asked Rick about it, “Can you swing so high and jump off and land in the water?” asked Coral playfully.

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe you’d like to try…” said Rick smiling as he helped Coral on the swing and began to push her.

swing with me rick

“Oh, this is so much fun! We should swing together!” said Coral, as she slowed down and Rick sat on the swing beside her. They swung together, and it was so relaxing, all the cares of the world left behind in a swish of the swings.

swinging together

They both slowed down and laughed together, and Rick helped Coral off the swing. Rick said he should probably start lunch and Coral asked Rick where she could change. He motioned to the restrooms behind them.

rick preparing lunch

Rick busied himself with lunch, and no sooner was he done, than Coral appeared.

“Just in time, Coral! Lunch is served. I hope you like pollo a la brasa,” said Rick as he gave Coral an admiring look.

“Well, whatever you’re serving certainly smells great!” answered Coral. As they grabbed a plate together, Rick explained that it was roast chicken. They chatted and talked about their morning together, and Rick knew that Coral was having a good time.

having lunch together coral and rick

“Rick, you know, I’ve passed this island before, and never knew you lived here. I always thought that this was the perfect island, and now that I have visited it, it truly is wonderful. I love your rustic bathhouse, but I do miss something…” Coral said looking around.

“Oh, you have some suggestions for my bathhouse?” Rick arched an eyebrow.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t like taking a shower, but I love taking baths,” Coral sighed thinking about it.

chatting at lunch coral and rick

“Ah…now there’s a thought. You know, I have been working on some beach house plans, and was wondering if you could give some opinions on the guest bathroom,” said Rick looking at Coral expectantly.

“Oh, Rick…I would love to see them!” Coral exclaimed.

i love a bath

“Well, then, let me go and get them…” Rick said as he got up from the table and retrieved the house plans.

Coral listened to Rick talk about the house, and offered some suggestions on the bathroom. “You should have one of those huge sunken tubs, and the whole room should be blue, and you could imagine that you’re floating in the ocean!” laughed Coral.

“Oh, I like that idea…a huge tub filled with…bubbles…!” flirted Rick, as he jotted some notes and put the plans aside.

that would be a great sight

“And if it’s not too bold a question…do you transform into a mermaid when you take a bath?” Rick asked looking intently at Coral.

“Um…yes…yes, I do…” Coral answered blushing.

“Now, that would be a sight to see…a mermaid in bubbles…” Rick said as he held Coral closer to him and gazed into her eyes.

kiss between coral and rick

“…a very beautiful sight,” he said as he bent his head towards Coral and touched her lips with his. And that kiss lasted but a moment, a moment that Coral didn’t want to end.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coral date thoughts

Coral’s Date Thoughts:

I am so happy I decided to bring Rick to my underwater cave home. You know, he is the only ‘human’ sim I have ever brought there. And, I had totally forgotten about that picture of Rick and I beside my bed. If I had known he would see it, I would have hidden it somewhere. But when he saw it, he didn’t seem to mind, but I didn’t tell him how I gave his face a little kiss before I went to bed every night. I wonder what he would think about me if he knew. Once, all I could think about was becoming a ‘human’ sim, but, now talking to Rick, I can see how being a mermaid has its advantages. And I know that Rick likes me for who I am, whether I am a mermaid or not. And the way he kisses me…I feel…I just feel like I am floating somewhere with him. I am swept away with his kiss. And that is why I am totally devoted to him. I would show him the world underwater, and he would show me the sim world. It wouldn’t matter where we were, because, I know in my heart, he would be my world. I am just hoping that he feels the same and that he will choose me to be part of his world, too.

Relationship Status changed to Soulmates.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

There is a scene in the movie Splash (1984) where Madison (a mermaid) swims underwater with Allen (a human) holding his hand, and because of “mermaid magic”, he is able to breathe. The song in this clip is not from the movie, but called “Mermaid” by the group Train (2013). So, I just duplicated a scene from the movie with Coral holding Rick’s hand underwater to have him breathe while taking him to her underwater cave home. Because, really, mermaids do have a lot of magic powers, right? 

“Part of Your World” song from the movie The Little Mermaid, 1989, sung by Jodi Benson.


And it looks like Rick and Coral have a mutual attraction for each other, as they both feel smitten and deeply connected to one another. This is the first time that Rick has been smitten with one of the contestants. Ooh la la!

sentiments rick and coral smitten and dc


Lot Build Credit:

Thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. A few items were added, but basically used as is. There is a bed underneath that debug rock formation and it actually does work! This is a pretty cool build. The only issue I had was when Rick got a whim to do a romantic interaction, they kept going to the room where the ladder was. So screenshot-wise, that didn’t work too well.



Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise Challenge ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date with Nami

nami date roxie shot

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! What a wonderful morning date Rick had with Naomi, and what a fabulous Sulani exhibit at the Oceanography Research Center. That mermaid wall mural was simply gorgeous, and thanks to being “merwoke”, we all know that mermaids really do exist. And not only mermaids, but aliens, too! Which brings us to Rick’s afternoon date with Nami Chuu, our alien contestant. Rick had already mentioned that Nami needed an afternoon date, so I wonder where Rick will be taking Nami today. Let’s peek in on Rick and Nami as they get ready for their date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

nami cover solo date

“I have flashbacks of that Solo Date Challenge and the fire. I couldn’t believe that had happened and because of it, I placed last. At least all of the toddlers were safe, because I could never forgive myself if anything had happened to them. Well, thankfully that is over with, and at least I am still going on a Solo Date with Rick. I really didn’t know where we were going, and I was pretty surprised when Rick came to see me last night and asked me where I wanted to go for our date. As Rick already knows, I am part-alien and my father came from a place called Sixam. Although I’ve never been there, I remembered using a telescope when I was young to see if I could get a peek at Sixam. I thought it would be rather nice to share this experience with Rick. So, I asked him if there was anywhere in Sulani that had a telescope that we could stargaze together. I think he really liked this idea, because his whole face lit up when he said ‘I know a place’. So, I don’t really know where we’re going, but I am really thrilled that I will be sharing something personal with Rick on our date. I am really hoping that this will bring us even closer together.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick had showered and changed and had asked Nami to meet him at 2pm in front of the house. And when she appeared, he almost wanted to let out a low whistle of appreciation. It never ceased to amaze him how gorgeous she looked.

rick autonomously gives nami a kiss on the cheek

“Nami,” Rick said as she approached, “You look absolutely amazing!” [Rick gave Nami an autonomous kiss on the cheek!]

“Thank you, Rick,” answered Nami shyly, “I kind of designed this myself.”

im a ditch digger

“That’s pretty impressive! I really don’t know much about fashion, but when I see you for a date, you always look fantastic and ready to take on the world. The way I’m dressed, it looks like I’m ready to dig ditches…” Rick laughed.

“Well, actually, you look pretty good for a ditch digger,” flirted Nami, “And if you are planning on digging ditches, I’d gladly volunteer to…you know, hand you a shovel…” Nami winked.

“Okay, well I’ll keep that in mind the next time I have a ditch digging odd job I have to do,” smirked Rick, as a land rover pulled up beside them.

“Oh, we’re heading somewhere in a land rover?” asked Nami setting down a backpack, “I mean you told me to dress warmly, and wear comfortable shoes, and now we’re taking a four-wheel drive vehicle somewhere. Mind if I ask where this place is, Rick?” asked Nami.

were going to mua pelam and a vilcano observatory rick

“We’re actually heading to the highest point on Mua Pel’am to the Sulani Volcano Observatory. They have the largest telescope on the island. We have to trek up a hill from the parking area and the weather can be unpredictable. They’ve even had snow up there!” Rick explained.

“Snow in Sulani?” exclaimed Nami.

“Yes. It’s because of the high altitude. But, no snow today. I checked the weather and it should be sunny and fairly warm, but there may be some wind gusts,” Rick commented.

“Well, hopefully I dressed warm enough,” Nami said looking at her outfit.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Plus, you’ll have this ‘ditch digger’ to keep you warm on our way up the hill,” Rick flirted.

“I’m feeling warm all over just thinking about it!” Nami flirted with Rick again.

heading off on their adventure

“Shall we start our adventure, Nami?” asked Rick. He helped Nami into the land rover and placed their backpacks with their change of clothes, along with a waterproof dry bag, in the back.

“Oh, Rick, I am super excited about this date!” enthused Nami as Rick sat beside her and they headed off down the road.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The climb to the observatory wasn’t that bad and the weather was actually quite warm. They both took a moment to acclimatize to the altitude in front of the building.

they made it to the museum

“We made it!” exclaimed Nami catching her breath and looking around, “Wow! The view up here is worth that climb!”

“Yes, it’s pretty spectacular!” Rick said, glancing at Nami as they headed inside.

They entered a lobby area with a reception desk and a seating area. On the walls were many framed diplomas and on a small table were several trophies.

signing out a pass

“This is mainly a research facility, but there is a small museum, a cafeteria and restrooms on the first floor. I thought we’d have a look around the museum first and then go through the security area to the telescope,” remarked Rick.

“The security area?” asked Naomi.

“Yes. The telescope is on the top level, and security clearance is needed to get up there as you go through the research offices. But, don’t worry, I have a few friends who work here and I was able to get us access,” explained Rick, signing in at the desk and getting a security pass.

They wandered around the museum and Rick explained that the observatory did research on both the solar system and the nearby volcano.

viewing some volcano photos

“There’s a volcano near here?” Nami asked.

“Yes, actually it’s an active volcano. One research area is devoted to the study of the effects ‘that the moon plays on increasing seismicity and volcanic activity. They’ve found that during a full/new moon, volcanic activity does increase’. Of course, the islanders have their own legends about why the volcano becomes active and spews out these…” said Rick pointing to one of the exhibits.

a small lava bomb

“Oh my gosh! What are they?” Asked Nami her eyes widening.

“Those are volcanic bombs…small ones I might add. They can be found all around here as this area has a lot of volcanic activity,” Rick continued, “Apparently, if you crack them open with a sledgehammer, sometimes you can find crystals, like the ones in the display case.”

Rick and Nami headed over to the display case and admired several crystals.

crystal display case

“Rick, am I reading the description plate on that crystal correctly? Is that a space rock?” asked Nami excitedly.

Rick squinted his eyes and said it was, “Now, there is also an astronomy exhibit here, and there is something there that I want to show you,” Rick said as they walked over together.

rick blows an autonomous kiss to nami

“Now this is a space rock!” exclaimed Rick. Nami asked Rick if he could take a photo of her and the space rock so she could send it to her father. Nami was pretty excited with the pictures that Rick took of her. [Rick blows Nami an autonomous kiss!]

They then headed through the secured area and went up two flights of stairs, passing research offices on their way. Finally, they were at the top of the building and Nami marveled at the telescope.

telling rick about sixam

Nami looked around to ensure that no-one was nearby and whispered, “Rick, there is somewhere in space I want to show you. It’s a planet called Sixam. It’s where my father is from. It’s not on any star chart that you may have seen, but my father showed me how to find it.” Rick look surprised and Nami proceeded to align the telescope so that Rick could get a glimpse of the planet Sixam.

when i was young nami


Nami continued talking as Rick admired the very far-away planet, “When I was young, the kids in my school were rather mean to me because I was different. You see, I didn’t always wear a disguise. Anyway, one Winterfest, I got a telescope as a gift, and I used to spend a lot of time in my backyard looking at the stars. I guess it was my way to escape reality. I developed this keen interest in astronomy and that’s when my father showed me how to locate the planet where he was from. It made me feel very special, and I just wanted to share that with you.”


Rick listened to Nami and after she was done talking, he took her hands in his and lightly kissed her fingertips. “Nami, I want to thank you for sharing this with me. It really means a lot to me.”

“I’m glad, Rick. It really made me think of happy memories when I showed you Sixam,” replied Nami.

come to my island for dinner

“And now I want to share something special with you, too. Nami. Will you have dinner with me at my island home?” Rick asked, looking at her intently.

“Dinner with you? At your island home? Rick, I would love to…” answered Nami smiling at Rick.

“I’m so glad. I was kind of hoping that you would say that, because I planned dinner for us…” Rick said smiling back.

“So you already knew I would say yes?” flirted Nami.

“Well…um…more like, I was really hoping you would say yes!” beamed Rick.

coming down the stairs

They both laughed and made their way down the stairs together. They had descended to the first research office when suddenly, red lights started to flash and a warning siren echoed through the building.

what is that sound

what is going on why is everything shaking

One of the scientists shouted at them, “You two! Quickly! Take cover! Fire bombs!” Then he grabbed them and literally pushed them under a desk. Nami clung to Rick and closed her eyes. The whole office seemed to shake with vibrations, scientists were shouting to each other, and items fell off tables landing on the floor in front of them.

fire bomb

fire bombs

volcanic bombs hit

volcano bombs glowing

It was all over in a few minutes and she heard another scientist shout “All Clear!” and the lights and warning siren had ceased.


Rick helped Nami out from under the desk and held her in his arms. “Are you okay, Nami?” Rick asked with a concerned look on his face.


“Yes…yes…I’m fine…wha…what happened?” asked Naomi brushing herself off.

“A volcanic eruption. Quite large, too! Spewed some fire bombs our way,” answered one of the scientists, “It’s been happening more frequently lately. We’re only a few weeks’ away from the ‘blood moon’ and the volcanic activity has been very active. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have to do a peripheral damage report. I am afraid you will have to vacate the premises at this time.”volcanir eruption

The scientist led them down the stairs and Rick returned the security pass at the reception desk. Nami was waiting for him just inside the museum doors looking at a moon photo.

blood moon

“Rick, did you see this?  It’s a photo of a blood moon,” said Nami pointing to the photo.

“Yes, one happened shortly after my arrival here,” answered Rick solemnly.

“So you saw it? It’s quite rare, you know…” replied Nami.

“Yes, I did see it. And I remember it well. It was the night that I nearly drowned and the night that Dolphina saved my life,” Rick answered holding Nami’s hands in his.

“Oh, Rick, I’m sorry…I didn’t know that happened at the same time the blood moon occurred…” apologized Nami.

“I hadn’t mentioned it during my initial interview, so you wouldn’t have known. It’s all in the past now…just coincidence, really…” Rick replied.

strange sense of forboding

As Rick looked at the blood moon photo, a scientist came in from outside bringing a cold rush of air with him. The cold air seemed to swirl around Rick, and Rick suddenly felt an odd sense of foreboding.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They left the building and saw one of the volcanic bombs close by the building with scientists hovering around it taking readings. The temperature had dropped significantly since they had arrived, and he felt Nami shiver beside him.

nami is shivering

“Nami, you’re shivering,” Rick said as he put his arms around her and rubbed her back, “Are you sure you’re okay? We could postpone dinner for another time if you’re not up to it…” suggested Rick.

“No, seriously I’m fine…I was just thinking that…that something could have happened to us in there….” Nami said shivering again, her face looking rather pale.

never let anything happen to you

Rick held Nami closer to him and gazed into her eyes, “Nami, I would never let anything happen to you. But now, let’s head down the hill and get down the mountain. The winds have started to pick up and we don’t want to get stuck up here.”

“Agreed…plus I’m looking forward to that dinner at your place,” Nami said as her teeth continued to chatter.

“Well, one thing for sure,” Rick replied, “It’ll be warmer than here!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

keeping nami warm

When they descended the mountain, they took a short outrigger canoe ride to his island. Even though the temperature was quite hot, Nami had still been shivering. Rick immediately lit a fire and found a blanket in his box and wrapped Nami in it. He then prepared some tea and had Nami sip it slowly. Rick was no doctor, but he thought that Nami might be suffering from a bit of shock at that volcanic eruption, but she kept telling him she was fine. When they returned to the house, he would have Afu call the medical staff to do a routine check on her.

i just got chilled

“Thank you for this Rick, I feel so much better and warmer now. I think I just got a chill and couldn’t shake it. I’m sure that was it. If it’s okay, I’d like to change out of these clothes and freshen up a bit before dinner…um…if you have somewhere I can change,  that is…” Nami said looking around.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better Nami. On the other side of those trees, is a restroom, large enough for you to change. And yes, I do have a shower, and running water, and all the luxuries you could want from an island home!” Rick smirked at Nami, taking her hand and leading her around giving her a tour of his place.

When they came back to the firepit to retrieve Nami’s backpack, Nami said, “Your place is wonderful, Rick, and the view is the best. I bet at night the whole sky is lit up with stars.”

“Well, maybe after dinner we can do some stargazing together…” Rick suggested.

“I would like that, Rick…I would like that very much…” Naomi replied shyly.

rick making dinner for nami

“Okay! Now then, I have a fabulous dinner to prepare, so you skedaddle and get ready while I work my magic on the grill,” Rick smiled as he grabbed the waterproof wet bag and started to unpack the contents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick had quickly changed and by the time Nami had freshened up, dinner was ready.

casressing cheek

When Rick saw Nami, he walked over to her and gently caressed her cheek, “I wanted to tell you how lovely you look tonight, Nami.”

“Ah, Rick, thank you. You’re so sweet,” Nami blushed.

Rick gazed at Nami a moment longer and then waved his hand towards the table, “I hope you’re hungry, because dinner is served!” Rick announced as he led Nami towards the table.

“Gosh! Something smells really good,” Nami exclaimed.

“Well, that would be my world-famous sausages and peppers,” beamed Rick.

“Oh I love a home-cooked meal. And you made biscuits, too?” enthused Nami.

“Yes, those are campfire buttermilk biscuits made in a Dutch oven over the fire. Goes so well with this meal. I thought you’d enjoy them,” added Rick.

talking about the house plans

They grabbed a plate and ate dinner talking about their day together. Nami seemed to be enjoying herself immensely.

“You know, Rick, you really have a beautiful island. I love the camping vibes, but I think for a long-term stay, I would have built a larger shelter. That bed shelter looks rather small, and I bet it gets kind of wet when it rains,” observed Nami.

i think you should put in a skylighjt

“Well, it’s funny that you mentioned that, because I have been working on plans to build a beach house. It would still be off-the-grid, but everything would be a bit more dry and contained under one roof,” explained Rick.

“You are going to build a beach house? Oh Rick, do you have the plans here? I’d love to see them!” Naomi said excitedly.

“Actually I do, and maybe you could give me some suggestions for the dining room…” said Rick, getting up from the table to retrieve the beach house plans.

enjoying dinner together nami and rick

Nami listened to Rick talk about the plans and noticed he was rather excited about it. “Rick…these are beautiful,” Nami said, “But I do have a suggestion for the dining room…why don’t you have windows all around the room and a skylight on the roof for that portion of the house. You could have lots of candles in there and at night it would be so lovely…the twinkle of the stars from above…and the flicker of the candles in the room,” suggested Nami.

“Nami, what a fantastic idea! That would really be impressive!” agreed Rick as he made notations on the dining room plan and placed it aside.

throwing a log on the fire

Rick cleaned up the dishes and added another log to the firepit. “There, all nice and cozy now,” said Rick.

stargazing anyone

“So…um…Rick…you said something about stargazing after dinner?” Nami asked.

“Yes…yes…I did…but there was one thing I wanted to do first…something I’ve been wanting to do all day…” said Rick.

“Oh, and what’s that?” Nami asked innocently.

yes another kiss

“Kiss you…,” murmured Rick, and with that he took Nami in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips.

Nami felt Rick’s lips on hers and she didn’t resist. Being here in Rick’s arms, Nami felt like they were the only two sims in the world, and she felt like she was seeing stars appearing and disappearing in the darkness when he kissed her.

another kiss

They parted slowly and Nami stared at Rick, “Well, that was rather nice,” Naomi said shyly, “…but you know, for all that I’ve been through today…I think I deserve another kiss…”

Rick gazed intensely at Nami, “Yes, Nami…yes you do….”

smoldering kiss

It looks like Rick and Nami might not get any stargazing done tonight after all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

nami date thoughts number 3

Nami’s Date Thoughts:

“Well, that was certainly a memorable date! I couldn’t believe that there was a volcanic eruption when we visited the observatory. And I really felt like Rick and I were going to die in that place together. So, yes, I was a bit shaken up afterwards and Rick was just so kind and considerate making sure I was okay. I think I fell more in love with him because of that, and I desperately wanted to kiss him, but my teeth were chattering so badly. But it all turned out, and when we got to his island home, I felt much better. And I could see the worried look in his eyes as he fussed over me. And that showed me he really does care about me…and maybe more. I mean, he hasn’t told me that he loves me…and to be quite honest, I haven’t told him either. But it just seems that Rick and I have a certain chemistry together, because his kissess…oooh…his kisses…they certainly ignite more than just feelings of friendship in me. And I am wishing upon a star that I am the one that Rick will choose, because he is definitely the one I would choose.”

Relationship Status Has Changed to Soulmates.

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

The lot build had the volcanic trait and there was a volcanic eruption during their date! I couldn’t believe it! I have had the volcanic trait on other lots and nothing has ever happened. I am beginning to suspect that it has something to do with Nami. I mean, come on, there were 2 fires on a group date they were on, and both Nami and Rick caught fire, Nami had a fire in the Toddler Challenge, and now this! I would definitely say that it was more than just a coincidence! lol

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The section about there being “snow” in Sulani, is actually based on there being “snow” in Hawaii. Several years’ ago, I went on a cruise to Hawaii and went on a shore excursion to the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. I remember that it was very windy and cold. On the tour, we were told that snow does come to the mountain.

On Earthquakes, Eruptions and the Moon, article.

A note about the ‘Debug’ Sims 4 Volcanic Bombs in the museum display, Reddit article.


I was very surprised on the number of autonomous actions that occurred on this date! I didn’t note them all, but there were a lot. Nami is Smitten and is Deeply Connected with Rick, and Rick is Closer From Happy Memories and Deeply Connected.

I think there should have been an extra sentiment here, like surviving a natural disaster together. lol

nami has moved up to soulmates

Photo Credits (Rooms):

Many thanks to these simmers for creating these wonderful photos.

moon photo credit

sulani volcano photo credit

Build Lot Credit:

Many thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. The lot does have the volcanic trait, and volcanic bombs can randomly happen, like they did on Rick and Nami’s date! I did change several aspects of the build; however. I added a telescope to the top along with several satellite dishes and solar panels, also stairs to get up to the roof. Most of the museum displays were changed to reflect volcano and solar system studies, although they are in the same layout. I added a debug robot and a generator to the top office. In the reception area, I added The Sitter statue ‘receptionist’, a table with trophies and diplomas on the wall.

volcano observatory photo

Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date with Naomi

opening shot roxanna and cinnamon

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, that date with Octavia yesterday was sure “hot”, and she was certainly brave attempting that fire dance. But fire dancing is just not my thing. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, am certainly not going to get my hair singed. But fire dancing is certainly…um…great to watch, if done correctly. And some of these islanders performing the dance…oh my…they can certainly turn up the heat for moi! *fans self*

And so, with a new day, there are new dates for Rick. With only 3 contestants left to have a Solo Date, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, had to consult their rankings in the Solo Date Challenge. Hmmm…it appears that Coral and Naomi were tied, but the actual level of their parenting skill was not noted by the producers. Tsk Tsk! So, it will be Rick’s choice as to who goes first today. And now let’s peek in and see who Rick will take on his Solo Date this morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

choosing the mornign date

Rick sat at his desk after Octavia’s date thinking about the 3 Solo Dates that were left. He had spoken to all three contestants as to where they wanted to go, and he knew that Nami had to go on an afternoon date, due to her date request. Not sure who he would take on a date in the morning, so he took a coin from his pocket and tossed it. That settled it. Naomi would be going on the date in the morning.

Author’s Note: Both Naomi and Coral were tied in the Solo Date Challenge and I forgot to write down their parenting skill percentage levels, and had deleted those files. Oops! So, just wrote their names on a separate piece of paper, and chose one, and that is who went first.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

naomi opening shot

“Was it just a few days ago that I came back to the Bachelor House? I can’t believe it! I am so happy  that I am here, but I am even happier that I am FINALLY going on my Solo Date with Rick. I had no idea where Rick was going to take me, and then he surprised me last night by asking me where I wanted to go. Well, being a vegetarian, I have always cared about the creatures that live in the Simworld. I guess you could say that I’m an animal activist. So I asked Rick if there was somewhere in Sulani where they helped animals. Rick thought for a moment and then smiled at me and said ‘I know a place’. So, I don’t exactly know where we’re going, but I’m pretty excited! You know, my last Solo Date with Rick was nice, but Rick hasn’t kissed me yet and I’m kind of worried about that. But, I’m hoping that today will be different and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get my first kiss with Rick.” 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

naomi meeting rick out front

Rick had asked Naomi to meet him in front of the house at 7am. When Naomi arrived, she had a huge smile on her face, and Rick couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she looked.

“Naomi,” Rick said, “You look wonderful today, and that outfit you have on…it looks so…um…pretty on you.”

comp0liments outfit rick to naomi

“Thank you, Rick,” Naomi said blushing slightly, “It’s something I bought at a Sulani boutique awhile ago. I hope it’s okay for today. I wasn’t sure if we would be doing any hands-on work or anything.”

“Oh, it’s perfect, and no, we won’t be doing anything ‘hands on’ today” laughed Rick, “But anytime you want to, the place we’re visiting is always looking for volunteers.”

where are we going

“You know, I have been pretty excited about our date since last night. Any chance that you might tell me where we’re going?” asked Naomi gazing into Rick’s eyes.

“Of course,” Rick answered just as a jeep pulled up in front of them, “We’re heading to an Oceanography Research Center, which is in a remote area on Mua Pel’am. Part of the facility is devoted to marine research, and the other part is an aquarium and museum.”

“That sounds wonderful, Rick. Are we going to visit both areas today?” asked Naomi hopefully.

“I do have friends who work in the marine research area, but, unfortunately, we won’t have time to visit them today,” answered Rick sadly.

there is a special exhibit

Rick took Naomi’s hands in his and said, “There is actually a special exhibit at the museum that I think you’ll like…but, if you want to visit the lab, we can, but it will definitely be hands-on!”

“A special exhibit?” asked Naomi wondering what it was, “Oh, no…I’d like to go and see the exhibit, if you think I’d like it.”

have u ever lugged water

“Phew!” Rick said wiping his brow, “I’m glad you said that, because the last time I went to visit the lab, the conservationists had me collect water samples…all day long. I think I collected more than 100 samples that day, and they said that it was ‘adequate’ for their research. I tell you, those scientists are something else!” laughed Rick as he helped Naomi in the jeep and placed a waterproof wet bag in the back.

Naomi laughed, “One hundred samples doesn’t seem like a lot…”

“Are you kidding me? Have you ever tried to lug 100 bottles of water around with you all day? That water weighed a ton! My muscles were so sore!” Rick smiled showing off his muscles.

“Well, how are your muscles feeling now?” Naomi said winking at Rick, “Maybe I should give you a massage in case you have any heavy lifting to do on our date!”

how are your muscles now

“Hmmm…I like that idea…” Rick said winking mischievously at Naomi, “But only if I can give you a massage, too!”

They both laughed and Naomi thought what a great date this was going to be.

they headed off together

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick the place is huge

 They arrived at the Oceanography Research Center and Rick helped Naomi out of the jeep.

“Oh my gosh!” Naomi said looking up at the building, “The place is huge!”

explaining about the museum rick

“Yes, it is,” said Rick, as they headed inside the building, “The Oceanography Research Center is the best in Sulani, and one of the best in Simland. Scientists from here have been asked to travel to places such as Selvadorada to conduct research on the eco-system and even help with rescue attempts of marine life. It’s something I’m interested in doing, and help out whenever I can.”

“So, you want to become a scientist?” asked Naomi looking at Rick.

“Well, in a way. More a Conservationist. But I’m not much of a lab person, I love the outdoors too much, and I love getting to know the islanders. So even though I would have to lug around water samples, I much prefer the field work,” said Rick sincerely.

that is quite admiral

“I think that’s quite admirable. I wouldn’t mind doing something like that myself, but I think I’d prefer working in the lab. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but…well, I’m a bit of a loner, and I really am quite happy working on a project alone. Maybe it has something to do with my ‘transition to a mermaid’ when I was a teen, but I really get tense around large groups,” admitted Naomi.

“Naomi, I already knew you didn’t like crowds too much,” answered Rick, holding her hands, “But what a great team we’d make…me in the field and you in the lab…” Rick continued, “But just promise me that if you ever feel tense or nervous in a situation that you’ll tell me. Okay?”

“I will,” answered Naomi smiling at him and thinking that Rick was so considerate of her.

talking about endangered fish

They walked around the museum and Rick pointed out several exhibits. He explained that some of the fish on display were endangered species, and that the scientists were involved in breeding programs and genetic research to understand the threats and to find ways to protect the species.

“I know that some threats are environmental factors, like pollution. When I swim, sometimes, I hit a spot and it feels like I’ve been slimed,” said Naomi.

rick far away look

“I’ve had that happen, too. And that’s why I clean up debris, and organize beach clean-ups. It is my hope that the ecology of Sulani will one day be pristine again,” replied Rick with a far-a-way look in his eyes.

i have a great idea naomi

“Rick, I have an idea…” said Naomi brightening suddenly, “Why don’t you organize a beach clean-up with the contestants? Like, instead of having a party, we could all help with a beach clean-up instead. You know, give back to the community. What do you think?”

Rick looked at Naomi, “Did anyone ever tell you that not only are you beautiful, but you are so very smart as well?”

Naomi blushed, “Well…no, not really…but does that mean you like my idea…?”

rick beautiful and smart comment

“Oh, yes, very much so,” Rick answered, “and I think I know when we can do it, too!”

They chatted some more and walked through an exhibit on loan from Selvadorada.

is this the special exhibit

“Is this the special exhibit that you wanted me to see?” asked Naomi tentatively looked into the pond filled with piranha.

“Well, this is a very interesting exhibit, but, the one I had in mind is just through that archway…” Rick said walking ahead.

oh my gosh naomi

Naomi stepped through the archway and there, on the wall in front of her was a mural of a beautiful mermaid. “Oh my gosh! A mermaid!” said Naomi in awe.

its a mermaid

i wish i was so beautiful

“I knew you’d like it,” whispered Rick, holding Naomi’s hands in his, “It’s a special exhibit about Sulani.”

Naomi looked around and admired the mermaid sand sculpture, the conch shell, the mermaid’s love chest, and even the mermaid scrolls on the wall. She was feeling rather emotional and so happy that Rick had brought her here. He was so kind and considerate, and whenever she looked at him, her heart skipped a beat. Naomi saw how Rick was looking intently at the mural, and Naomi glanced back at the mermaid mural again.

rick looking at mermaid

“She’s so beautiful,” Naomi said looking at the wall mural in awe, “I wish I looked like that…”

i dont want you to feel sad

“Naomi, I wouldn’t change one thing about you, because you are beautiful. Can’t you see that, Naomi? Inside and out.” whispered Rick, taking Naomi’s hands in his.

Naomi looked up at Rick and gave him a timid smile, “Really?” she asked.

“Yes, really,” answered Rick, “Naomi, I didn’t want to make you sad bringing you here. I thought you would like the exhibit, to feel connected with it.”

going to next exhibit

“Oh, Rick, I’m not sad. I’m so happy you brought me here and I…I was just a bit overwhelmed. I just never expected to see such an exhibit here. That’s all,” replied Naomi not letting on to what she was really feeling.

dolphina pic

“Well, good, because I wanted to show you this next exhibit about dolphins. Look at that center picture…it’s Dolphina herself hamming it up for the camera! No two dolphins are alike, and I’d recognize that cheeky dolphin face anywhere,” chuckled Rick.

Naomi looked at the picture, “Well, it’s nice to meet you Dolphina!” laughed Naomi as she turned towards Rick, “Does she know she’s a celebrity yet? Having her picture in here?”

“Oh no, she doesn’t. But please don’t tell her, because then she’d want twice the fish snacks that I give her now. And let me tell you…Dolphina can eat a lot of fish snacks!” replied Rick shaking his head looking at the picture.

frog waterfall legend

They moved down the aisle and came to an exhibit with a waterfall and frogs. On a plaque was the legend of the waterfall story, which Rick had shared with Raven. Naomi read it with interest. “Sulani is an island full of history and legends,” Naomi said, looking up at Rick, “I’m glad I came to Sulani to find my heritage.”

Rick took Naomi’s hands in his and said, “So am I, Naomi.”

wonderful museum rick

They continued downstairs to look at the last Sulani exhibit, which was an exhibit featuring items from Princess Cordelia and her pirate boyfriends.

“That is pretty much it for the tour,” announced Rick, “Now how about some lunch?”

“Oh that’s sounds good. I was a bit…I mean…busy…before our date and I didn’t eat any breakfast. Are we going to eat here? It looks like a really nice restaurant…” replied Naomi surveying the beautiful blue interior.

“Well…I don’t really think you’d like to eat here. It’s a seafood restaurant,” explained Rick.

its a seafood restaurant

Naomi’s eyes opened wide when he said that.

“But, don’t worry, I have a better place in mind,” Rick said as he took Naomi’s hands in his, “I was wondering if you’d like to come back to my place for some lunch. To my island home…” Rick smiled as he asked her.

“Come to lunch at your place?” Naomi asked hesitantly.

would you like to come to my place for lunch

“Yes! The place is a bit rustic though…but, I’ve been known to grill some pretty good fruit kebobs…what do you think?” asked Rick giving her a questioning look.

“Fruit kebobs? Yum! Oh, that sounds really good. I’d love to, Rick,” Naomi answered.

“Great! Let’s head out then,” smiled Rick as they walked out the door together.

now im going to ricks for lunch

“I don’t know why I was so nervous getting ready this morning. I always have a good time when I’m with Rick. And now he’s taking me to his place for lunch. His place!” thought Naomi excitedly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

what a view at ricks place

They arrived at the island and Rick gave Naomi a quick tour. Naomi couldn’t get over the view all around her.

“The best part of your home is the view, Rick. I can understand why you chose this place to live. It is just incredible,” exclaimed Naomi looking out at the ocean.

rick welcomes naomi to his island

Rick came over towards Naomi and kissed her hands lightly, “It is a beautiful view, Naomi, and I’ve tried to make the island as self-sufficient as possible.”

have you ever thought of being a vegetarian rick

“Yes, I see that from your garden. Have you ever thought of becoming a vegetarian?” asked Naomi hopefully, “It has many benefits…” continued Naomi as she evangelized  about vegetarianism.

“I guess I am, somewhat, I think someone once told me I was a pescatarian, someone who follows a vegetarian diet but also eats fish and dairy,” explained Rick.

“So, you don’t think you’ll ever give up fishing or eating fish?” Naomi asked hopefully.

rick chats with naomi“Naomi, fishing is my livelihood. It is not all bad you know. Fishing helps to remove invasive fish species from the waters that are harmful to Sulani’s eco-system. I also release any protected species that I catch back into the wild. I don’t use nets, and don’t overfish. Plus, I don’t eat fish everyday. And fishing makes me feel happy. I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but that is who I am,” Rick explained, being honest with Naomi.


grilling some fruit kebobs for lunch

“I can understand your point of view and thank you for being honest,” said Naomi, “I also appreciate that you didn’t take me to that seafood restaurant”.

“I would never put you in an uncomfortable situation, Naomi, I hope you know that,” replied Rick, as he busied himself by the grill and started lunch.

thinking about rick not being a vegan

Naomi looked out at the water and thought, “Hmmm…there are so many qualities that I like about Rick…maybe if I told him how fish have feelings and are my friends, he would understand how I felt and maybe re-think things…”

“Fruit kebobs are ready,” Rick shouted, as he placed them on the table.

having lunch together naomi and rick

Naomi grabbed a serving and sat down, looking up at him, “Rick, I do understand your point of view on how fishing is beneficial to the environment. Maybe our differences aren’t so large, and a fisherman and a mermaid could get along…”

Rick smiled at Naomi and said, “Yes, I think that a fisherman and mermaid can get along, I mean, afterall, they both love the water…and they both care about the environment…” Rick replied as he gazed at Naomi.

“So true…” Naomi agreed, “Water is everything here.”

i have some house plans to show you naomi

“Exactly! And, you know, I was thinking of incorporating some water features in the beach house plans I’ve drawn…but I am having some problems…”

“You’ve sketched a beach house?” Naomi said happily, “Oh, Rick, I’d love to see the sketches and can give you some ideas…if you want.”

“Naomi, that would be the best! I’ll go get them!” Rick said as he went to get the sketches.

“Rick, these are beautiful!” Naomi said as she looked over the plans and listened to Rick talk about the beach house. “You know, there is water all around the island, and I think that it would be really nice to have some ocean pictures on the walls…like pictures of shells…Dolphina…and maybe even one of a mermaid…”

Rick smiled at Naomi and jotted down the ideas on the plans and placed them aside.

rick you want to kiss the girl

“So…you think I should have a picture of a mermaid on the wall?” Rick flirted, “…anyone you have in mind?” Rick winked at her as he placed his arm around her waist.

speechless naomi

Naomi swallowed hard and was speechless.

first kiss with naomi

Rick looked into Naomi’s eyes. They stood there, not speaking, and it’s as if the ocean breezes were calling to him…“kiss the girl”…they whispered. And Rick knew then that he did indeed want to kiss Naomi. Without a word, Rick bent his head towards Naomi and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

wow what a kiss from rick

Naomi felt Rick hold her close to him, felt the warmth of his touch, and smelled the intoxicating scent of salt water in his hair. Naomi didn’t want Rick to stop. Like an ocean wave when it kisses the sand and goes out to sea again…Naomi was the sand…begging that wave to return and kiss her again. And in that moment, Naomi felt like the most beautiful mermaid ever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

naomis date thoughts

Naomi’s Date Thoughts:

“This was the best date that I’ve been on with Rick so far. That Oceanography Research Center was amazing. I was so surprised when I saw that mermaid exhibit, and how Rick just knew I would like it. Rick just seems to understand me so well. Plus, we share a lot of the same values about protecting the ocean. It’s one of the things that I like about him. And I’ve come to realize that even though he’s a fisherman, and eats fish, that there are so many other endearing qualities about Rick that outweigh these factors. This is just a part of him that I have to accept. Of course, I would love it if he became a vegetarian, but at least he does love all types of fruits and vegetables. So, there is a possibility that this could work, right? A possibility that I would like to see happen, because that kiss…that kiss…so tender and loving…more than anything, that kiss showed me the true Rick. And I know in my heart that I care about Rick, and even though we have our differences, I am willing to accept him for who he is. Because I really do see a future together, and want to be with him. And, I definitely want more than just my “mermaid” picture on the wall of his beach house. Much more.”

naomi in the water

Relationship status remains unchanged as Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

“Kiss The Girl” song from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ashley Tisdale, 1989.

Fish Have Feelings, article.


And my favorite part, how they really feel about each other. Naomi got her First Kiss on this date, and is now “Smitten” with Rick. Rick has two friendly sentiments about Naomi. Notice how differently Rick feels about Naomi and how Naomi feels about Rick. Interesting. 

ricks sentiments about naomi

naomis sentiments about rick

Closer from Happy Memories Short Term This Sim feels close to the other Sim because of good times and happy memories they share.
Growing Closer from Quality Time Short Term This Sim appreciates that the other Sim makes time for them. Time spent together seems to bring them closer together.
Smitten Short Term Sim can’t explain it, but they’re really enamored with the other Sim and the sight of them makes this Sim’s heart beat faster!

Photo & Sculpture credits (rooms):

Many thanks to these simmers for creating the dolphin and mermaid artwork and the blue mermaid sculpture. No cc.

mermaid painting photo creditdolphin photo creditblue mermaid sculpture credit

Lot Build Credit: 

Many thanks to this simmer for creating this wonderful build. There are many other areas of this build that weren’t seen, like a gift shop, a small cinema area, and a wedding venue up top. I did change one wall to the special Sulani exhibit, as along that wall were mounted fish, which wouldn’t have gone over well with Naomi. Near the restaurant, I added the Princess Cordelia exhibit, and had Bob The Butler statue as the restaurant host.

aquarium photo credit



Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo-Date-A-Thon ~ Solo Date With Octavia

roxanna cover octavia date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, Raven’s morning date with Rick went swimmingly well, and Raven didn’t run off when she saw where he lived either. These contestants are certainly a hardy bunch! This afternoon Rick continues on his Solo-Date-A-Thon with Octavia Dillon, who placed third in the Solo Date Challenge. Will this be the date where Octavia finally gets her first kiss? We’ll find out soon enough! And now, let’s peek in on Rick and Octavia at the Bachelor House as they head off on their date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

octavia opening shot

“I can’t believe that I didn’t win that Solo Date Challenge. I mean, seriously, I have two sisters and a brother, and was raised by a single Dad. I had to help out all the time when I was growing up. I just don’t remember my sisters and brother behaving like those toddlers, or maybe I have somehow blotted it from my memory. But the good news is that because I came in third, I am going on the next Solo Date with Rick. And that’s the important thing here. So, when Rick came to talk to me about where I wanted to go on our date, I told him I just “wanted to have fun,” you know somewhere that has dancing. Rick gave me the biggest smile and I could have sworn he flirted a bit with me when he said, “I know a place.” He didn’t tell me where we’re going, but if there’s dancing, I am going to show him some dance moves that are guaranteed to get Rick all hot and bothered. Oh yes, a surefire way to get Rick to kiss me tonight!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

meeting octavia beside the house

Rick had showered and changed for his date with Octavia, and had asked her to meet him at the skiff by the house at 2pm. Octavia was right on time, and when Rick saw her, he had to admit that Octavia looked pretty sexy in the outfit she had on today.


“Octavia….you look…um…pretty…um…nice in that outfit you have on,” Rick said, feeling a bit flirty.


“Oh, why thank you, Rick,” laughed Octavia, “And I have to say you don’t look half bad yourself…” flirted Octavia.

Octavia spied two aquazips in the water in front of them, “Are we taking those to our destination?” asked Octavia excitedly.

Rick smiled and took Octavia’s hands in his, “Yes, indeed. We are heading over to Ohan’ali Town and I thought this would be the quickest way to get there.”


Rick picked up a waterproof dry bag and helped Octavia onto one of the aquazips. He then instructed her on the controls.

“Do you need to practice a bit?” asked Rick.


Octavia thought for a moment, “I really should. I’ve never ridden one of these before. Will you watch me?” Octavia replied batting her eyes.

“Of course…you know in case you need rescuing or anything…” Rick said 

“Oh really?” Octavia smiled flirtatiously, “You know, Rick, you’re the only one that I want to rescue me…”


Octavia did a practice run on the aquazip around the bay and Rick stood on-shore watching her intently.

“Okay, I think I got this!” Octavia said, giving Rick a little flirty smile as she came back towards shore.

octavia doing a practice run 2

“Great! I’ll be right beside you all the way,” Rick assured Octavia, as he got on the aquazip.

“This is such an exciting way to start our date!” said Octavia gleefully as she and Rick headed off together.

heading off to ohanali beach

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: Oh my gosh! Octavia got the flirty moodlet almost as soon as she saw Rick. And Rick still had the flirty moodlet from his date with Raven. Sparks are already flying between these two!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They landed at Ohan’ali Beach, and Octavia was super excited when she got off the aquazip.

“I could definitely ride on those all day!” Octavia enthused.

“And that was just the transportation part!” laughed Rick. He explained to Octavia that they would be heading to a Sulani festival that was set to start at 6pm.


“A festival? With dancing?” Octavia could hardly believe it.

“Yes, it’s actually right on the beach,” Rick pointed to an area with a huge bonfire and some beach loungers, “I thought you would enjoy it,” Rick said holding Octavia’s hands in his.


“Enjoy it? Oh my gosh! It’s a beach party! That sounds so exciting!” Octavia replied.

They headed to a cabana to change, and when they emerged, decorations had been set up at the bonfire area.


Rick took Octavia’s hands in his, “Now I have to warn you, Octavia, that there is dancing, but it’s a different kind of dancing…” Rick smiled at her mischievously.

“A different kind of dancing? Are they giving beach dance lessons? Like hula lessons? Oh, I’d love that,” Octavia said.

“Well, not exactly…more like fire dancing!” Rick replied smirking a bit.

fire dancing what

“What? Fire dancing? You’ve got to be joking. You want me to do fire dancing?” Octavia said in a shocked voice. All thoughts of seductive dance moves on the dance floor vanished from her mind.

“Don’t worry. Poi fire dancing is an odd job I do, and I’m pretty experienced. I will give you some pointers,” Rick said with a smile.

“Well, you look trustworthy,” said Octavia returning Rick’s smile.


“Plus, there’s always a fire extinguisher at these events!” winked Rick.

“Whhhaaat?” Octavia just stared after him as he walked towards the festival area. 

“Dang! I like hot and spicy, but I never expected ‘hot’ to mean fire dancing!” laughed Octavia nervously.

octavia exclaimation

Octavia suddenly had a horrible thought, “What if this was some sort of sick plan of the producers to eliminate an unsuspecting contestant?” Octavia wondered. “Well,” she thought, “I am going to do that fire dance. And even if I have to set myself on fire, I am going to get that kiss from Rick tonight! Just watch me!” And so, with a confident stride, Octavia followed Rick towards the bonfire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


And they arrived at the Beach Bonfire Festival. In fact, they were the first ones there!


Rick lit the bonfire and felt that this would be the perfect time to teach Octavia fire dancing. He told Octavia that the first thing she had to do was either wet her hair or braid it, so it was more contained. Octavia quickly braided her hair into a side braid.


Rick then instructed Octavia on a very basic move, called ‘The Weave’, which was a 2-beat rhythm basically swinging the poi sticks around on both sides. Rick had Octavia practice spinning her hands without the poi lit, so she could get the rhythm.


Rick then showed her the fire dance move, and the crowd clapped loudly at Rick’s performance.


“Wow, Rick, you really are good at that!” Octavia said as she admired Rick’s moves.

“It’s all practice, really, but, you’re a natural, Octavia!” beamed Rick, “I’m going to light the poi now and let you have a try.”


Octavia was nervous and scared. But she was determined to do this.






Rick came over to her afterwards and gave her a big hug. “You see, I told you! You did it, Octavia!”


“Yes, I did, and I’m still in one piece!” exclaimed Octavia, “I’m a fire dancer! Dancing like a flame!”


octavia and rick pre kiss


Rick moved closer to Octavia and couldn’t help but admire how beautiful and vibrant she looked. “You’re an eternal flame, Octavia…” he whispered, “…beautiful and brave…” And suddenly, Rick felt like they were the only two sims on that beach. Seconds ticked by. They were standing so close, he could almost “feel Octavia’s heart beating” and he knew he wanted to kiss her. Octavia looked up at him, and Rick bent his head towards her and tenderly kissed her on the lips.




From the look on Octavia’s face, she wasn’t expecting how that kiss would make her feel. They stood apart and just gazed at each other.

“Well, if that’s the reward I get for fire dancing, I think I may have to learn more fire dance moves!” breathed Octavia.

“And I would love to be your mentor,” Rick replied.

rick kisses octavias hands

Rick took Octavia’s hands in his and kissed them lightly, “Octavia, I was wondering if you’d like to go somewhere and have dinner with me.”

“I would love that, Rick. Is there a restaurant close by?” answered Octavia sincerely.

will u have dinner with me

“Well, not so much a restaurant, but…well, I was hoping you would like to come to “my” place for dinner…the place where I live…” asked Rick waiting for Octavia to answer.

“To your place? And you’re going to cook for me?” Octavia asked as she raised an eyebrow. 

“Yes, it would be my pleasure. Nothing fancy, mind you…and the place is…well…it’s a bit rustic…” said Rick.


“Rick, I’m not into fancy meals. Home cooked meals are my favorite, and I would love to go to dinner at your place,” Octavia said flirting with Rick.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” said Rick as they headed back to the beach area together.

rick kissed me and now im going to his place

“Oh my gosh!” thought Octavia, “Rick kissed me! My…our…first kiss together! And now I’m going to his place. I can’t believe it! Hmmm…dinner…and maybe more kisses…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

arrival on island rick and octavia

It was already dark when they arrived at Rick’s island home, and Rick went ahead to light some lanterns before he brought Octavia to the main area.

“Welcome to my home, Octavia,” Rick smiled spreading his hands before him.

Octavia was given a tour and she even peeked in his sleeping hut and saw a single cot. “A cot for one?” she asked looking directly at Rick.

a cot for one

“Yes…only me,” Rick said, returning her gaze, “In fact, Octavia, you are only the third person I’ve invited here. And the other two were just recently…” Rick said hesitantly.

“I see,” Octavia said quietly, thinking she knew who the other ‘recent’ two guests had been. She looked around some more, “Well, it’s very nice with the most beautiful view…it reminds me of a camping trip that I went on once…but, it was camping with a lakeview instead of an oceanview.”

rick busied himself at tje grill

“I’d love to hear more about that camping trip,” Rick said as he took some items from the waterproof dry bag and started grilling some chicken chimichurri skewers.

They chatted some more and Octavia spied a pitcher and some lemons, “Would you like me to make some lemonade? I got some tips from the bartender where I work. I just need some sugar if you have any.”

octavia quickly familiarized herself with where everything was and made some lemonade

Rick pointed to a wooden box with a lid, “All the staples are in there. Have to keep them locked up or the birds will think it’s their feast!”

Octavia laughed and retrieved some sugar and mixed up the lemonade. By the time she did that, dinner was ready.

perfect dinner for 2

“Dinner is served!” Rick said, “Oh, and there’s a bottle of hot sauce in the dry bag, so help yourself!”

Octavia smiled at him, “You remembered that I love hot sauce?”

Rick laughed, “How could I forget? You practically dumped hot sauce on those shrimp you ordered on our Pirate Week Date.”

this is pretty good rick

“Oh gosh! Yes! I just love hot sauce,” Octavia said as she shook some hot sauce over the chimichurri skewers and took a bite, “Rick, these are fantastic! I never knew you were such a great cook!”

“I just dabble, really, but glad you like dinner,” Rick smiled and he scarfed down some food.

i have been working on some house plans

“You know, Rick, this is such a beautiful spot, why didn’t you ever build a more substantial house here? I mean the only shelter you have is your bunk area and then the latrine and shower stall,” commented Octavia.

“I guess I just never had an inclination to build a home here. I was rather content with how things were. But, I have kind of sketched out some house plans,” Rick said.

“Really. Oh, Rick, if it’s okay, I’d love to see them…” said Octavia.

i love that idea rick

“Sure, I’ll get them…and maybe you can help me with the guest bedroom…” Rick said winking at Octavia as he got up from the table.

Rick talked about the plans, and Octavia gave him some ideas for decorating the guest bedroom. “And you know what would be really nice, instead of these windows here, replace them with glass doors, and then the guests could just open them and walk out to the deck area…” suggested Octavia. Rick agreed and thought that was a wonderful idea and made notations on the plans.

oh gosh octavia confesses attraction to rick autonomously

It was time to head out, and Rick got up to clear the dishes.

“Rick….I…”stammered Octavia suddenly, “I wanted to tell you that I’m…that I’m…that I’m really attracted to you…”Octavia said confessing her feelings to Rick (autonomously).

Octavia closed her eyes thinking that maybe it had been a mistake to tell Rick how she felt. What if Rick didn’t feel the same? She felt like such a fool now for blurting it out.

rick loves it

I don’t think Octavia had anything to fear because from the look on Rick’s face, he thoroughly enjoyed what she had just said.

“Octavia,” whispered Rick, “I think you’re kind of wonderful, too.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

octavias date thoughts

Octavia’s Date Thoughts:

This is the best date that I’ve had with Rick! I mean, I said I’d like to go dancing, and I just never expected that I would be performing a fire dance! I was so nervous that I would somehow set myself on fire, but I just followed Rick’s instructions, and I did it! And then Rick did his fire dance, and…well, that guy can fire dance! He has the moves! And he told me he does this as an odd job! Can you believe it? I think I’ll stick to my job telling jokes! And then he asked me to his place…his island…to have dinner with him…and Rick cooked dinner…and we ate by candlelight…it was so utterly romantic. I mean, seriously, the guy is full of surprises. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to him. Or, maybe it has something to do with getting a First Kiss with Rick! Because that kiss…wow! Rick is not only a ‘hottie’, but the guy can kiss…and I mean, REALLY kiss! I was at a total loss for words after that kiss. And I know that after these Solo Dates are over, some of the contestants will be leaving, and I don’t want it to be me. So, I just HAD to tell him how I felt about him on our date. Maybe it will make a difference. I mean, I am really, really attracted to him…but, it’s actually more than that. I’m not sure if it’s love, but I haven’t felt like this before. And I know that if Rick asked me to spend a lifetime with him on his island, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

Relationship Remains Unchanged as Acquaintances (as already mentioned, this is somehow glitched).

Author’s Notes:

The lyrics ‘eternal flame’ and ‘hear [my] heart beating’ from the song Eternal Flame, by The Bangles, 1988.

Fire Dancing – Tricks For Beginners, article.

Sulani Festivals: The Sims 4 Island Living, article by The Sims Circus. I never knew when these were held, so this was helpful. It just happened to be Friday in the game, so that is why they went to the Beach Bonfire. The idea of Octavia wanting to go dancing on her date and fire dancing just evolved because of the festival I had to work with. There are cheat codes to have a festival happen on another day, but I couldn’t get them to work, so I stayed with the Beach Bonfire festival. I felt it worked rather well.


I really like this new feature a lot. Here are the sentiments that Octavia and Rick had at the end of their date. The date portion was actually the dinner date at Rick’s island home. Octavia got the “Smitten” sentiment about Rick almost immediately after she had her First Kiss. Notice how differently Rick feels about Octavia and how Octavia feels about Rick. Interesting.

how cute adoring sentiment for octavia

Sentiment notations from Carl’s Guide on Sentiments.

Adoring Short Term This Sim wants the best for another and thinks they’re so wonderful!
Closer from Happy Memories Short Term This Sim feels close to the other Sim because of good times and happy memories they share.
Smitten Short Term Sim can’t explain it, but they’re really enamored with the other Sim and the sight of them makes this Sim’s heart beat faster!






Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Solo Date-A-Thon – Date With Raven

roxanna cover raven solo date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Well, that was certainly a surprise that Rick invited Brianna back to his island home. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, remember when I first saw it…what a shock…and from the looks of things, it hasn’t changed at all. Still looks like a castaway lives there. But Brianna seemed to enjoy going there, and her small touches did seem to make the place look a bit better. And perhaps it would be a good thing to have Rick bring all the contestants to see where he lives, so they know what they’re getting into…er…rather…what a fabulous island home he has! Let’s just put it this way, the place has possibilities! And so, with that special date with Brianna over, today Rick embarks on the start of his Solo Date-A-Thon. Rick’s date this morning will be with Raven Xang, who placed second in the Solo Date Challenge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

raven opening date thoughts

“I was pretty upset that I hadn’t won first place in that Solo Date Challenge, but at least I’m the second one to go on a Solo Date with Rick. I figured that the rest of the dates, including mine, would probably all be heading to the same location for a Solo Date-A-Thon. So imagine my surprise when Rick came to talk to me about our Solo Date last night, and told me it would be my choice of what I wanted to do. I was floored! I really don’t know Sulani that well, but there must be somewhere on the island that had something mysterious about it. I already knew they didn’t have a graveyard…so that was out, but maybe something else…a landmark, a place…I just didn’t know. But I knew I wanted to go somewhere with Rick that would be unique. So, I thought about it and told Rick that maybe he could show me some of the mysteries of the island. Like maybe there was somewhere on the island that had a legend associated with it that we could explore together. I don’t know if he was expecting that for an answer, and after a moment, he smiled at me and said, “I know a place.” So, wherever we’re going is still a mystery, which is kind of exciting, but even more exciting that I’m going there with Rick.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick meeting raven

Rick had asked Raven to meet him by the skiff beside the house at sunrise. He only had half a day with Raven for his date, and when he saw her coming around the corner, he certainly wished it was longer.

“Is this like déjà vu? Didn’t we meet here for our last Solo Date?” laughed Raven.

“Yes, we did, but, you’re not dressed in that cute zombie costume this time. In fact, you look pretty amazing in the outfit you have on today,” Rick said as he gave her an appreciative look.

telling rick she liked him in the zombie custom

“Thank you, Rick,” Raven answered, blushing slightly, “But I have to say, I think I preferred you in that zombie outfit, especially with that black eyeliner. That was pretty sexy!” flirted Raven.

“Oh! I’ll have to remember that!” Rick smirked.

“So, may I ask where we’re going today?” asked Raven glancing at Rick.

Rick took Raven’s hands in his and said, “Well, we’ll be taking the outrigger canoes to Mua Pel’am, and then I have a place in mind for some lunch,” replied Rick.

restaurant thoughts

“You know every time I think of a restaurant now, I think of our first date with that tainted food. Oh gosh! That was horrible…” Raven reminisced shaking her head.

“Yes, it certainly was. But, rest assured that this place only serves the freshest fare, and the view is quite incredible,” Rick said smiling, as he placed a waterproof dry bag in the boat and helped Raven onboard.

sailing off to mua pelam raven and rick

“I’m pretty excited about our ‘mystery’ date,” Raven said smiling at Rick.

“Yes, so am I,” Rick answered as he pushed them off into the water.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick and raven holding hands date 3

They landed the outrigger canoes on a sandy stretch of beach on Mua Pel’am. Rick helped Raven out and then slung the waterproof wet bag over his shoulder.

Raven squinted through the trees and thought she saw a ship’s mast. “What is this place, Rick?” asked Raven.

“This place is called Admiral’s Wreckage and it’s a national park,” Rick said as he held Raven’s hand and they walked up from the beach.

sounds mysterious

“Oh, there’s a shipwreck here?” Raven widened her eyes as she said it.

“Yes, there are actually shipwrecks all around Mua Pel’am, and, of course, with all shipwrecks, there are legends and stories,” added Rick.

“Oooh…that sounds mysterious…” Raven said.

“But the real reason we landed here, is because this is the safest area to land the outrigger canoes, as on the other side of the island is an active volcano,” replied Rick.

“Oh my gosh! A volcano? Yeah, good idea we landed here,” laughed Raven.

i could show you the whole island

Rick laughed, “If we had a full day together, we could explore the island, but since our time is rather short, there is a place close to here that I’d like to show you. It’s not too far to hike to,” said Rick, leading the way.

Rick and Raven hiked along the path chatting with each other, stopping along the way to admire the tropical flowers, and to occasionally take a sip of the bottled water that Rick had packed. Rick told Raven they were almost there, and they both heard the sound before they saw it.

the sacred waterfall rick and raven

“Oh my gosh, Rick, how beautiful! Is this waterfall what you wanted to show me?” asked Raven.

rick telling the waterfall tale

“Yes, it is the sacred waterfall of the island, and, of course, there is a legend associated with it,” said Rick, holding Raven’s hands in his as he spoke.

rick telling raven the tale waterfall

Rick began telling the tale, “You see, long ago, there was a beautiful Sulani princess named Masina who was in love with an islander named Rangi. The princess’ father had already arranged for Masina to be married to a Chieftain’s son on a neighboring island and would not hear of his daughter being married to a commoner. The princess implored her father that she was in love with Rangi, and that she would not marry the Chieftain’s son. But her father forbade her to see Rangi. Masina and Rangi’s love was strong and they would secretly meet by a cliff every night. When Masina’s father found out about their clandestine meetings, he ordered that Rangi be found and killed. It was the night of the full moon, and the princess and the islander met at the cliff and prayed to the fire gods to keep them together. It is said that one of the fire gods appeared before them and told them that he would only do this if they were truly in love. To prove this, they must take a lock of each other’s hair, braid it together, and kiss under a full moon. If their love was true, the frogs of the island would rejoice with them. If their love was false, the frogs would be silent. Masina and Rangi quickly braided a piece of their hair together and kissed. Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit! The sound of the frogs echoed around them, declaring that this was indeed true love. However, Masina’s father and his warriors came upon them just then, and Masina’s father ordered one of his warriors to kill the islander. A spear was thrown, and Rangi, seeing it coming towards him, turned to avoid it. Much to Rangi’s horror, the princess was struck by the spear instead, and losing her balance, fell over the rock ledge to her death. When Rangi saw Masina’s lifeless body on the ground below, he was so grief stricken, and his love for the princess so great, that Rangi jumped from the cliff ending his life, too. The fire gods, knowing that this was true love, were saddened by the death of the ill-fated lovers, and turned them into this waterfall so they could be together forever.”

what a tragic tale

“Oh my gosh, what a tragic love story,” said Raven looking at the waterfall and thinking about the legend, “but I guess it is also happy, as they are now together…” remarked Raven wistfully.

“…and many Sulani sims still believe in this legend…and if this ritual is performed by a couple when there is a full moon, and the frogs rejoice, then those two sims are destined to be joined together for all eternity…”

“That sounds rather romantic,” replied Raven.

“There are so many legends surrounding this island and perhaps another time we can explore the island together,” Rick suggested.

“I would really like that…” nodded Raven.

rick and raven come for lunch with me

“And so now, I do believe I promised you lunch…” smiled Rick.

“Is it on Mua Pel’am because I’m famished!” Raven said looking around.

“It is very close by. In fact, you can see it from here,” Rick said and waved to a nearby island.

“Oh, we’re going to an island for lunch? The restaurant must be well hidden because I can’t really see a roof or anything…” said Raven squinting at the island in the sun.

your asking me to lunch

“Actually…” Rick said holding Raven’s hands in his, “There is no restaurant there. That island is my home and I would be honored if you had…if you had lunch with me…”

Raven looked at Rick in disbelief, “You own an island? Oh, come on, you’re joking, right?”

“No, it’s true…I own that island, but it’s rather rustic…” Rick trailed off, not sure what Raven was thinking.

dreaming about rick

Raven was lost in thought, “Rick has invited me to his place to have lunch with him. I can’t believe he actually asked me there….”

“Um…Raven…if you don’t want to go there, we can certainly go somewhere else…”Rick said looking at her intently.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry…oh, no…I mean, yes! Yes, I would love to go to your place and have lunch!” enthused Raven.

rick raven waterfall heading off

“That’s great! Let’s head on over then,” Rick said beaming at Raven.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

welcome to my island home rick raven

They landed the outrigger canoes on the shore and Rick helped Raven out. “Welcome to my island home,” Rick said, taking Raven’s hand in his, eager to show her around.

Once they were done the tour, Rick retrieved the waterproof wet bag from the canoe.

“Is lunch in the bag? Are we having a picnic?” Raven smiled as Rick came towards her.

fish for your lunch

“Well, actually, we’ll be catching our lunch today. Freshest fare on the island,” Rick said handing Raven a fishing pole. 

what i have to catch something

Raven’s jaw dropped in surprise. “You want me to fish? Oh my gosh, Rick, I’m really not that experienced at fishing…” Raven said as she looked at the fishing rod.

“Well, here, let me give you some pointers,” Rick said as he helped Raven bait the hook and showed her how to cast.

but what if i dont catch anything

“But what if I don’t catch anything? I’ll starve!” Raven said laughing.

“Well…” said Rick, setting his fishing rod down for a moment, “maybe you need some luck. There is an old fishing tradition which states that it’s good luck to kiss the first fish you catch and release it back into the water…” Rick explained.

“Oh gosh…now you want me to kiss a fish?” Raven said looking slightly aghast.

kissing the anglers hands

 “Well, that’s an old tradition, but I much prefer the new tradition of bestowing some good luck on the lovely angler…“Rick said with a glint of mischief in his eyes, “After all, fishing is all in the wrist…” Rick flirted with Raven as he gently kissed Raven’s hands.

i am wanting more of those traidtional kisses

“Well, if I don’t catch anything, I’m coming back for more of those lucky kisses…” Raven said flirtatiously, casting her line into the water, “…the new tradition type, that is…” laughed Raven.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

raven caught a fish

After a few attempts, Raven did catch one fish to Rick’s three.

rick number 1 fish

rick and no 3

rick no 2

Rick even caught a rare butterflyfish. He told Raven that this was an endangered fish, so he released it back into the water.

rick releases the fishrick released an endangered fish

roasting fish together rick and raven

That was enough fishing for one day, and soon Rick had a nice fire going, so they could roast the fish they caught. He pulled out a few items from the wet bag and placed some potatoes on the grill along with some foil pouches full of vegetables.

citrus swig

“I thought some citrus punch would go nice with lunch. Would you care for some?” asked Rick holding up a glass.

“Oh, I’d love some,” Raven answered.

Soon, lunch was ready and they sat down together to enjoy it.

having lunch together rick and raven

“So, Rick, this place is nice, but have you ever thought of building something a bit more…um… enclosed?” asked Raven swallowing another bite of fish.

“You’re right, it does get a bit soggy here in a tropical storm. And, as a matter of fact, I have done some sketches for a beach house…” Rick replied.

rick and raven at lunch

“You have? Oh, I’d love to see them…” said Raven, looking at Rick intently.

“I was hoping you would say that, because I kind of need some help with the living room area.” Rick said as he grabbed the plans and sat down with Raven to look them over. Raven listened to Rick talk about the plans for the room.

i love candles

“You should add lots of candles,” Raven suggested, “I love candles. There is something special about the dance and flicker of a flame. But in an enclosed container, like a hurricane lantern, so there isn’t an open flame. That would be much safer for young children, too.” Rick seemed to like Raven’s ideas and made some notations on the plans.

“We have a bit of time before we head back. I would love to take you out into the deep water, but that will have to wait for another day. Would you like to go for a swim in the lagoon?” asked Rick.

heading to roast their fish

“Oh, that sounds refreshing,” said Raven, “I got quite hot hiking around the island before.”

As they swam in the clear, turquoise water together, Rick commented that Raven looked very lovely in and out of the water.

in the water

“You know, Rick, you are always complimenting me,” blushed Raven.

i much prefer kissing you

“Well, you need to be complimented. You are very beautiful,” Rick said winking at her, “…even if you still need fishing lessons..,” Rick laughed.

Raven playfully splashed him and laughed.

here it comes

“Well, maybe if I had kissed that fish, I would have caught more,” Raven laughed.

“Perhaps,” said Rick swimming towards Raven, “But I much prefer you kissing me than a fish…” said Rick, as he gently placed his hand on the back of Raven’s head and met her lips with his. They kissed, a slow, lingering kiss, as they floated together, treading water with their feet.

Raven felt Rick encircling her with his arms and pull her to him. There was something about Rick’s kisses that always took her breath away. Made her feel weak. Made her want more. And even in the water, she could feel her cheeks get hot.

kiss in water rick and raven island view

rick where exactly is your hand

oh my that was a kiss

how cute raven is blishing after that kiss

I am not sure if Raven really cooled off from that swim. Don’t you agree?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~